Book Reviews — 21 July 2010

A memoir of Devika’s life as a sannyasin, her adventures on the spiritual path, spanning from 1976 when she first met Osho to his death in 1990. Review by Veena.

I read Devika‘s book and found it both fascinating and extraordinarily touching. In it she tells of her journeys overland and around India alone, finding Osho in Poona in 1976 and her subsequent spiritual journey with him until the present time.

I found her tales of the sannyas scene in England in the late 70‘s and early 80‘s extremely interesting. Nothing much else seems to have been written about this time so her account is of historical value and is quite unique.

As are her amazing journeys around India in the 70’s….

Devika is an ex-English teacher so her style of writing is clear and poetical and makes for very easy and enjoyable reading. I thoroughly recommend her book.

Review by Veena, first published in OSHOinUK

Available worldwide: Osho HereAndNow

Diamond Books ISBN 81-288-1743-4