Science & Nature — 16 January 2012

The new series ‘Stargazing Live’ shown by the BBC promises to be inspiring

If you live in the UK and you own a TV you cannot miss the new series: Stargazing Live which is starting tonight. And if you are online you can watch it on iplayer.

Brian Cox, professor at the University of Manchester, and well-known Irish comedian Dara O Briain will take us for three night into the far-away stars.

Brian and Dara

The physics professor, who is also working at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN near Geneva, has found great acclaim with many sannyasins in particular after his talk ‘A Night With The Stars’ which was broadcast by BBC Two last December (a taster of it here: Brian Cox demonstrates why atoms are empty).

The best of that talk was the moment he rubbed the 1mio£ diamond in his hands and mentioned that while rubbing it the atoms inside would change and that this would affect the fartherst star.

Read Veena’s article: The smallest blade of grass is connected to the farthest star

the smallest blade of grass is connected to the farthest star

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