Media Watch — 11 July 2012

“I love saris. I’m just so into it.”

Bodhi Tara, who works for a photo agency in Paris, writes: “When I was in NY the New York Magazine stopped me in the street to take a photo of my look.” She was wearing a sari, bangles and other Indian jewellery. They chatted with her and asked her to come for an interview, which turned out to be mostly about her attire. For the photo shoot in the sari she started whirling – which brought her very close to Osho. Maybe it shows in the photo?

Anja Ploetz in sari

(Photo: Danny Kim/New York Magazine)

Nice sari.

Yeah, I love saris. I’m just so into it.

How’d you get into it?
Three years ago I went to India for the first time. When I came back to Paris — that’s where I live — I started wearing saris. Now it’s been two years of only wearing Indian dresses.

How many do you have?
Over 50.

Do you go to India regularly?
Two or three times a year. I’m so crazy about it that I’ve started learning Hindi.

Are the bracelets from there too?
Yes, they’re traditionally for newly married women in Rajasthan.

Are you married?
No, I just love them.

And the bindi?

Married Indian women all have the red spot, but now even young and unmarried women wear bindis. It goes with the sari. And it’s also protection — the third eye.

Do you like Indian men?
Yeah, but I’m in a partnership as if we’re married. He’s not Indian, but he brought me there and he likes it a lot.

What’s your apartment like?
It’s mixed style. Classical French combined with an Indian touch, like me.

Interview by Rachel Baker

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