Newsletter — 01 February 2013

Articles published in the month of January 2013.

Silence by Paritosh detail

The main featured articles this month are:

Madita describes development and concept of Osho DeHypnosis (related quote by Osho: The Science of Hypnosis)

Bodhena tells us about The Satori Tree at Osho Moulshree Meditation Centre near Bhopal (see also Osho’s quote: The Second Satori)

A day at WildQuest on video! Swim with Dolphins in Bimini (related: Dolphin in Distress Asking for Help)

Realizing that the general public is not aware about the concept of Osho communes and businesses, Antar Marc researched Osho Communes and the Here-Now Management

Ines Wynn visits the Osho Bali Retreat Center and reports on their environmentally friendly and sustainable buildings: Earth Bag Houses Are Dirt-Cheap

Navyo’s third and fourth day in Rome…  Ciao Roma!

Bodhena travels From California ‘back’ to Poona

Rashid shares with us his insights about All Sorts of Funny Things in Sannyas

And Jivan Mada remembers a very special moment in her life in Finding the Miraculous


In response to the recent rapes which occurred in December and January in India (and many more not so widely reported in every other country on the planet):

Prabhu Damini: Rape, Trauma and Dynamic Meditation

Bhagawati: A Vicious Circle and We Need Change, Not Revenge

Osho on Rape

Osho: Give Respect to Women


Paritosh from Switzerland reveals her paintings in Playing with Colours

Artist Pratiksha writes about creating space for the divine: Empty your Cup

A poem by Madhuri as a goodbye to her long-standing boyfriend: He’s Home!

A poem by Chris Roe: Complete


Osho in Frank Sinatra’s Lyrics – a mix of ol’ blue-eyes’ song ‘I Believe in You’ with footage of Osho and Rajneeshpuram


News about the property sale by the Pune Resort has spread to the West. The Sunday Times, UK,  reports Sex guru’s followers fall out of love in £14m wrangle

An earlier article in DNA, India, on the same subject: Interim Court Order Re Property Transfer


Pat Condell expresses his view On Belief and Bedbugs at the UN (related Osho quote: Belief Gives you Security)

Zen Gardner looks at The Unstoppable Liberation of Humanity while also at The Masses are Living in a Hypnotic State 

More and more wake-up calls are reaching us. Abby Martin (of Russia Today, US Edition) speaks on Plato’s ‘Allegory of the Cave’ and its application in Chained by Illusion

Sir David Attenborough declares Humans Are A Plague on Earth


Rare footage of the Mystifying Birds of Paradise

Astronomers observed Biggest Structure in the Universe


Sara Lazar displays brain scans that show Meditation Can Reshape Our Brains

Janine Shepherd was rendered a partial paraplegic; against all odds and predictions she not only learned to walk again but learned, I Know I am Not My Body

All our problems can be placed under one heading: Seriousness… The Clown Chakra 

New findings show that hearts have their own brain and consciousness… Science of the Heart (related quote by Osho: Your Navel is the Center of Consciousness)

Deepak Chopra discusses Secrets to a Better Brain, and how brain functions can be improved by the mind, thus Reinventing the Brain


More by Osho

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Gems: Man is the Great Danger and An Enlightened Person

Recipes: Katina’s Energy Soup


Horoscope for February 2013

Anubodhi: 25th December 2012
Shakur: 11th December 2012
Preeti Ganguly: 2nd December 2012

In view of the severe weather patterns do stay warm and/or avoid the floods!

Your Osho News Team

Illustration by Paritosh (detail)