Reviews — 17 February 2013

Premdhyan’s review on Saraswati’s latest CD.

Sensations by Alessandro Rusconi - SaraswatiThis cheerful acoustic music conveys playfulness and light-heartedness, and carries a meditative and festive energy. Alessandro Rusconi, composer and talented master of santoor, sax and guitar, combines these instruments into a unique style – inspiring, elegant and cheerful.

Played with astounding precision and virtuosity, yet shining with playfulness. This music, with its inspiring harmonies and some built-in surprises and magic moments, is well distinguished from common New Age sounds. Caution: listening may severely lighten up your day.



Listen to one of the tracks on video published on Osho News: Growing Harmony

Available via: CD Baby, amazon.comamazon.deiTunes and others.


Saraswati Alessandro RusconiIn his teens, Saraswati (Alessandro Rusconi) starts to play the guitar in rock clubs; he then studies bassoon at the conservatory in Bologna and, in the early 70s, receives his sannyas name and mala from Prabudhas, the first sannyasin in Milan. He visits many countries on cruise ships playing saxophone in a band. During a stay in India he buys a santoor and soon develops his own style of playing. Saraswati lives and works as a professional musician and composer in Tuscany, Italy. Facebook fan page

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