Music — 08 March 2013

East meets West in Sanjiva’s compositions on his CD ‘Mystica Organicum’.

‘Contemplation’ was inspired by American cellist Maya Beiser.

It came as a contemplation; naturally flowing, every note falling into place….

Maya showed me how to expand the limits of styles and origins without compromising the essence of both.

The movement of the piece complements the contrast of East and West, creating a distance – then coming back together.

Each time I listen to this track, it is again new and mysterious.

The album ‘Mystica Organicum’ can be downloaded from along with 20 more of his albums, ranging from Japanese flute to ambient electronica.


SangivaSanjiva began his musical journey at six, first studying flute, then piano and guitar. He became a sannyasin in 1982 and later moved to Pune where he lived for 10 years. He played music in darshans, meditations and therapy groups. He learned to play the Kyotaku, a long Shakuhachi used for meditation, and in 1989, at Osho’s request, he composed the music for ‘The Secret of the Golden Light’ meditation. Since 2002 he lives in retreat in his native Canada, focussing mainly on meditation and music.

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