Newsletter — 01 March 2017

Articles published from 16th till 28th February 2017.


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Profiles: People

Maneesha, dance for me! – in this first part of an interview with Bhagawati, Maneesha talks about how she came to hear about Osho, the period in Oregon and her move to Europe


Healing & Meditation

Seven Points of Mind Training – Indra takes part in a workshop based on Atisha’s meditations, run by Videha

Find the work that you love! – Subhan explains his four-step approach which has helped himself and many others find the work they love


Remembering in the Here&Now

The day I discovered what surrender really means – Bhagawati recalls a particular day in her life as an ashramite in Pune

A moment’s reverence is enough – Osho speaks on the topic ‘Surrender’


Darshan with the Divine Mother – Dayanand recalls his experience with Anandamayi Ma in the seventies during the Kumbh Mela in Haridwar, India

An offering of love – photos and quotes by Anandamayi Ma



Intensity in action: explosion of creativity – Suha watches the preparations of an open-air exhibition of paintings made by participants of a workshop with Meera, in Pune, India

Paintings of Life – a video of Meera’s paintings with music by Yoko



Trinity – the Meditative Therapy for the 21st Century – Marc Itzler (Divakar) writes about the 9-day format of the Mystic Rose process


Osho at Universities

Next step: establish an Osho University – Kul Bhushan reports on the proposal made during the recent inauguration of Osho Chair at VNSG University in Gujarat


Madhuri’s new book

The Poona Poems – Prartho reviews Madhuri’s poetic memoir: “In these poems… we are invited guests to an improbable and luscious feast in the Garden of the Master.”

Benedictine – a poem from Madhuri’s newly-published book


Film Review

Alone in Berlin – Bhagawati reviews a gripping and haunting movie that shows much to reflect on


1001 Tales, compiled by Shanti

A monk carries a woman across the river – “Remember that your understanding is shown in every way, and if you watch correctly, your very watchfulness will take you to a further step.”

If St. Francis of Assisi would have been born today, where would he be? – Osho says he would be in a madhouse


The Hidden Mysteries

All religions have developed their own code languages – “The real location of places for pilgrimage are often hidden or obscured,” says Osho. Part 3 of 9

Every religion has its own keys – Osho explains that each pilgrimage has its own key – no wrong person should reach the authentic place, but the right person will always find it. Part 4 of 9



Himalayan remedy to neutralise electro-smog – helps protecting yourself also from EMF toxins from wifi, cellphones and computers. Carolanne Wright writes in Wake-up World

Spectacular collision of suns will create new star in night sky in 2022 – when 1800 year-old star collision will be finally seen from Earth, writes Sarah Knapton in The Telegraph



The hidden dangers of euphemisms – an increase in bizarre euphemisms has been sneaking up on an unsuspecting public in recent years. Mark Peters wrote the essential update. Published on BBC


Hot chillies

Looking in the Rearview Mirror – “A sannyasin has to relax to that total state of let-go when everything happens and nothing is done…”



Praises of the Creatures – St. Francis composed ‘The Canticle of the Creatures’ during the spring of 1225, when he was sick at San Damiano

Whatever is Destined… – a quote by Ramana Maharshi


Your stars

Horoscope March 2017 – Sitara says, “…we are at a point where, by taking a turn for the better in the new direction, the seed of a brighter future is being cast…”



Breaking news: India Second! – It took a little time but ten days ago, India claimed the second place after ‘America First’ – and it is irresistible!

A day in the life of Joe Republican – Joe gets up at 6am and fills his coffeepot with water to prepare his morning coffee

NASA receive first audio from new planets – After the first excitement about NASA’s revelation of the discovery of 7 new planets, a second out-of-this-world announcement (pun intended) informed us about radio signals having been received from said planets. Published in The Waterford News



What’s the time? – A man is strolling past the mental hospital and suddenly remembers he has an important meeting

Laundry detergent – A young boy was at the grocery picking out a large-size box of laundry detergent

Manic depression – The psychology instructor had just finished a lecture and was giving an oral test



Prem Wilfried: 24th February 2017

Meera: 21st February 2017