Newsletter — 01 May 2017

Articles from 16th till 30th April 2017.

newsletter 128


Portraits: People

My time with Osho – Nandin tells her story about how she first came to Rajneeshpuram, played for Osho in Pune, became a street musician in Italy, learned healing arts and became a recording artist


Inexplicable Moments

A brush with death – Allan searching for and finding ways to experience the ongoing bliss of the Buddhafield and profound acceptance of the facts of death

Flying high in the toolshed – During a building crunch in Rajneeshpuram, something beyond words happened, writes Bhagawati

Work should be a worship – Osho: “The question is if your ego disappears into meditation what will happen to your work…”


Healing & Meditation

Peak experiences: great teachers – Shaida (aka Catherine Auman) on what these experiences mean and how they can be integrated into our day-to-day lives


On the Go

Silently tracking wild wolves – Swaram’s adventure in Bialowieza, a primeval forest in Poland


International Mother Earth Day: 22 April

Every day is an Earth day – Does Earth Day really mean anything to the 7,5 billion people who crowd this planet? – asks Bhagawati

Yuri Gagarin: ‘My beautiful earth…’ – Osho comments on Yuri Gagarin’s quote, ‘Strange, when you live on the earth, you don’t bother about the earth…’


Osho comments on Mabel Collins’ book ‘Light on the Path’

Consciousness cannot be forced – Osho speaks on the inner and outer senses, and says that the book “was dictated by the Masters to Mabel Collins.” Part 1 of 2

There are many holy masters existing in an unembodied form – Osho speaks about the holy ones around us who exist in a bodiless state. Part 2 of 2


On Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci – the universal man – a biography put together by Bhagawati and Marc

The realm of happiness – In a darshan, Osho refers to Leonardo da Vinci and Pablo Picasso


Madonna & Lady Gaga

Madonna & Lady Gaga: they are performers, sure, but are they Threes? – While Subhuti examines the lives of both performers, we learn about the Enneagram numbers Three and Six

Bubblegumland Vignette – Madhuri remembers the jobs she found after leaving Rajneespuram, among others impersonating Madonna



This bloody line – On the occasion of the release of a short movie on Sir Radcliffe about the drawing of a border line in 1947 that was to separate millions of people in India, Bhagawati takes a look at the history

Work is Love Made Visible – Translating an Enlightened Vision into Action – a compilation of Osho’s words


1001 Tales, compiled by Shanti

Three kings who visit a man named Frank – Osho comments on a parable found on the back of Bob Dylan’s album, John Wesley Harding

The boy with the candle – “We arise out of the cosmic consciousness; we fall back into the cosmic consciousness,” says Osho


Health, Nature & Global Awareness

Passionate call by Pope Francis – at the TED 2017 conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (video)

Planet Bin Chicken – learn about the quite recently evolved and notorious Bin Chicken (video)

Newfoundland surprise visit – a large iceberg cozied up to the coastline of Newfoundland near the town of Ferryland

Bend it like granny – an inspirational video of a woman who hasn’t even been to consult a doctor her entire life



Reunited in time: ‘My son says he was Lou Gehrig in a past life’ – interesting article by Cathy Byrd, as told to Maria Carter at Country Living. Published in SOTT


A Hot Chilli with a Cup of Tea

You will have to go into your naked essence – a short quote by Osho about Henri Bergson, who spoke at the beginning of this century

Search, Search and Search – A Cup of Tea (93)


Media Watch

Zen is the purest form of meditation – writes Keerti in the Deccan Chronicle

Gorakh – scientist of the inner world – Which are Osho’s most favourite mystics? Keerti in the Deccan Chronicle

The Grand Witness – Pratiksha Apurv describes Osho’s favourite form of meditation from the 112 forms known, and says that it can transport you to bliss. Published in Speaking Tree


Your horoscope for May

Horoscope May 2017 – The second of three harmonious meetings between Uranus and Saturn takes place in the second half of May. Hence, within this year, young and old, new and traditional, future and past will come to a harmonious whole, says Sitara


Humour & Satire

Brexit, Frexit, Schmeksit… – A massive influx of new words is entering the global vocabulary these days – this map shows potential EU leaving names, created by ‘Bezzleford’

I had a terrible day – a cartoon by Liz Climo

Medical Dictionary

Old Chief Forget-Me-Not – Benny the reporter checks in at some old hotel

Heart murmur – Eighty-year-old Abhilash was having an annual physical at the local hospital

The Wal-Mart employee – A woman goes into Wal-Mart to buy a rod and reel

The wristwatch – Reuben, in a very bad temper, charged into the jewelry shop

A man and a woman – A man and a woman were having a romantic dinner


Tribute to Vinod Bharti

Impotence of the mind – Action out of delight – Osho answers a question by Vinod Bharti

It was just a joke. You are not enlightened, relax! – In Rajneeshpuram, Osho declared a few sannyasins enlightened. Here is a question of one of them, where he mentions Vinod



Vinod Bharti (aka Vinod Khanna): 27 April 2017