Voyages — 14 May 2017

…left his body on 7th May 2017.


Svadesha came to Osho in Pune I. He was a professional photographer and cook. In the late eighties he founded one of the first Tofu factories in Munich and when he became a member of the Parimal theater team he turned to acting, clowning, songwriting and singing. He then produced a CD with his songs which are regularly played for the Osho Evening Meditations and the Morning Singing Groups at Parimal. In the performance of ‘Mojud – the man with the inexplicable life’ he played the role of the Sufi mystic – maybe the role closest to his ever-changing lifestyle. He also trained in Sufi whirling with Zahira.

Svadesha died in his home in Blickershausen, Southern Germany, near the Parimal Community. He was in his late seventies. When the cancer recently reappeared he decided to let go of his body. He had been challenged already once with cancer and he was now so accepting of the fact of dying that even his doctor commented upon it. Friends lovingly took care of him and when he overheard that they were making long-term plans regarding his future, he remarked: “Next weekend I will not be here any longer!” And so it was. He left his body in great peace surrounded by friends, his two sons Gyandev and Deva, a younger brother and Ma Veena, his partner. During his last hours Osho’s words on the Bardo (e.g. in Path of the Mystic, #7) were repeatedly played to him. Because of his love for whirling his coffin was put on a round cloth decorated with bright flames in rainbow colours – his unique Sufi whirling robe!


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Dear Swadesha, recently you joined twice our Zazen-Group in Witzenhausen. We listened to words from Rumi in the beginning. I was deeply touched by your silent heart. We hugged each other so tenderly when you left for home. It was the last time that I saw you. Now you have left for your real home. Have a good journey, beloved fellow-traveller.

Beloved Svadesha, I’m so grateful for having known you – thank you for your friendliness, your wonderful music, your friendship and honesty and your support in difficult times. One of your beautiful pictures is hanging right above my bed… When I think of you I see you smiling – with a twinkle in your eyes… you’ll never be forgotten – with love,