Newsletter — 17 May 2017

Articles from 1st till 16th May 2017.

newsletter 128

Profiles: People

Osho’s World Ambassador – Ma Shantam Lani …speaks about her life after leaving Rajneeshpuram; her travels (Israel, Greece, India. Korea and Russia during Gorbachev’s time), to promote Osho’s books at fairs and to find suitable publishers and, of course, about how she ‘became’ Osho’s World Ambassador

Consciousness and LSD

LSD and Meditation: The Turning Point – Subhuti talks about his experience with LSD, and its limitations, and reminisces about Pravasi who died a few days ago

Dreamworld and reality – a selection of quotes where Osho talks about LSD, drugs in general, alcohol and meditation

Inexplicable Moments

From Whinge to Wings – Madhuri experiences a change in energy after she stopped complaining and being “so whiny and sad and forlorn and exhausted and unashamed to gasp and groan and be miserable…”

Healing & Meditation

Tachyon technologies for rejuvenation – Sarita writes about a modality she has has been using for healing for many years and about the inventor of Tachyonization, David Wagner

Enneagram Famous Figures

Prince Harry: a high-flying Number Seven comes down to earth – Subhuti continues his Enneagram series and takes a British Royal as an example of Number Seven’s ‘everything is fine’ attitude

Essay / Travel

Temples bare of idols – Naina discovers the historical background and significance of Assam’s Namghars, the ethnic community prayer halls

The temple is a symbol of God’s dwelling – While commenting on a sutra by Nanak, Osho speaks of the importance of music and to see it as the door to the divine

Remembering in the Here&Now

Criminal turns into an upright man after meeting Osho – Ageh Bharti recalls meeting Advocate Heera Singh Chauhan in the late sixties, who tells him about meeting Osho who visited Jabalpur prison while he was incarcerated

Summer festival: colourful drive-by – Subodhi’s photographs taken during the 1984 World Festival in Rajneeshpuram, Oregon

Interlude in Kathmandu – excerpt from the book, ‘When A Real Lion Meets A Real Master’ by Swatantra Sarjano, who recalls taking photographs of Osho in Kathmandu, at the beginning of Osho’s world tour


Come for the Singing – poet Prartho sings one of her lyrics

Everything is waiting for you – a poem spoken by David Whyte from his collection ‘River Flow: New & Selected Poems’

New book by Arjuna (aka John Hogue)

Trump strikes Syria: and North Korea? – yet another timely new book release by tireless Arjuna!

There are always two sides to any story – excerpt from Arjuna’s new book

Book Review

Corbett National Park – Domain of the Wild – Kul Bhushan reviews this photo book that shows stunning images of a sanctuary – India’s National Park in Uttarakhand – named after Col James Edward ‘Jim’ Corbett (1875 – 1955)

1001 Tales, anecdotes by Osho compiled by Shanti

Naropa dreams of a horrible-looking woman – “… one who only understands the word becomes ugly,” says Osho

Chuang Tzu finds a bullock cart upside down – “Conflict you have always been in. Now try accord. And suddenly you will see – the whole meaning changes. Then you are no more in antagonism with nature.”

Osho interviewed by the Press

Twenty-four hours I am in love – Osho answers a question by freelance journalist Penny Allen from Sisters, Oregon, USA: “What happened to your glasses?”

War and Peace

The cause changes, the war continues – Osho speaks on ‘peace of mind’ and asserts that to be against anything is to be at war. “Peace is very alive. Peace is more alive than war – because war is in the service of death, peace is in the service of life.”

Lifestyles / Nature

Irrefutable proof: the power of Om – a baby stops crying as soon as her father chants OM (video)

Springtime exuberance – Jamie Scott’s stunning time-lapse video showing spring flowers blooming

Media Watch

Life is a play! – One needs to move from this misery to the mystery of life that surrounds us every moment, declares Keerti. Published in the Deccan Chronicle

Hot Chillies and a Cup of Tea

Infinite Mystery – The last question: Osho, what’s it all about?

The music not made by man – A Cup of Tea (94)


Who says the world is a serious place? – surely not the creators of these signs…

Quick thinker – “One minute, please…” – a video

Angel cake – Alice was to bake a cake for the church ladies’ group bake sale

The chief – Every time an American Indian walks into the chief’s teepee he sees that he is masturbating

Hypnosis for cats – a cartoon by Liz Climo

A soldier checks into a hotel – A soldier was on leave and had been driving towards home for many hours


Man is a stranger on the earth – Pravasi’s sannyas darshan on December 5, 1978

Remembering Vinod Khanna, the truth-seeker – Shobhaa De writes in the Ahmedabad Mirror

In loving remembrance of Vinod – Oshodham in New Delhi conducted an Evening Satsang & Celebration on May 6, 2017


Swadesha: 7th May 2017

Pravasi: 24th April 2017