Articles published between 1st and 15th of June 2017.

newsletter 131


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1001 Tales, compiled by Shanti

The king who tried to escape death – “Wherever you go you will find death waiting for you,” states Osho

A junior devil was worried when he saw Jesus – “Once a religion is organized, it is dead…”



Climate change – not for the first time – “Climate change has become a huge catchphrase.” Bhagawati looks at history and the overall present picture


Poetry & Prose: Hugging

Warm Planet – a fable by Madhuri. “When we look out from our open houses into the forest, the brightest of birds have come back to us; and our labours are gentle…”


Remembering in the Here&Now

Your Guru is a Baul – excerpt from Arun’s upcoming book, In Wonder with Osho



Smooth Operators: Macron and Trudeau show how Threes succeed – Subhuti takes Canadian and French heads of State as examples for Enneagram Numbers Three



Playing with the camera – a series of Avinasho’s playful photographs. “I never wanted to portray the world as a postcard… ”


Book Review / Open Letter

New book about Osho with misleading sensational title – Kaiyum reviews the recently published book by Abhay Vaidya

The reality of Osho’s death – Ageh Bharti wrote a letter to shed light on the circumstances of Osho’s death


Sambodhi Prem’s new album

The Fall of Winter – Chinmaya Dunster reviews the long awaited new album

Title track of ‘The Fall of Winter’ – from Sambodhi Prem’s recently released album


Film Review

I Am Not Your Negro – Gyanodaya reviews the 2016 American documentary film directed by Raoul Peck, based on James Baldwin’s unfinished manuscript, ‘Remember This House’



Sufi whirling in St. Petersburg – more than twenty Russian sannyasins got together for a flashmob performance on Palace Square, St. Petersburg


Osho’s discourse and darshan excerpts

The third eye – “With the third eye you become capable of seeing things which are there, but which cannot be seen with ordinary eyes.”

If a decision arises from your totality… – “Whenever you start thinking of the future and the past too much, just relax and pay attention to your breathing.”



Remember oneness – we are not separate, the old stories must go so a more sustainable world is created (video)

We are part of one organic universe – “Oneness is the goal of all true religion,” asserts Osho


Nature / Science / Culture / Global Awareness

Tejas Express – with coaches in orange hues has begun running between Mumbai and Goa; published on BBC

Why Is Earth’s Schumann Resonance Accelerating? – a very relevant far-reaching essay by Dr Kathy Forti, published on

Taiwan’s forest bus – passengers in Taipei, Taiwan’s capital, have been offered a fragrant leafy ride (video)

Transforming anger into disarming – Abdalla Al Omari brings awareness to the plight of five million refugees that fled from Syria (video)


From Keerti’s desk – published in the Deccan Chronicle

Ego – The wall within us – “Love is the way of enlightenment and the way of politics leading to insensitive violence.”

The Tantra way of life – “Both in the East and the West, people have been misguided about Tantra.”


A Hot Chilli and a Cup of Tea

If you miss adventure, you miss all

Watch the flow of thoughts



Drunken Brit – A British man was stopped by a French gendarme

How the British say ‘no’ politely – Helpful and humorous English lesson with Benjamin

Moshe’s photo – Sadie walked into a print lab

The wooden leg – Ole and his wife, Lena, moved back home to Minnesota

Cyril – Cyril the cat dies of natural causes and goes to heaven

To-do list – Michelle returns home from college for a break



Bodhihanna: 7th June 2017