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When Indira sought Osho secretary’s help to persuade Rajiv Gandhi to enter politics

Article about Laxmi being asked by Indira Gandhi to help persuade Rajiv Gandhi to enter politics. Published in Economic Times, India, on December 10, 2017.

Simply surrender to Laxmi

Tonight Sagar came to darshan, telling Osho that Laxmi (the secretary of the organization) has asked him to leave the ashram. He asked Osho if he were really to leave or if this [...]

The Only Life: Osho, Laxmi and the World in Peril

The long awaited book of Laxmi’s biography is to be published soon [December 11, 2017]. Kul Bhushan reports from Delhi.

Life is Just a Play: Remembering Ma Yoga Laxmi

A documentary on Laxmi’s life with Osho