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One more journey yet remains

In the fifth part of a series of 10, Osho speaks on the sixth and seventh bodies, after which comes "... the journey to non-being, non-existence."

Lost in bliss is the hazard of the fifth plane

In the fourth part of a series of 10, Osho continues to speak on the fifth body: "Even though the ego is intrinsically dead on the fifth plane, I-am-ness still persists."

The duality ends with the fifth body

In the third part of a series of 10, Osho speaks on the significance of the fifth chakra and the fifth body.

The mind is always… imagining and dreaming

In the second part of a series of 10, Osho explains the meanings of the third and fourth chakras.

There are seven bodies… seven chakras

In this first part of a series of 10, Osho speaks about the significance of the first and second chakras.

Jump into the abyss

A quiet mind enables meditation, paving the way for yoga, writes Pratiksha Apurv in Speaking Tree, India, on June 18, 2017.

The third eye

With the third eye you become capable of seeing things which are there, but which cannot be seen with ordinary eyes, says Osho.

Energy Travels

Only when we are witness to our base energy, is it possible to raise it through the chakras to reach cosmic super consciousness, writes Osho’s niece Pratiksha Apurv. Speaking [...]

Master Your Moods

The first step is to stop projecting your moods on to the other person. Then witness this phenomenon, writes Pratiksha Apurv in Speaking Tree, New Delhi, India, July 18, 2016

Proof – Pineal Gland is Literally a Third Eye

- writes Steven Bancarz , creator of Spirit Science and Metaphysics.

The Peepal Tree and the Third Eye

The feeling of gratitude is a basic quality of a religious mind.

The Occult Science of the Third Eye

In this discourse, Osho speaks also about the meaning of the 'tilak' or 'tika', Edgar Cayce, and that atomic energy was known and used already by the ancients.