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Protection: Centering and Acceptance

Upadhi answers the question if we need protection. [...]

Ozen Cocom Mexico: Creating a Paradise

Dhyanraj talks about the new project of Ozen Swami Rajneesh. [...]

Act Rightly

Ageh Bharti remembers Osho explaining the nature of the work to volunteers at the meditation camp in Nargol, Gujarat, in 1968. [...]

Aesthetic and Creative Eco-Design

Samudra's life as an eco-designer and environmental activist. [...]

A Testing Time

A true story by Subhuti. [...]

Tantra for Adolescents

Sarita gives much needed advice to young people about sexuality: [...]

A Tale of Two Statues in Hawaii

Srajan tells the story of him and Pravino finding their home - and the role of a few statues. [...]

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Lucius Annaeus Seneca (aka Seneca the Younger, 4 BCE – 65 CE) was born in Cordoba, Spain and raised in Rome, Italy. [...]

It Happened in Pune

Doug's amazing, inexplicable story. [...]


Salia exhibits her ceramic urns. [...]

The Six Bardos

Bodhicitta answers to our questions about the Tibetan Bardo. [...]

Heart Time

Bhagawati interviews Nirava en route from Bali to Corfu. [...]

The Nameless One

An ancient story as told by Purushottama. [...]

Three Reasons to Go to Church

Ghoshen's contemplations while travelling through Scotland. [...]

The Muslim Invasion of Europe that Nostradamus Misread

John Hogue (aka Dhyan Arjuna) speaks on the recent events... [...]

Crystals of Light

Sampatti talks to Punya about the inspiration and her ability to create energised crystals. [...]

George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff

An essay by Marc and Bhagawati. [...]

The Master’s Call: How I Met Osho

Karunesh 'meets' Osho. [...]

Celebrating Togetherness

Kul Bhushan on the outdatedness of marriage per se. [...]

Leaving the Nest

As many of our readers know, Prabhavati Dwabha has created a remarkable NGO in the foothills of the Himalayas. [...]

Partnership or Possession?

Leela looks at the difference between relationship and partnership. [...]

Sensitivity is Your Birthright

Madhuri answers the question if we need psychic protection. [...]

Not the Retiring Type: Kaiyum

Kaiyum replies to the invitation in our last newsletter. [...]

Trekking Nepal’s Forgotten Teahouse Route

Hiking this challenging trail around Mt Kanchenjunga yields rewards that more popular routes don’t, including stays in traditional teahouses that few foreigners ever see, writes Stewart Butler in BBC Travel on June 25, 2015. [...]

Twirling on Top of His Flame

Madhuri remembers dancing and whirling during a music group darshan in Pune. [...]

Still Interested In Enlightenment?

Sitara tackles what is rather widely considered a hot potato in our sangha. [...]

Verbal Skills for Bodyworkers

Anekant highlights the importance of using the voice as a tool during sessions. [...]

Icons, Ganeshas and Angels

Atulya's second gallery show on Osho News. [...]

Awareness Does Not Need a Body or a Mind to Know Itself

Rupert Spira, artist and non-duality teacher, speaks on Body-Mind. [...]

A 500-year-old Mummy with Teeth

Neelima Vallangi writes about her discoveries while trekking through Himachal Pradesh, specifically Spiti. Published by the BBC on July 10, 2015 [...]

Full Independence with Total Dependence

Kul Bhushan explains the 'Mad Game' of total surrender. [...]

Osho A-Z: An Amazing Collection of Osho Quotes

Neelamber (1942 - 2015) tells us his story. [...]

The Fire of Awareness

Himani's insight on protection after reading a quote by Osho. [...]

You’re Supposed To…

Even our all-knowing super team was surprised about some of these... [...]

Is Psychic Protection Really Needed?

Sarita's thoughts and suggestions. [...]

Days of Song and Bharfi

Aradhana's memoir of the Osho Kirtan Mandali, 1973 [...]

What’s Your Name?

Krishna Premda puzzles about his name(s). [...]

Flower Essences for the New Man

Sambhavya, creator of the Buddhafield Flower Essences, talks to Punya. [...]

From Bhagwan to Osho

Short introduction to Sarlo's research about the events leading from the term Bhagwan to Osho. [...]

The Waterfall

Punya and Madhuri share their memories of Tamo-san. [...]

The Eden Centre

Ganja sent a photo of an intriguing poster… [...]

There Are No Mistakes

CNN and TIME called Oprah Winfrey "arguably the world's most powerful woman." [...]


Navyo's visit to Amalfi, then back to Sorrento and Napoli. Goodbye to Italia! [...]

Osho, Mischievous Mystic?

Devageet recalls the circumstances in Rajneeshpuram when Osho began to speak while on the dental chair. [...]

The Agony and the Ecstasy

Leela writes about the search for the essential. [...]


Marc explores power in social actions and concepts. [...]

The Path of the Sufi

Videha, who teaches whirling in various workshops, talks to Osho News. [...]

Kahlil Gibran

Marc explores Kahlil Gibran's life and work. [...]

Pizza, Statues and New Friends

Navyo visits Sorrento and Positano (south of Napoli, Italy). [...]