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Adventures of an Oldie on the Path of Tantra

Asanga's experience during a Tantra workshop. [...]

The Cosmic Calendar

Part 14: The Cosmic Calendar is a method to visualize the vast history of the universe, in which its 13,8 billion year lifetime is condensed down into a single year. [...]

Meditation is Simple

Marc explains the key attitudes about practicing meditation. [...]

“Stop!” – and then a huge silence…

Ojas is interviewed on video (in English) by Vrienden van Osho in the Netherlands. [...]

The Galactic context of our Solar System

Part 13: The Solar System's location in the Milky Way is a factor of great importance in the evolutionary history of life on Earth. It has given the Earth long periods of stability for life to [...]

Thirteen Steps for a Successful Therapist

Article by Nisarga, for all those who have asked themselves the question: “What makes one a successful therapist?” [...]

Veg(etari)an for Life

Veet recently interviewed Deva Premal and Miten on the subject. [...]

Osho Left His Body, and I Am Still in Mine

Krishna Prem's insights on aloneness, loneliness and death. [...]

Hiking in the Snow

Leeladhar writes about the pleasure of hiking in the snow. [...]

The discovery, the composition and the structure of our Solar System

Part 12: The vast majority of our Solar System's mass, 99,9 %, is in the Sun, with most of the remaining mass contained in Jupiter. For the four terrestrial planets together, including our Earth, less than [...]

Morning Reflections

Avikal on American / Japanese imperialism, selfies and narcissism [...]

On Top of Iran: a Journey to the Alburz Mountains

Mahendra's video shows his mountaineering trip to northern Iran. [...]

The formation, evolution and death of our Solar System

Part 11: Just like you and me, our Sun and all the other stars have a life cycle of conception, embryo, birth, childhood, adulthood, old age and death. Crucial is how massive they are. [...]

How to Make Iron?

Part 10: And the gold and the silver in the ring around your finger or in your neckless, have also been ‘cooked’ in a supernova explosion. [...]

Terms of Conditions

It was an evening, probably in 1968, that Osho gave a talk at Bhulabhai Desai Auditorium in Mumbai. [...]

Death Knocks in India

Deva remembers the time he almost lost his daughter Gyana. [...]

The Breathless State

Karunesh speaks of his intense meditation experiences and also asserts that if something takes your breath away, not to worry. [...]

We Are Stardust!

Part 9: Almost 99% of the mass of the human body is made up of six elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus: they are all ‘cooked’ in the stars! [...]

To Be Available, That’s the Way to Go

Punya remembers the times when, together with Gayatri, she was running the Osho Meditation Centre in Geneva. [...]

A Midsummer Day’s Dream

Niskriya discovers Nature while taking care of a garden. [...]

Sannyas from the Beginning to Now told by Ma Dharm Jyoti. [...]


In this three-part series, Kaiyum clarifies widespread confusion about the difference between feelings and emotions. Part 3: Expanding on the one key feeling and some additional themes around the heart and Truth. [...]

I Am Not Sorry!

A look at the overuse of the word "sorry" - also known as the s-word. [...]

Laura’s Medicine Bottle

Amelia's time in Rajneeshpuram as a child. [...]

The 59 ‘Milky Way Year’-Old Astronomer’s Story

Part 7: The universe is not only 'big in space', it's 'big in time' as well. Consequently, studying the universe makes us travel both space and time. [...]

False Feelings

In this three-part series, Kaiyum clarifies widespread confusion about the difference between feelings and emotions. Part 2: More facets of the subject of feelings and emotions that make it even more colourful! [...]

Fear of Flying – Addicted to Anxiety

Marc Itzler's insight into a common 'ailment'. [...]

Osho’s Human Design Chart

Shantamo examines Osho's Human Design chart, on the occasion of his birthday. [...]

Notes from Junagarh Meditation Camp

Excerpts from Ageh Bharti’s recollections about the meditation camp held by Osho from December 9 – 12, 1969 at Junagarh, Gujarat. [...]

Song Mountain Revisited

Veena talks about her recent stay in China. [...]

Chronology of the Universe

Part 6: From a few millionths of a second after the Big Bang onwards, the chronology of the development of the universe is being studied, understood and mapped by modern physics. [...]

Child-like Simplicity

Ageh Bharti recollects a day in his life with Osho when he allowed students to take photographs of him. [...]

Feelings and Emotions

In this three-part series, Kaiyum clarifies widespread confusion about the difference between feelings and emotions. Part 1: Providing the essential answer about the part played by the Mind. [...]

Doubters, Agitators, Dissidents and Rebels, e.g. the Cyclic Universe

Part 5: According to the dissident Cyclic Universe theory, the Big Bang was not the beginning of time, but the bridge to a past, filled with endlessly repeating cycles of evolution. [...]

Neither Big Nor a Bang

Part 4: A look at the present understanding of the very first lilliputian moment of the universe’s expansion or inflation. [...]

Wine of the Ultimate Poured Freely

Prem Geet reflects on Thanksgiving how beneficial Osho's Mahamudra meditation is. [...]

In Search of a Birthday

Part 3: Shanti reflects on the wonderful guesswork about the birth of the universe, and the challenge for modern cosmology to give a clear answer to that burning question of the first beginning. [...]

“I Will Meet a Master, He Is from India..”

Vedanta speaks about her work using channelling, intuition and energy work, in an interview with Osho Cable TV. [...]

Berlin Impressions

Notes from Punya's recent visit to the German capital. [...]

Déjà Vu

A few years ago, Ma Prem Anado, who left her body this month, wrote this account of her journey to take sannyas. [...]

Pale Blue Dot

Part 2. Shanti introduces Carl Sagan, eminent astronomer, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist, author, science popularizer, and science communicator in astronomy and other natural sciences. [...]

Children and Sannyas

Arun's experience with children in the Nepal commune. [...]

Message in a Bottle

Part 1: In a new year-long series Shanti invites you to a journey through our home, the universe. He studied the Big History of our planet from the Big Bang up to now and will continue [...]

From Sneeze to Superconsciousness

Madhuri reminds us of a mini-meditation we heard from Osho. [...]

Amy is a Pig – No, I am That

Amelia's amazing insights as a child. [...]

The Sacred Bael

Naina explores the history of the wood apple, a fruit tree native to the Indian subcontinent and considered as being very sacred. [...]

The Blessed Times

Video: images from Pune 1 days... [...]

When I Started Serving Cooked Food…

Q: Osho, Dolly Diddee showed me a passage from one of your earlier books where you say that no saint is against any other saint, and that they deliberately speak against each other to drive away [...]

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Jiddu Krishnamurti was an enlightened Indian speaker and writer on philosophical and spiritual subjects. [...]

You, Me and the Planet

Shastro ponders on ecology and the state of our planet. [...]