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Alone and Together

Watching thoughts - by Madhuri, written approx 1988. [...]

Thali, Dogs and Darkness

38-40 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries [...]

Lingam, Pillar of Light

Tantra teacher Sarita talks on reclaiming the power, joy, wildness and dignity of the male genitals. [...]

You Know, I Mean, It’s Like …

About the incessant use of filler phrases... [...]

In Search for an Outer Home …

… Sandhano writes about her recent adventures. [...]

Interview with Satyananda

Ishu from the German Osho Times interviews Satyananda. [...]

The Akashic Transmission

Devageet speaks about his groundbreaking work with Oshodontics and its uniquely effective way for self-healing and self-transformation. [...]

The Path of Joy

Mridu analyses what lies beneath the joyful role that many meditators display. [...]

Become a Full Moon Night

Purnima means full moon night - a full moon night of bliss. [...]

Robots Are Coming!

Bodhisagar visited a conference on 'legged robotics' at ETH, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. [...]

The Chai Wallahs

Published in BBC Magazine on June 29, 2014. [...]

Mysterious Disappearance of Plastic Trash

Joan Costa writes in Science Mag that 99% of the ocean’s plastic is missing. [...]

How to Open a Banana

Some vital information: how to peel a banana like a monkey... [...]

Plain Tales from Poona

Madhuri reviews Bindu's latest CD. [...]

How I Heard of Osho

In a somewhat poetic and roundabout way, Kavi remembers seeing that book, on a Greyhound bus... [...]

The Grand Canyon Lightshow

Chandra’s Sedona Landscape photographs – and ‘the famous’ ones. [...]

Is it enough now? Enough amoebas?

30-33 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries [...]

Meditation in Hospital

Bali from Italian OTI interviews Sudha about her job. [...]

Black Tourmaline, the Magician’s Favourite Tool

Sohana explains the powerful properties of this beautiful stone. [...]


Naina explains the history and present-day worship surrounding Kamakhya in Assam. [...]

Mantra Love

Nitya and Ninad share their story about Mantra singing. [...]

Don’t Let Your Understanding Become More Baggage!

Essence therapist Avikal talks about liberating oneself from the burden of the Mind. [...]

Hanging out in Pune

26-29 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries [...]

Ma Yoga Taru

Remembering Ma Yoga Taru... [...]

Water, Water, but which Water?

Excerpt from Sambodhi Prem and Sandipa's book: The All and Everything of Healthy Living [...]

Look Who’s Back from the Beach!

22-25 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries [...]

Shangri La & Karavanserai

Amar tells the story how she and Bhagat came to live in the Czech Republic, open a meditation centre, a holistic venue, a guest house and how the place became a sannyas community. [...]

Life’s Mysteries: An Introduction to the Teachings of Osho

Foreword by Kushwant Singh to this bestseller at Penguin that describes the life and legacy of Osho. [...]

You’re the Enemy – Welcome Back!

Pankaja filmed her latest documentary in Vietnam. [...]

Ruth T

Vandana on recent news of well-known women's suicides. [...]

A Bead and a Box

Veena describes the journey of a mala bead and a box given by Osho. [...]

Visiting Osho Tapoban

Paritosho visits the main Osho centre in Nepal. [...]

Sannyasins, Tourists and Other Goa Animals

17-21 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries [...]

The Noosphere…

... and how to occupy it - by Ian MacKenzie, a media activist and filmmaker from Vancouver, Canada. [...]

Shopping Traps

Exposing several tricks used by stores to entice consumers to spend more – based on a report by Sean Poulter in the Daily Mail on 15 April 2014 [...]

I’m Beginning to Feel Old

Sadhvi reflects on age, the new ways of how people relate - and gratefulness. [...]

Yoni Revolution

Sarita offers an in-depth explanation of how the Yoni works on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. [...]

Lady Gaga, Swapping Rooms and off to Goa

14-16 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries [...]

How to Cut Tomatoes Like a Ninja

Great cooking and kitchen tip... [...]

The Giraffe Test

This test is helpful to ascertain your present mental state, in particular for the senior citizens among us. [...]

Diary of a Day of Work

From Madhuri's 1976 diary [...]


Indira interviews mandala painter and teacher Shanti Udgiti [...]

Introducing ‘Osho Therapy’

Svagito's introduction to his newly published compilation. [...]

The Survival Fear

Sagarpriya explains the effects of your "second side" (male or female) assuming independence from the first. [...]

Pointers for Nourishing and Energising the Ego

Shanti's tongue-in-cheek guide for the ego. [...]

Ayahs, Mosquitoes and True Love Romance

11-13 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries [...]

How to Meditate when Life is Too Busy

One of Jivan Mada's students is asking a question about meditation. [...]

HD: Vladimir Putin

Shantamo examines the Human Design chart of Russia's leader [...]

The Evolution of Human Consciousness

Devageet explains Osho's Akashic Transmission [...]