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The Survival Fear

Sagarpriya explains the effects of your "second side" (male or female) assuming independence from the first. [...]

Pointers for Nourishing and Energising the Ego

Shanti's tongue-in-cheek guide for the ego. [...]

Ayahs, Mosquitoes and True Love Romance

11-13 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries [...]

How to Meditate when Life is Too Busy

One of Jivan Mada's students is asking a question about meditation. [...]

HD: Vladimir Putin

Shantamo examines the Human Design chart of Russia's leader [...]

The Evolution of Human Consciousness

Devageet explains Osho's Akashic Transmission [...]

Cough Control Meditation

7-10 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries [...]

Food: For the Body or the Soul?

A look at the vital connection between eating and meditation. [...]

Living with the ‘gurudes’ in Arillas

Alex Christou tells us the story of how he became part of the foreign sannyas community. [...]

Organisational Spirituality

Spirit at Work: Not a far-flung notion at all... [...]

Osho in Chidvilas

Showing Osho at 'the castle' - Chidvilas, going on one of his drives through the neigbourhood. [...]

The Castle Diary

Jayapal recalls the time when Osho was staying at ‘the castle’, Chidvilas. [...]

Essence Work

Punya interviews Avikal about his work [...]

Your Elusive Creative Genius

Elizabeth Gilbert talks on TED [...]

Spiritual Diseases

4-6 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries [...]

Vegetarian Food: A New Look

Veet explains how easy it is to solely eat vegetarian food and have sufficient proteins and iron for the body to function well. [...]

You Ask about the Birds

Rashid replies to Champak's question in the form of a poem. [...]

Grateful in the Night

A beautiful insight (and method) by Madhuri, worth sharing! [...]

The 10 e-Commandments

Suggestions by Kaiyum about writing e-mails with awareness and care. [...]

Where I Live

Navyo shares his photos he took last autumn in Fairfax, Virginia, USA. [...]

Inner Male, Inner Female Experiments

Sagarpriya shares a method for coming in contact with our inner male and female sides. [...]

The Way to Planet Osho

The beginning of a serialisation: 1-3 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries [...]

Rising in Love

Kul finds some beautiful excerpts from Osho's discourses. [...]

Peace and Love in Intimate Relationships

Jivan Mada answers a question about Relationships [...]


Naina recalls an event that occurred during her childhood in Assam. [...]

The Gift of Freedom

A candid interview with Prem Gayan. [...]

Good News from the Cosmos!

Shanti reflects on the universe and its amazing work to produce us, encourages us to participate in this gift of life and ultimately to wake up. [...]


Photos by Ghyaneshwar [...]

The Four Dimensions

Shastro tells the story how the music track for the No Dimensions Meditation was 'found'. [...]

Singing Is Your Birthright

Marga interviews Pratibha, the founder of Voicing [...]

Meditation Selfie – Complete the Circle

Osho speaks about the mirror meditation - pointed out to us by Marc with reference to the 'Selfie' craze [...]

Travelling to Pune

Little daily notes by Himani. [...]

Pilgrimage: A Journey Towards Sunrise

Rashid writes about his walk along the ancient Michael-Mary's ley line in England. [...]

Three Temples in China

Veena writes about her visit and experiences at three very special temples: Shaolin, Zhongyue Miao and Rinzai's temple [...]

Mother and Daughters

Madhuri and Sarita celebrate their mother's birthday with poems dedicated to her. [...]

When Ink and Paper Marry Each Other

Aradhana shows her Chinese brush paintings. [...]

A Story of Love

Seen on January 9, 2014 [...]

Osho in the Press

Punya remembers the impact of Osho and his communes in the press. [...]

Tantra: Transformation of Sexuality

Krishna Radha interviewed by Marga, editor at Italian Osho Times. [...]

Love, Rights and Empowerment

Sammoda writes about Bodha’s (Chris Crowstaff) and his challenging work for a ‘Safe World for Women’. [...]

I Cook to Show You I Love You

Published in Complete Wellbeing, India, January 2014 [...]

On Motivation

An essay by Marc. [...]

A Sannyasin in Sydney During the Eighties

Excerpts from a blog by Navjot that - unplanned - comprises 108 blog entries, one for each bead on the mala she wore during the years 1981 to 1986. [...]

The Laughter Blues

Kalyan shares with us a unique track! Enjoy! [...]

Take Breaks for Mental Performance

Grahi on taking breaks during work to improve focus. [...]

Let’s Put the Fan on Now

Shastro remembers the first time he was invited to take photographs of Osho. [...]

Turn Friends into Strangers

Kul suggests we try this beautiful meditation. [...]