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Full Independence with Total Dependence

Kul Bhushan explains the 'Mad Game' of total surrender. [...]

Osho A-Z: An Amazing Collection of Osho Quotes

Neelamber (1942 - 2015) tells us his story. [...]

The Fire of Awareness

Himani's insight on protection after reading a quote by Osho. [...]

You’re Supposed To…

Even our all-knowing super team was surprised about some of these... [...]

Is Psychic Protection Really Needed?

Sarita's thoughts and suggestions. [...]

Days of Song and Bharfi

Aradhana's memoir of the Osho Kirtan Mandali, 1973 [...]

What’s Your Name?

Krishna Premda puzzles about his name(s). [...]

Flower Essences for the New Man

Sambhavya, creator of the Buddhafield Flower Essences, talks to Punya. [...]

From Bhagwan to Osho

Short introduction to Sarlo's research about the events leading from the term Bhagwan to Osho. [...]

The Waterfall

Punya and Madhuri share their memories of Tamo-san. [...]

The Last Judgement and Turning Point

Tamo-san, a Buddhist priestess and seeress, visited Pune in 1989 and met with Osho in Buddha Hall. Osho showered rose petals on her. [...]

The Eden Centre

Ganja sent a photo of an intriguing poster… [...]

There Are No Mistakes

CNN and TIME called Oprah Winfrey "arguably the world's most powerful woman." [...]


Navyo's visit to Amalfi, then back to Sorrento and Napoli. Goodbye to Italia! [...]

Osho, Mischievous Mystic?

Devageet recalls the circumstances in Rajneeshpuram when Osho began to speak while on the dental chair. [...]

The Agony and the Ecstasy

Leela writes about the search for the essential. [...]


Marc explores power in social actions and concepts. [...]

The Path of the Sufi

Videha, who teaches whirling in various workshops, talks to Osho News. [...]

Kahlil Gibran

Marc explores Kahlil Gibran's life and work. [...]

Pizza, Statues and New Friends

Navyo visits Sorrento and Positano (south of Napoli, Italy). [...]

Osho’s Charisma

Ageh Bharti shares some inexplicable moments in Osho’s presence. [...]

100+ Coconut Oil Uses

Because of its many health benefits – among them boosting the immune system and metabolism – nowadays coconut oil is being used by many more people and not only in South Asia where it is widely [...]


Madhuri's letter to 'a many few', written in 1977. [...]

The Magic Science of Rituals

Tantra teacher Sarita shares her insights on rituals. [...]

Sharing Osho while Planting Trees

Kul Bhushan interviews Prem Parivartan for World Environment Day, June 5, 2015. [...]

St. Tropez Film Festival 2015

Vandana travels with Pankaja to St. Tropez for the International Film Festival 2015. [...]

The Last Straw

Veetmoha reads one of his poems. [...]

Three Minutes to Midnight

Kul Bhushan reports on the latest setting of the Doomsday Clock. [...]

….and the Heart Starts Dancing with the Master

Recollections by singer and song-writer Pratibha from Denmark. [...]


Known worldwide as Kitarō 喜多郎 aka Masanori Takahashi, he is lesser known as Deva Setu, having become a sannyasin during the seventies. [...]

Osho Castle in New York

Excerpted from a report by the New York Times on May 13, 2015. [...]

On A Good Day

Prem writes about his practice to fall asleep consciously. [...]

Hymie Goldberg, Kowalski and Klarrot the Parrot

Chetan reveals stories from his days in the Joke Writing Department (1987-89). [...]

The Laughing Philosophers

Marc states that although they never met, Heraclitus and Democritus are often linked together as the weeping and the laughing philosophers. [...]

Osho’s Last Public Talk

Ageh Bharti recalls the events during a talk Osho gave before Neo-Sannyas was born. [...]

Enjoying the Italian Drama

Navyo's sightseeing the Museo and Certosa di San Martino, Castel Sant'Elmo on Vomero Hill in Naples. [...]

Sannyasins Participating in Healing Meditation

Kul Bhushan writes about a series of meditations being held in the wake of the catastrophic earthquake in Nepal. [...]

Running: Easy, Light, Smooth and Fast

Long-distance runner Julia shares her insights and tips. [...]

Farewell to Dartmoor, Hello Japan!

Surendra tells of his and Amrapali’s decision to leave Devon in UK for the Nagano area of Japan. [...]

Repression of Sexual Energy

Krishna Radha of Tantra Life replies to the question: What is repression? [...]

Super Quick Peeling of Potatoes

Watch a clever innovative way of peeling potatoes right here. [...]

Kindle Under Your Nose

Niyam Bhushan talks about how using design surpassed his experience of reading a book. [...]

Take Jesus Down From the Cross

Sarmad writes about a morbid Christianity. [...]

Found in Bangkok

Bhakta from Switzerland was on a stop-over in Bangkok, flying back to Geneva. [...]

Dear Mam

Antar Marc's letters and cards to his mother while living in Osho's communes during 1984/1985. [...]

Healthy and Authentic Power

Leela's insightful realisations about power. [...]

Tantric Pulsation: A Meeting of Osho and Reich

Aneesha incorporates Tantra in Pulsation [...]

Special Effects

Shivananda's fourth tutorial: coloured ink, kitchen towel and sponge cloths [...]


Human Design expert Chetan on his journey guided by the Shadow Reader [...]