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“I Will Meet a Master, He Is from India..”

Vedanta speaks about her work using channelling, intuition and energy work, in an interview with Osho Cable TV. [...]

Berlin Impressions

Notes from Punya's recent visit to the German capital. [...]

Déjà Vu

A few years ago, Ma Prem Anado, who left her body this month, wrote this account of her journey to take sannyas. [...]

Preparedness Skills That Everyone Should Know

People used to be skilled in creating much out of little, doing things with their hands, skilled in survival. [...]

Children and Sannyas

Arun's experience with children in the Nepal commune. [...]

From Sneeze to Superconsciousness

Madhuri reminds us of a mini-meditation we heard from Osho. [...]

Amy is a Pig – No, I am That

Amelia's amazing insights as a child. [...]

The Sacred Bael

Naina explores the history of the wood apple, a fruit tree native to the Indian subcontinent and considered as being very sacred. [...]

Modern Life Destroys Survival Instincts

explains Daisy Luther in The Organic Prepper on October 13, 2015 [...]

The Blessed Times

Video: images from Pune 1 days... [...]

When I Started Serving Cooked Food…

Q: Osho, Dolly Diddee showed me a passage from one of your earlier books where you say that no saint is against any other saint, and that they deliberately speak against each other to drive away [...]

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Jiddu Krishnamurti was an enlightened Indian speaker and writer on philosophical and spiritual subjects. [...]

You, Me and the Planet

Shastro ponders on ecology and the state of our planet. [...]

The Calais Jungle: The Story So Far

Smita's recent visit to the migrant camp at the Port of Calais, France. [...]

Invitation to the Mother Goddess

Naina writes about Durga Puja, the worship of the mother goddess, one of the most important festivals of India. [...]

Protection: Centering and Acceptance

Upadhi answers the question if we need protection. [...]

Act Rightly

Ageh Bharti remembers Osho explaining the nature of the work to volunteers at the meditation camp in Nargol, Gujarat, in 1968. [...]

Tantra for Adolescents

Sarita gives much needed advice to young people about sexuality: [...]

A Tale of Two Statues in Hawaii

Srajan tells the story of him and Pravino finding their home - and the role of a few statues. [...]

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Lucius Annaeus Seneca (aka Seneca the Younger, 4 BCE – 65 CE) was born in Cordoba, Spain and raised in Rome, Italy. [...]

It Happened in Pune

Doug's amazing, inexplicable story. [...]

The Six Bardos

Bodhicitta answers to our questions about the Tibetan Bardo. [...]

Three Reasons to Go to Church

Ghoshen's contemplations while travelling through Scotland. [...]

Crystals of Light

Sampatti talks to Punya about the inspiration and her ability to create energised crystals. [...]

George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff

An essay by Marc and Bhagawati. [...]

The Master’s Call: How I Met Osho

Karunesh 'meets' Osho. [...]

Celebrating Togetherness

Kul Bhushan on the outdatedness of marriage per se. [...]

Partnership or Possession?

Leela looks at the difference between relationship and partnership. [...]

Sensitivity is Your Birthright

Madhuri answers the question if we need psychic protection. [...]

Twirling on Top of His Flame

Madhuri remembers dancing and whirling during a music group darshan in Pune. [...]

Still Interested In Enlightenment?

Sitara tackles what is rather widely considered a hot potato in our sangha. [...]

Verbal Skills for Bodyworkers

Anekant highlights the importance of using the voice as a tool during sessions. [...]

Full Independence with Total Dependence

Kul Bhushan explains the 'Mad Game' of total surrender. [...]

The Fire of Awareness

Himani's insight on protection after reading a quote by Osho. [...]

You’re Supposed To…

Even our all-knowing super team was surprised about some of these... [...]

Is Psychic Protection Really Needed?

Sarita's thoughts and suggestions. [...]

Days of Song and Bharfi

Aradhana's memoir of the Osho Kirtan Mandali, 1973 [...]

What’s Your Name?

Krishna Premda puzzles about his name(s). [...]

Flower Essences for the New Man

Sambhavya, creator of the Buddhafield Flower Essences, talks to Punya. [...]

The Waterfall

Punya and Madhuri share their memories of Tamo-san. [...]

The Eden Centre

Ganja sent a photo of an intriguing poster… [...]


Navyo's visit to Amalfi, then back to Sorrento and Napoli. Goodbye to Italia! [...]

Osho, Mischievous Mystic?

Devageet recalls the circumstances in Rajneeshpuram when Osho began to speak while on the dental chair. [...]

The Agony and the Ecstasy

Leela writes about the search for the essential. [...]


Marc explores power in social actions and concepts. [...]

The Path of the Sufi

Videha, who teaches whirling in various workshops, talks to Osho News. [...]

Kahlil Gibran

Marc explores Kahlil Gibran's life and work. [...]

Pizza, Statues and New Friends

Navyo visits Sorrento and Positano (south of Napoli, Italy). [...]

Osho’s Charisma

Ageh Bharti shares some inexplicable moments in Osho’s presence. [...]