Archive for Healing & Meditation

“I Will Meet a Master, He Is from India..”

Vedanta speaks about her work using channelling, intuition and energy work, in an interview with Osho Cable TV. [...]

From Sneeze to Superconsciousness

Madhuri reminds us of a mini-meditation we heard from Osho. [...]

Protection: Centering and Acceptance

Upadhi answers the question if we need protection. [...]

Tantra for Adolescents

Sarita gives much needed advice to young people about sexuality: [...]

The Six Bardos

Bodhicitta answers to our questions about the Tibetan Bardo. [...]

Crystals of Light

Sampatti talks to Punya about the inspiration and her ability to create energised crystals. [...]

Sensitivity is Your Birthright

Madhuri answers the question if we need psychic protection. [...]

Is Psychic Protection Really Needed?

Sarita's thoughts and suggestions. [...]

Flower Essences for the New Man

Sambhavya, creator of the Buddhafield Flower Essences, talks to Punya. [...]

The Path of the Sufi

Videha, who teaches whirling in various workshops, talks to Osho News. [...]

The Magic Science of Rituals

Tantra teacher Sarita shares her insights on rituals. [...]

Sannyasins Participating in Healing Meditation

Kul Bhushan writes about a series of meditations being held in the wake of the catastrophic earthquake in Nepal. [...]

Running: Easy, Light, Smooth and Fast

Long-distance runner Julia shares her insights and tips. [...]

Repression of Sexual Energy

Krishna Radha of Tantra Life replies to the question: What is repression? [...]

Tantric Pulsation: A Meeting of Osho and Reich

Aneesha incorporates Tantra in Pulsation [...]

Osho No-Mind

How Satbodha discovered this meditative therapy which he is now also facilitating. [...]

Psychic Massage: Body and Psychology in One Package

Sagarpriya talks about how she developed Psychic Massage, the first of the methods she has created [...]

Dynamic Meditation: Mistakes to Avoid

Pratibha's insights on how best to do this transforming meditation. [...]

We Celebrate Everything

Anam reminds us of the dimension of celebration, one of Osho's legacies [...]

Breath Is Life Itself

Anam explains the utter importance of right breathing and its effect on the body. [...]

Making Friends With The Body

Navanita explains how to connect with your body and to stay present with your own bodily sensations. [...]

Mystery and Reality of Death and Dying

Veetman explains what happens towards the end of our life-in-form, when the body enters the phase called active dying. [...]

The Growling, Shouting, Screaming Beast Inside You

Kul Bhushan writes on the beast inside of man. [...]

HD: Emma Watson

Shantamo examines the Human Design 5/2 profile chart of actor Emma Watson. [...]

The Fixed Personality Profile

Human Design practitioner Shantamo gives a reading of a 4/1 Profile. [...]

Going Beyond the Mind

Kul Bhushan has a look at the new buzz phrase ‘Mindful Living’. [...]

The Secret World of Osho Risk

Subhuti looks inside a therapy training centre that seems to defy the laws of the universe. [...]

The Medusa

Avikal talks about the monster of Greek mythology, in modern times also called 'the inner judge', and how through inquiry and alertness we can tackle the Medusa. [...]

The Impact of WiFi on Our Energy Field

Baul alerted us to Iain McNay interviewing Burgs about the effects modern technology has on our energy fields. [...]

Alone and Together

Watching thoughts - by Madhuri, written approx 1988. [...]

Lingam, Pillar of Light

Tantra teacher Sarita talks on reclaiming the power, joy, wildness and dignity of the male genitals. [...]

The Akashic Transmission

Devageet speaks about his groundbreaking work with Oshodontics and its uniquely effective way for self-healing and self-transformation. [...]

Black Tourmaline, the Magician’s Favourite Tool

Sohana explains the powerful properties of this beautiful stone. [...]

Don’t Let Your Understanding Become More Baggage!

Essence therapist Avikal talks about liberating oneself from the burden of the Mind. [...]

Yoni Revolution

Sarita offers an in-depth explanation of how the Yoni works on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. [...]


Indira interviews mandala painter and teacher Shanti Udgiti [...]

Introducing ‘Osho Therapy’

Svagito's introduction to his newly published compilation. [...]

The Survival Fear

Sagarpriya explains the effects of your "second side" (male or female) assuming independence from the first. [...]

How to Meditate when Life is Too Busy

One of Jivan Mada's students is asking a question about meditation. [...]

HD: Vladimir Putin

Shantamo examines the Human Design chart of Russia's leader [...]

Essence Work

Punya interviews Avikal about his work [...]

Inner Male, Inner Female Experiments

Sagarpriya shares a method for coming in contact with our inner male and female sides. [...]

Peace and Love in Intimate Relationships

Jivan Mada answers a question about Relationships [...]

Singing Is Your Birthright

Marga interviews Pratibha, the founder of Voicing [...]

Tantra: Transformation of Sexuality

Krishna Radha interviewed by Marga, editor at Italian Osho Times. [...]

Turn Friends into Strangers

Kul suggests we try this beautiful meditation. [...]

Elephant Stories

Yuri shares some stories of him doing healing work on elephants. [...]

Humming is Good for You

Grahi encourages active humming to support well-being - of course besides the important non-activity, silence. [...]

Diamond in the Lotus

Pratiksha writes about the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum. [...]

HD: Nelson Mandela

Shantamo's chart of the South African freedom-fighter and politician who died 5th December 2013. [...]