Archive for Healing & Meditation

Sannyasins Participating in Healing Meditation

Kul Bhushan writes about a series of meditations being held in the wake of the catastrophic earthquake in Nepal. [...]

Running: Easy, Light, Smooth and Fast

Long-distance runner Julia shares her insights and tips. [...]

Repression of Sexual Energy

Krishna Radha of Tantra Life replies to the question: What is repression? [...]

Tantric Pulsation: A Meeting of Osho and Reich

Aneesha incorporates Tantra in Pulsation [...]

Sonic Reiki: Sound Healing for the 21st Century

In this video, Fernando Vossa explains and demonstrates how Sonic Reiki with corresponding geometric light heals the body. [...]

Osho No-Mind

How Satbodha discovered this meditative therapy which he is now also facilitating. [...]


Menstrual health advocate Aditi Gupta and husband Tuhin Paul discuss their innovative comic book, 'Menstrupedia' at TEDxBangalore. [...]

Psychic Massage: Body and Psychology in One Package

Sagarpriya talks about how she developed Psychic Massage, the first of the methods she has created [...]

Dynamic Meditation: Mistakes to Avoid

Pratibha's insights on how best to do this transforming meditation. [...]

We Celebrate Everything

Anam reminds us of the dimension of celebration, one of Osho's legacies [...]

Breath Is Life Itself

Anam explains the utter importance of right breathing and its effect on the body. [...]

Making Friends With The Body

Navanita explains how to connect with your body and to stay present with your own bodily sensations. [...]

Mystery and Reality of Death and Dying

Veetman explains what happens towards the end of our life-in-form, when the body enters the phase called active dying. [...]

The Growling, Shouting, Screaming Beast Inside You

Kul Bhushan writes on the beast inside of man. [...]

You Asked: Is Meditation Really Worth It?

Markham Heid writes in TIME Magazine on October 8, 2014. [...]

HD: Emma Watson

Shantamo examines the Human Design 5/2 profile chart of actor Emma Watson. [...]

The Fixed Personality Profile

Human Design practitioner Shantamo gives a reading of a 4/1 Profile. [...]

Going Beyond the Mind

Kul Bhushan has a look at the new buzz phrase ‘Mindful Living’. [...]

The Secret World of Osho Risk

Subhuti looks inside a therapy training centre that seems to defy the laws of the universe. [...]

The Medusa

Avikal talks about the monster of Greek mythology, in modern times also called 'the inner judge', and how through inquiry and alertness we can tackle the Medusa. [...]

The Impact of WiFi on Our Energy Field

Baul alerted us to Iain McNay interviewing Burgs about the effects modern technology has on our energy fields. [...]

Alone and Together

Watching thoughts - by Madhuri, written approx 1988. [...]

Lingam, Pillar of Light

Tantra teacher Sarita talks on reclaiming the power, joy, wildness and dignity of the male genitals. [...]

The Akashic Transmission

Devageet speaks about his groundbreaking work with Oshodontics and its uniquely effective way for self-healing and self-transformation. [...]

Black Tourmaline, the Magician’s Favourite Tool

Sohana explains the powerful properties of this beautiful stone. [...]

Don’t Let Your Understanding Become More Baggage!

Essence therapist Avikal talks about liberating oneself from the burden of the Mind. [...]

Yoni Revolution

Sarita offers an in-depth explanation of how the Yoni works on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. [...]


Indira interviews mandala painter and teacher Shanti Udgiti [...]

Introducing ‘Osho Therapy’

Svagito's introduction to his newly published compilation. [...]

The Survival Fear

Sagarpriya explains the effects of your "second side" (male or female) assuming independence from the first. [...]

How to Meditate when Life is Too Busy

One of Jivan Mada's students is asking a question about meditation. [...]

HD: Vladimir Putin

Shantamo examines the Human Design chart of Russia's leader [...]

Essence Work

Punya interviews Avikal about his work [...]

Inner Male, Inner Female Experiments

Sagarpriya shares a method for coming in contact with our inner male and female sides. [...]

Peace and Love in Intimate Relationships

Jivan Mada answers a question about Relationships [...]

Singing Is Your Birthright

Marga interviews Pratibha, the founder of Voicing [...]

Tantra: Transformation of Sexuality

Krishna Radha interviewed by Marga, editor at Italian Osho Times. [...]

Turn Friends into Strangers

Kul suggests we try this beautiful meditation. [...]

It Is All Oneness

A documentary filmed during the final weeks before Dr. Richard (Rick) Linchitz succumbed to cancer on May 13, 2013. [...]

Elephant Stories

Yuri shares some stories of him doing healing work on elephants. [...]

Humming is Good for You

Grahi encourages active humming to support well-being - of course besides the important non-activity, silence. [...]

Diamond in the Lotus

Pratiksha writes about the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum. [...]

HD: Nelson Mandela

Shantamo's chart of the South African freedom-fighter and politician who died 5th December 2013. [...]

Stephen Hawking in Favour of Assisted Suicide

In a recent interview with the BBC he said: “We don't let animals suffer, so why humans?” [...]

Bliss in the Body

Navanita explains how to explore one's body to find bliss within. [...]

The Meaning of Healing

Somadevi on the power of healing, curing, the source of ills, and loving oneself. [...]

Euthanasia Cases in the Netherlands Rise

As reported by Bruno Waterfield of The Telegraph, UK, last month, the number of Dutch people choosing medical euthanasia has more than doubled in the 10 years since legislation was changed to permit it, [...]

Discovering the Real Me

A powerful sharing by Anita Moorjani who - in a coma and supposedly dying - discovered that we are all one. She made a choice to come back and was completely healed within a short time. [...]

Violent Behaviors are Men’s Issues

Dr. Jackson Katz is an educator, author, filmmaker and social theorist who has long been recognized as one of America's leading anti-sexist male activists. [...]

Numen: The Nature of Plants

Numen: the presiding divinity or spirit (of a place); the spirit believed by animists to inhabit natural objects. [...]