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Ultimately We Are Alone

Leela writes that life is not just about being with the other. It is about finding your inner being. [...]

Come Back As Buddhas!

Shruti participated this winter in the Living-In Programme at the Resort in Pune [...]

My Own Life

From the The New York Times: Oliver Sacks on Learning He Has Terminal Cancer [...]


Marc elaborates on Diogenes, who is considered one of the founders of Cynicism. [...]

Shaktipat – A Heart to Heart Connection

Interview with Veeresh by Geetee (14.4.2014) [...]

Have Courage In A Mad World

Leela writes about her experiences during her inquiry into self, and releasing the ego-dream of identity. [...]

The Sheep, The Tiger and Inquiry

Avikal's article focuses on false identity and transformation and uses an old story as a metaphor. [...]

What is Time?

Triggered by e-mail conversations with Bhagawati where the question arose ‘What is time?’, Bodhisagar felt inspired to write about his understanding. [...]

Ruth T

Vandana on recent news of well-known women's suicides. [...]

The Noosphere…

... and how to occupy it - by Ian MacKenzie, a media activist and filmmaker from Vancouver, Canada. [...]

I’m Beginning to Feel Old

Sadhvi reflects on age, the new ways of how people relate - and gratefulness. [...]

Your Elusive Creative Genius

Elizabeth Gilbert talks on TED [...]

Grateful in the Night

A beautiful insight (and method) by Madhuri, worth sharing! [...]

Rising in Love

Kul finds some beautiful excerpts from Osho's discourses. [...]


Naina recalls an event that occurred during her childhood in Assam. [...]


Anando invites us to look at fears in a relaxed and non-judgmental way. [...]

In the Garden of Mother and Daughter

Karima writes about her relationship with her mother. [...]

Within the Silence Is Everything

Luke Rudkowski interviews David Icke about his thoughts on the secrets of the universe and life. [...]

Work is Rest – Rest is Work

Work is rest. Rest is work. How's that possible? [...]

Buddha Has Landed

Marc muses on the fact that Buddha has become a household name and that there is a need arising in people to connect to their inner world. [...]

Who Left the Gates of the Asylum Open?”

Arihanta has a look how to go about living with increasing global disasters, madness and violence. [...]

The Invisible Man

by Purushottama [...]

Easy is Right

Anubuddha follows the call from nowhere – and the workshop happens with effortless effort... [...]

Top Five Regrets of the Dying

Susie Steiner reports in ‘The Guardian’ that among the top regrets is 'I wish I hadn't worked so hard'. [...]

Embracing the Reality of Dying

Stirring photographs and statements by dying people. [...]

This is the End

Interview by Joanna Moorhead for 'The Guardian' with Walter Schels and Beate Lakotta how facing death changed how they felt about dying - and living. [...]

How to Forgive

Mahabha's insights on forgiveness. [...]

Femininity and Masculinity

A new look at gender implications. [...]

The Egoism of Terrorism

A meditation on Bodh Gaya: Prem Geet draws from Buddhism and Judaism to get her heart around the madness. [...]

Earth Anthem

Damini shares this peace chant from her new film, 'Hindu Wanderings in Sacred India', and her insight about the recent dramatic events in Uttarakhand. [...]

Women, Rage & Business: Chewing Slowly

The so-called career path for awakening women can be an absolute disaster that smolders for years, smelling of napalm after the battle. [...]

An Indian Sannyasin in the World of German Naturism…

Shantam writes to his countrymen in India about FKK in Germany. [...]

Nishant Interviewed

An interview by Ian McNay of Conscious TV [...]

There is No End

Lean back in your chair and let yourself be carried along in this motivating film about consciousness by Karsten Ramser. [...]

Being a Woman

After one of Divya’s (aka Zulma Reyo) retreats on Feminine Mysteries, one of her students from Mexico made this emotive video. [...]

Can you Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought?

Kaiyum's thoughts about thinking... [...]

The Outer Solution Is a Reflection of the Inner Solution

Ganga shares her way of finding solutions to dissolve conflicts. [...]

Money and the Flow of Abundance

Sarita's insights on money, hoarding, inner and outer flow. [...]

Osho, the Midwife of My Soul

Shanti describes his path of learning and seeking to arrive at understanding. [...]

Cleaning is Creativity

Meera: teaching an awareness that grows out of fun and a silent and clean space. [...]

Orgasmically Ever After

Jeevan (85) talks to Maneesha about her newly discovered total and multi-orgasmic experiences. [...]

All Sorts of Funny Things in Sannyas

Rashid shares with us his insights on sannyas - today [...]


Anando's sudden switch of mood with an insight... [...]

Born to Die

Subhan's insights on life - and death [...]

A Door Into the Vastness Within

Ma Prem Divya on understanding Osho. [...]

Bliss Blossom

Madhuri reminds us not to ignore those "wordless, blossomed peace-places" when they pop up in us. [...]

The Death of a Daughter

Maneesha writes on the importance of being at peace with our parents. [...]

Goofy Guy

Madhuri's insights on projecting! [...]

Healing the Heart

Anando invites us to go through the process of cleaning up our lives and becoming free of burdens. [...]