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Ancient Sites in Iran

Mahendra continues his journey in Iran, this time not as a hiker but as an art lover.

By Train from Beijing to Lhasa

A photo-video by Pankaja from her journey by train with two friends from the Chinese capital to Lhasa in Tibet.

The Fez Experience

Srajan writes about the Sacred Music Festival of Fez, Morocco, that takes place every year in May. He had traveled, in 1997, together with Pravina and, as a surprise, met Sadhana and Siddho there as well.

Visiting the Motherland

Bhagawati writes: At times India hauntingly calls to come again and stay for a while...

Hiking in the Snow

Leeladhar writes about the pleasure of hiking in the snow.

On Top of Iran: a Journey to the Alburz Mountains

Mahendra's video shows his mountaineering trip to northern Iran.

Song Mountain Revisited

Veena talks about her recent stay in China.

Berlin Impressions

Notes from Punya's recent visit to the German capital.

The Calais Jungle: The Story So Far

Smita's recent visit to the migrant camp at the Port of Calais, France.

Three Reasons to Go to Church

Ghoshen's contemplations while travelling through Scotland.

The Eden Centre

Ganja sent a photo of an intriguing poster…


Navyo's visit to Amalfi, then back to Sorrento and Napoli. Goodbye to Italia!

Pizza, Statues and New Friends

Navyo visits Sorrento and Positano (south of Napoli, Italy).

St. Tropez Film Festival 2015

Vandana travels with Pankaja to St. Tropez for the International Film Festival 2015.

Osho Castle in New York

Excerpted from a report by the New York Times on May 13, 2015.

Enjoying the Italian Drama

Navyo's sightseeing the Museo and Certosa di San Martino, Castel Sant'Elmo on Vomero Hill in Naples.

Farewell to Dartmoor, Hello Japan!

Surendra tells of his and Amrapali’s decision to leave Devon in UK for the Nagano area of Japan.

Found in Bangkok

Bhakta from Switzerland was on a stop-over in Bangkok, flying back to Geneva.

Viva Napoli!

Navyo's impressions from Naples, Italy.

Magic Moments – A Pilgrimage to Mt. Kailash

Mahendra's video of a pilgrimage to Mt. Kailash, info about the area and Milarepa's poem.

A Discovery in Luoyang

An excerpt from Veena's intriguing latest book, 'A Mountain in China'.

Trekking in Ladakh

Mahendra meets the Buddhist culture and the Transhimalayan landscape in Ladakh, the Indus Valley and walking in the mountains of the Stok Range.

Tracing the Glimpses

Leeladhar explores Osho’s early days in Madhya Pradesh.

I’m Here Because the River Is Here

Rashid exploring Madhya Pradesh on an inner journey.

Indian Ride

A short take by Bodhena from one of his many travels through India.

Meeting Sensei Bodhihanna
A Modern-day Woman Warrior in the Art of Zen Archery

Terry Hodgkinson meets archer Bodhihanna at the Osho Meditation Resort Pune.

Rancho Revisited

On June 22, 2014 Harp visits the Ranch in Oregon.

Goodbye Brahmacharya – Goodbye Pune

41-43 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries

Thali, Dogs and Darkness

38-40 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries

In Search for an Outer Home …

… Sandhano writes about her recent adventures.

Is it enough now? Enough amoebas?

30-33 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries

Hanging out in Pune

26-29 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries

Look Who’s Back from the Beach!

22-25 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries

Sannyasins, Tourists and Other Goa Animals

17-21 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries

Lady Gaga, Swapping Rooms and off to Goa

14-16 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries

Ayahs, Mosquitoes and True Love Romance

11-13 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries

Cough Control Meditation

7-10 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries

Living with the ‘gurudes’ in Arillas

Alex Christou tells us the story of how he became part of the foreign sannyas community.

Spiritual Diseases

4-6 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries

The Way to Planet Osho

The beginning of a serialisation: 1-3 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries

Travelling to Pune

Little daily notes by Himani.

Pilgrimage: A Journey Towards Sunrise

Rashid writes about his walk along the ancient Michael-Mary's ley line in England.

Three Temples in China

Veena writes about her visit and experiences at three very special temples: Shaolin, Zhongyue Miao and Rinzai's temple

A Story of Love

Seen on January 9, 2014

Before They Pass Away

A photographic journey by Jimmy Nelson to visit 31 indigenous tribes resulted in an outstanding book.

Athens: Not Just a Stopover

Punya discovers the beautiful Greek capital and a special meditation centre.

A Glimpse of Inner Mongolia

Veena writes about her recent journey to China.

Feeling and Experiencing Virgin Nature

Kul Bushan interviews Anjaly Thomas, traveller and author of 'Almost Intrepid'.