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Magic Moments – A Pilgrimage to Mt. Kailash

Mahendra's video of a pilgrimage to Mt. Kailash, info about the area and Milarepa's poem. [...]

A Discovery in Luoyang

An excerpt from Veena's intriguing latest book, 'A Mountain in China'. [...]

Trekking in Ladakh

Mahendra meets the Buddhist culture and the Transhimalayan landscape in Ladakh, the Indus Valley and walking in the mountains of the Stok Range. [...]

Tracing the Glimpses

Leeladhar explores Osho’s early days in Madhya Pradesh. [...]

I’m Here Because the River Is Here

Rashid exploring Madhya Pradesh on an inner journey. [...]

Indian Ride

A short take by Bodhena from one of his many travels through India. [...]

Meeting Sensei Bodhihanna
A Modern-day Woman Warrior in the Art of Zen Archery

Terry Hodgkinson meets archer Bodhihanna at the Osho Meditation Resort Pune. [...]

Rancho Revisited

On June 22, 2014 Harp visits the Ranch in Oregon. [...]

Goodbye Brahmacharya – Goodbye Pune

41-43 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries [...]

Thali, Dogs and Darkness

38-40 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries [...]

In Search for an Outer Home …

… Sandhano writes about her recent adventures. [...]

Is it enough now? Enough amoebas?

30-33 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries [...]

Hanging out in Pune

26-29 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries [...]

Look Who’s Back from the Beach!

22-25 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries [...]

Sannyasins, Tourists and Other Goa Animals

17-21 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries [...]

Lady Gaga, Swapping Rooms and off to Goa

14-16 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries [...]

Ayahs, Mosquitoes and True Love Romance

11-13 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries [...]

Cough Control Meditation

7-10 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries [...]

Living with the ‘gurudes’ in Arillas

Alex Christou tells us the story of how he became part of the foreign sannyas community. [...]

Spiritual Diseases

4-6 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries [...]

The Way to Planet Osho

The beginning of a serialisation: 1-3 of Subhuti's Pune Diaries [...]

Travelling to Pune

Little daily notes by Himani. [...]

Pilgrimage: A Journey Towards Sunrise

Rashid writes about his walk along the ancient Michael-Mary's ley line in England. [...]

Three Temples in China

Veena writes about her visit and experiences at three very special temples: Shaolin, Zhongyue Miao and Rinzai's temple [...]

A Story of Love

Seen on January 9, 2014 [...]

Before They Pass Away

A photographic journey by Jimmy Nelson to visit 31 indigenous tribes resulted in an outstanding book. [...]

Athens: Not Just a Stopover

Punya discovers the beautiful Greek capital and a special meditation centre. [...]

A Glimpse of Inner Mongolia

Veena writes about her recent journey to China. [...]

Feeling and Experiencing Virgin Nature

Kul Bushan interviews Anjaly Thomas, traveller and author of 'Almost Intrepid'. [...]

Osho the Posho!

Kul remembers a funny encounter on his birthday. [...]

Experiencing Silence in Siberia

Forty year-old Sylvain Tesson has been called France’s ‘most brilliant travel writer’. [...]

Master Wu Nanfang on Song Mountain

Another film by Pankaja has been selected to be shown in the ‘Short Film’ category by the London Independent Film Festival. [...]

The Naked Samurai

Sarjano's close-up experiences of Sumo wrestlers in Tokyo. [...]

Riding High on Top of the World

Ash shows us the way to the Hemis Monastery in Ladakh and the Hermitage. [...]

Touring the Gers – A Real Live French Movie

Navyo drives through rural France. Nothing happens like in a French movie. It's all about the mood... [...]

Ciao Roma!

Navyo's third and fourth day in Rome... [...]

Viva Roma!

Navyo's journey continues: to the eternal city of Rome... [...]

London – Paris – Milan

Navyo takes us on a journey across Europe – this is part 1 [...]

The Egg Lady

Madhuri and her impressions of generally undramatic Switzerland. [...]

India Is Always In My Heart

First-time India traveler Maya's impressions [...]

Dinka: Legendary Cattle Keepers of Sudan

Video clip by Oscar made while accompanying photographers in Sudan [...]

The Delhi Metro Experience

Shruti's journey on the metro in New Delhi: she enjoyed it! [...]

Herat, Afghanistan

This is an excerpt from the recently published book A Vanished Road by Veena [...]

A Cathedral of Koans

Gossip from Gupi in Pune about the new architectural developments at the Osho International Meditation Resort [...]

Osho’s past and Tibet

Osho's connection with Tibet heard and seen by sannyasins [...]

Pune Resort Updates

The mega-modern Resort in Pune [...]

Revisiting Pune and on to Spiti Valley

Veet returns to an enjoyable stay at the Resort and then moves on with an Enfield to Spiti Valley [...]

Eternal Varanasi

Describing the indescribable - a visit to Varanasi [...]

Himani Paints in the Himalayas

Osho Neo-Reiki master Himani brings her dream to paint in the Himalayas into reality [...]