Archive for Skill Development

Thirteen Steps for a Successful Therapist

Article by Nisarga, for all those who have asked themselves the question: “What makes one a successful therapist?” [...]

Verbal Skills for Bodyworkers

Anekant highlights the importance of using the voice as a tool during sessions. [...]

Special Effects

Shivananda's fourth tutorial: coloured ink, kitchen towel and sponge cloths [...]

Spring Cleaning!

Mahabha's input and suggestions for this yearly ritual. [...]

Vinegar & Baking Soda

Ready for Spring Cleaning? Tips from Daya. [...]

Create Objects with Stencils

Shivananda's tutorials continue with another technique: using cut-out stencils [...]

Newspaper Masks

Second painting tutorial about one of Shivananda's favourite techniques. [...]

Paper-wrinkle with Acrylics

Session 1 of a series of tutorials by designer and painter Shivananda. [...]

The 10 e-Commandments

Suggestions by Kaiyum about writing e-mails with awareness and care. [...]

Take Breaks for Mental Performance

Grahi on taking breaks during work to improve focus. [...]

The Pomodoro Spiel

Punya on a work technique she has been using recently. [...]

Apologise, Yes! Explain, No!

Kaiyum examines our ways with apologising, for changing a scheduled appointment or a delay. [...]

Go Ahead and Get it Written!

This is the final part of Kaiyum's article on writing... [...]

The Zen of Sales

Inspirational notes on selling by Kaiyum (David Bloch). [...]

Keep on Writing…

More tips from Kaiyum about writing. [...]

Just Write It!

Kaiyum takes us through the sometimes daunting prospect of writing... [...]

Fear of Public Speaking: Fact or Fantasy?

Kaiyum (David Bloch), international expert in presenting and communicating, looks more closely at the subject and provides some valuable insights. [...]