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Radio Magico

Khirad and Shantidharm reply to our questions about their online radio station. [...]

Oshoba & The Italian Osho Times

The tight-rope dance to bring Osho into the Italian consciousness... [...]

Songs in the Key of Osho

Punya asks Sarlo to tell us how it all started with his Osho Songs Collection. [...]


Anadi, founder of the UK-based Heart, Body and Soul portal, talks about his creation. [...]

Find Your Nose: A Virtual Buddhafield

How Samarpan found her nose while creating [...]

Osho on Cable in The Netherlands

Osho's discourses being broadcast on Cable TV in Holland [...]

Where to Meditate in France?

Shantidharm and Khirad tell us the story of how their web portal came into being [...]

Viha Connection: For Our Community at Large

Avinasho and Dhanyam at Viha Connection connecting our worldwide community since 1986 [...]