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Eknath & Tai Chi

Pankaja writes about the video she made of an Indian sannyasin who loves, and is very good at Tai Chi. [...]

Three Lyrical Years So Far, in Hebden Bridge

Madhuri is certainly not retiring either... [...]

A Bond beyond Time: Osho and Me

Marc Itzler / Divakar writes about his childhood, and his present, with Osho. [...]

Who is talking about retirement?

Suha ponders joyfully over her years of work after having officially retired. [...]

Definitely not the retiring type!

Shazar, aged 67, is active in India: working at a children's shelter and engaged with an Australian foundation to harvest water. [...]

Zen Archery with Bodhihanna

Pankaja films Zen Archer Bodhihanna at Osho Teerth Park and talks to her about her life as a child during WWII. [...]

Heart Time

Bhagawati interviews Nirava en route from Bali to Corfu. [...]

Not the Retiring Type: Kaiyum

Kaiyum replies to the invitation in our last newsletter. [...]

Sharing Osho while Planting Trees

Kul Bhushan interviews Prem Parivartan for World Environment Day, June 5, 2015. [...]


Known worldwide as Kitarō 喜多郎 aka Masanori Takahashi, he is lesser known as Deva Setu, having become a sannyasin during the seventies. [...]

Swami Abhay (aka Dilip): Our Coconut Wallah

Pankaja's latest video is a portrait of a young man from Pune. [...]

Rebel from Brittany

Mahakavi writes about his rebellious sannyas life. [...]

My Life with Yoga

Chetna discovers Yoga and travels through Patanjali's Eightfold Path to Liberation [...]

Zen Brush Strokes

Suha, who has just published a poetry book, talks about her life. [...]

Nigam’s Step-by-Step Approach to Sannyas

Nigam's path to sannyas and his life at present. [...]

My Life in #Hash Notes

Chetna, who grew up as a sannyasin kid and turned 40 this year, writes about her life. [...]

When the Disciple is Ready…

Atmo's start of his inner journey and the 'plop!' in Osho's place in Poona. [...]

Love, Sex and Prayer

Conscious 2, a TV channel focused on awakening in daily life, interviews Rafia about exploring the role of sex and relationships in our spiritual development. [...]

Swami Prem Tarun Turns 50!

We asked Roshani how Tarun was doing, and this is what she wrote: [...]

Nisarga: From Engineering to Bodywork

Interview with Nisarga, co-founder of the Europen Institute of Body Oriented Healing Arts in Poland [...]

Handing Over the Torch – Radicalism Without Violence

Portrait of Praharsha’s life and work. The DVD of his life story 'Video Vertov ' is being released today. [...]

“Nivedano, Beat the Drum!”

Nivedano talks to Punya about his life as a gardener and musician in Osho's communes. [...]

In the Groove

Teerth talks to Punya about rhythm, drumming and playing for Osho. [...]

Interview with Satyananda

Ishu from the German Osho Times interviews Satyananda. [...]

Meditation in Hospital

Bali from Italian OTI interviews Sudha about her job. [...]

Mantra Love

Nitya and Ninad share their story about Mantra singing. [...]

The Gift of Freedom

A candid interview with Prem Gayan. [...]

Sing, Narayani, Sing!

Singer Narayani tells Punya about her life with music... [...]

A Sannyas Life in Texas

Prateeksha speaks about her life growing up in Texas... [...]

When My Life Really Began

Dharm Jyoti speaks about the search for her master. [...]

Music, Family Life and … Osho

Marga's interview with musician Chinmaya Dunster. [...]

Music to Tickle the Heart

An interview with Chaitanya Deuter by S W Madhunad, made in the late eighties in Pune, India. [...]

Traveling to the Place of the Heart

Shazar makes a difference...and her entire world changed... [...]

Still Singing After All these Years!

Punya meets Peter Makena (Anubhava) and Aneeta [...]

Unconditional Love for Mystic Rose

Jagran's plunge into sannyas and Mystic Rose [...]

Song and Silence on the Road to Osho

Viramo's portrait of singer and performer Vismaya. [...]

A Journey to Self

A few years ago, Mudita set out from her native village in Styria, Austria, to find answers to the inner emptiness she was experiencing. [...]

I Wanted To Know How To Die

Iain McNay from Conscious TV interviews Turiya Hanover [...]

Computers, Music and Meditation

Punya interviews Anadi, creator of SoundsOrange... [...]

We Are All One and Beautiful

Kunji writes about growing up in the sannyas community and how she became a fashion designer. [...]

The Gift of Translating Osho’s Words

Interview with Swami Prem Nirvano, translator of Osho's words into German. [...]

Meeting Osho and Making Music

Upavas tells his story of taking sannyas as a kid and his career in music. [...]

From Osho to Ambrosia – Part 2

Chinta's life story continues with Reiki, Family Constellation, Aura Soma, and continuing with... [...]

From Osho to Ambrosia – Part 1

The first part of Chinta's story with Osho and a chintâmani [...]

Money Money Money – Makes the World Go Round

Rajen's thoughts about money and it's value, 'asking the right questions' and 'working while drinking coffee' [...]

Jivan Kavyo: The Next Generation

This is one of those kinds of classic stories of how people come to Osho [...]

Archan: Responding to the Calling

Part 2 of a life story: from Amsterdam to Italy, Greece, Pune and back home [...]

What makes a good entrepreneur?

An interview with Rajen about the skills of an entrepreneur: he is the founder of Bells Associates and Prabhu Music [...]

Archan Sukhita: The Bold One

Part 1 of a remarkable life story from The Netherlands [...]

Milarepa: Osho’s Bard

Punya interviews Milarepa about his life as a song-writer and musician [...]