Archive for Creativity

Painting out of Silence

Shanti Udgiti shares her mandalas [...]

Doing, Doing, Doing

Five lines from Punya [...]

All and Everything

A poem by Oscar [...]

To the Master

A poem by Rajendra. [...]

Adarsha’s Medley – His Gift

Satyadharma reminisces about the times he was playing on the streets in Japan with Neera and Adarsha - and shares the track 'Adarsha's Medley'. [...]

On MG Road

A slideshow of photos by Allan taken in the late 70s in Pune. [...]

Forest of Bowland: Guitar Solo by Adarsha

A music track with solo guitar by Adarsha and vocals by Surahbhi. [...]

And So It Grows

A poem by Oscar [...]

American Book of the Dead

Poem by Prem Geet [...]

You Ask about the Birds

Rashid replies to Champak's question in the form of a poem. [...]

Clouds in the Sky

Poem by Oscar [...]

Where I Live

Navyo shares his photos he took last autumn in Fairfax, Virginia, USA. [...]

Lust, Love and Prayer

Poems by Avikal [...]


Photos by Ghyaneshwar [...]

Lovers Night – Track 2

Shastro shares a sample from the second track from his new CD 'Lovers Night' [...]

Thou Shalt Have a Cat

A poem by Madhuri [...]

I Promise You

A poem by Prabuddha [...]

Mother and Daughters

Madhuri and Sarita celebrate their mother's birthday with poems dedicated to her. [...]

When Ink and Paper Marry Each Other

Aradhana shows her Chinese brush paintings. [...]

You Held Me So Tight

A poem by Amelia Campbell. [...]

The Laughter Blues

Kalyan shares with us a unique track! Enjoy! [...]

Flow and Dissolving

Magno shows his paintings in our virtual gallery. [...]

Pirates in My PC

A true story from Madhuri. [...]

Nature Close-up

Tara's stunning photographs introduce us to the tiny details in her garden path and beyond... [...]


A poem by Chris Roe [...]

I Am Enough

A random thought by Sandesh Sam Weinstein and dedicated to those that have found a truth and can truly say about themselves "I am Enough." [...]

Cloud Watching

A selection of instagrams by Sanjiva. [...]

Moon Over Hebden Bridge

A poem by Madhuri [...]

See Here! And Here! And….

Maneesha discovers the world through photography. [...]

From You I Receive

Narayani shares one of her songs from her latest CD ‘Let Your Heart Sing’. [...]

Roll Over, Beethoven!

About a hundred musicians and singers got together to create this incredible innovative rendering of Beethoven's 'Ode to Joy' out of Cowichan Bay, British Columbia, Canada. [...]

Cloudless Fresh Morning

A haiku by Rajen. [...]

Final Days

A poem by Naveen. [...]

Alchemic Calendar

Visual Alchemy's calendar for 2014. [...]

Ice Puddle Puzzle

A poem/scientific enquiry by Rajen [...]

I Was Taken Away

A poem by Ageh Bharti [...]

The Art of Rock Balancing

Michael Grab is an artist who has been 'rock balancing' since 2008. Much of his recent work has been done around the Boulder, Colorado area. [...]

Light of Ages

A Haiku by Toby [...]

Silent Summer in Tomioka

Toby visits with his camera an abandoned town in the nuclear exclusion zone around Fukushima. [...]

Transformative Power of Classical Music

Understanding and coming to love classical music. [...]

Let the Way of the Heart Shine Through

We gladly see one of our most beloved songs spreading and being carried on by other groups, and even in Oregon! [...]

Another Spin of the Wheel

An excerpt from Chapter 5 of ‘The Great Debacle', the third in Anand Premesh’s trilogy of books, entitled 'The Ashoka Chronicles'. [...]

A Story Never Properly Told

Max Brecher's introduction to his book, 'A Passage to America'. [...]


Excerpt from Chapter 6 of Mayuri Onerheim's book, Money • Spirituality • Consciousness. [...]

Slowing Down

A poem by Prabuddha [...]


A poem by Madhuri [...]

This Hum

A poem by Michael Graber with a photo by Toby Marshall. [...]

Osho Art Composition

Experimental composition of Osho Art and Nature with music by Raphael and Karunesh. [...]

Moon Over 60

A poem by Madhuri [...]