Archive for Arts


While Toby waits for one of his flights... [...]

The Grand Canyon Lightshow

Chandra’s Sedona Landscape photographs – and ‘the famous’ ones. [...]

You’re the Enemy – Welcome Back!

Pankaja filmed her latest documentary in Vietnam. [...]

Painting out of Silence

Shanti Udgiti shares her mandalas [...]

On MG Road

A slideshow of photos by Allan taken in the late 70s in Pune. [...]

Where I Live

Navyo shares his photos he took last autumn in Fairfax, Virginia, USA. [...]


Photos by Ghyaneshwar [...]

When Ink and Paper Marry Each Other

Aradhana shows her Chinese brush paintings. [...]

Flow and Dissolving

Magno shows his paintings in our virtual gallery. [...]

Nature Close-up

Tara's stunning photographs introduce us to the tiny details in her garden path and beyond... [...]

Cloud Watching

A selection of instagrams by Sanjiva. [...]

See Here! And Here! And….

Maneesha discovers the world through photography. [...]

Alchemic Calendar

Visual Alchemy's calendar for 2014. [...]

The Art of Rock Balancing

Michael Grab is an artist who has been 'rock balancing' since 2008. Much of his recent work has been done around the Boulder, Colorado area. [...]

Silent Summer in Tomioka

Toby visits with his camera an abandoned town in the nuclear exclusion zone around Fukushima. [...]

The Tribal People of Gujarat

This year, Premgit and Sandhya traveled to Gujarat in India; we show a collection of spectacular black-and-white photos developed by hand. [...]

Playing with Colours

Paritosh from Switzerland reveals her paintings.... [...]

Empty your Cup

Published in ‘The Speaking Tree’ on January 20, 2013, widely acclaimed painter Pratiksha writes about creating space for the divine and shows her exquisitely rendered painting, Receptivity. [...]

108 Silent Sounds

Padma paints on discarded CDs [...]

I Wonder: Who Has Done It?

Ateet shows us the outcome of his new passion: painting! [...]

Nirguna in Atitlan

Paintings inspired by the Mayan landscape and culture in Guatemala. [...]

Rituals and Meditations

A selection from Premdharma's watercolours... [...]

Portraits of Presence by Devesh

Devesh Komaromi shows his portraits and talks about his way of finding 'the presence.' [...]

Intense Love

In an article published in ‘The Speaking Tree’ (a Times of India publication, New Delhi) on October 7, 2012, widely acclaimed painter Pratiksha writes about the power of love. [...]

Dreamworlds: Images from Another Reality

Kirti's display of his magic collages... [...]

Shola’s Gold

Italian artist Shola Carletti shows her work in India, where she has been a resident for the last few years. [...]

Corfu My Love!

Sumano's shots during her 'alone-time' on this beautiful Greek island. [...]

Impressions from the Appenzell

Naman treks through an unspoilt area in Switzerland with his camera. [...]

Surjan’s Aluminium Manifestations

Meditative art created from aluminium cans: minimal yet very involved [...]

Anupada’s Goa Ink Doodles

An example of what can come out, playfully, when relaxed on a holiday... [...]

The Mystic Rose and the Magic of the Empty Chair

Devakrishna's comic book now available in print and ebook [...]

Vismaya: Forever is not Long Enough

Swiss artist showcases her latest oil paintings. [...]

Rainbow Therapy

In an article published in 'The Speaking Tree' (a Times of India publication, New Delhi) on March 11, 2012, widely acclaimed painter Pratiksha writes about colours playing an important part in our lives. [...]

Glass Art by Buddhaprem

Tiffany art made in Germany today [...]

Muni: Open spaces and great silence

Tuscany seen through eyes of meditation and contemplation [...]

Shobhana: a journey into my inner world

Shobhana displays her exquisite paintings [...]

Ikebana in Boulder

Sanghamitra showing us some of her ikebana arrangements [...]

Aurelio’s Signals

Aurelio's multi-media projections [...]

Autumnal Reverie…

As autumn moves out, a poem and photos by Maneesha to celebrate its grandeur [...]

Passionate About Nature

Natyam's latest series of photographs taken in California state parks [...]

Expression of Wonder

Premananda celebrates wonder and awe through his camera [...]

The Book of Leaves

How Madhuri started compiling a series of leaf paintings [...]

Drawing an Osho Portrait

Unknown artist drawing Osho's portrait [...]

Bria: Fragments

Stunning photographic art by one of our 'kids' [...]

Sumi-e, the Zen Way of the Brush

Kalpa shares her exquisite ink paintings with us [...]

Shobhana’s Patchwork

A display of Shobhana's stunning patchwork [...]

Archan: The Hands of Zen

Archan Sukhita from Holland shows off her paintings in a video slide show [...]

Lalita’s Kidnap

This video shows Panky's talent as a film maker [...]

Sundro: The Magic of Photography

A collection of splendid photographs by Sundro [...]

Himani Paints in the Himalayas

Osho Neo-Reiki master Himani brings her dream to paint in the Himalayas into reality [...]