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Adarsha’s Medley – His Gift

Satyadharma reminisces about the times he was playing on the streets in Japan with Neera and Adarsha - and shares the track 'Adarsha's Medley'. [...]

Forest of Bowland: Guitar Solo by Adarsha

A music track with solo guitar by Adarsha and vocals by Surahbhi. [...]

Lovers Night – Track 2

Shastro shares a sample from the second track from his new CD 'Lovers Night' [...]

The Laughter Blues

Kalyan shares with us a unique track! Enjoy! [...]

From You I Receive

Narayani shares one of her songs from her latest CD ‘Let Your Heart Sing’. [...]

Roll Over, Beethoven!

About a hundred musicians and singers got together to create this incredible innovative rendering of Beethoven's 'Ode to Joy' out of Cowichan Bay, British Columbia, Canada. [...]

Transformative Power of Classical Music

Understanding and coming to love classical music. [...]

Let the Way of the Heart Shine Through

We gladly see one of our most beloved songs spreading and being carried on by other groups, and even in Oregon! [...]

Osho Art Composition

Experimental composition of Osho Art and Nature with music by Raphael and Karunesh. [...]

Listen to ‘This Precious Moment’

Subodha and Aneesha share all their tracks from their CD 'This Precious Moment' [...]

I’m Gonna Live Until I Die

One of Sixto Rodriguez' latest songs ... [...]

Sharanam Gachchhami

Peter Makena shares with us his version of this famous mantra [...]

Monsoon Winds

Ramadhan Meir Suissa shares one of his video tracks... [...]

Living in the Light

Vismaya presents one of her songs she wrote. [...]

Flowering of Consciousness

A track on video from Amano Manish's album 'Haliya'. [...]

Prayer to Love, the Track!

Listen to the title track of the new CD by Parijat. [...]


East meets West in Sanjiva's compositions on his CD 'Mystica Organicum'. [...]

Just Say Yes!

Devotional sannyas music with slide show created by Portuguese friends, dedicated to Ma Prem Aditi, and an answer by Osho [...]

Growing Harmony

Saraswati (Alessandro Rusconi) shares a track from his CD, 'Sensations'. [...]

Gayatri Mantra

Deva Premal spreads the Gayatri Mantra around the world.... [...]

Mystic Poets

A track from Chinmaya and Sandeep Srivastav's latest musical project 'Mystic Poets'. [...]

These Diamond Days

Miten dedicates a song to The Sammasati Project... [...]

‘Awakening’ by Darpan

.. from his most recent CD 'Lovelight' [...]

Dervish Dream

...a track from Karunesh's latest CD 'Colors of the East': [...]

The Atmosphere’s Lament by Suvarna

A song written in the voice of the Earth's atmosphere about how he's feeling ill, what's wrong with him, and that he'd like to improve his relationship with humanity. [...]

Suvarna’s ‘I Want Real’

A song played in Path of Love groups around the world... [...]

She is the World

Arnavah shares one of his tracks from 'Songs from Bed' [...]

Sweetness by Sambodhi Prem and Sandipa

Take it from the wind, leave it with the sun… [...]

Govinda Express: Cuba meets India

Veetkam shares 'Kita Kora Yashodhara' from the CD 'Songs of Joy and Silence' by Govinda Express. [...]

Satish: Super-Chill at Cafe Amsterdam

Satish shares some of his music tracks to chill out. [...]

Kalyan plays in the Hombroich Tower

A modern tower, built for acoustic effects, allures Kalyan with his cello... [...]

Mantras and chants by Ravi and Sudha

A taste of Sudha and Ravi in concert. [...]

Solar Energy / Going In by Upavas

Upavas shares with us two tracks from his latest CD, 'Solar Energy' [...]

Journey by Ravi

Songwriter Ravi shares one of his musical poems [...]

Beethoven’s Adagio recreated: Acordai

Taza from Brazil created his own version of Beethoven's Adagio in Eb [...]

Deuter’s Mystery of Light

Deuter's newest album 'Mystery of Light' now available for download from New Earth Records - Deuter on video [...]