Archive for Poetry&Prose

Ballad of the Christmas Flood

A ballad by Madhuri about recent events in the UK. [...]

Time Capsule Opened in Year 2215

Spirit fiction envisioned by Prem Geet: Dancing People on a Mad Planet. [...]

Vipassana’s Last Dance

A poem by Priya Huffman [...]

Fuck It! The Mantra of Purification

An excerpt from Dayal's recently published ebook 'I Don't Give a Fuck!'. [...]

Coffee Is a Cruel Mistress

A poem by Navyo [...]

The Great Day

In 1988, Chinmaya (Dunster) had a Utopian vision - [...]

A Testing Time

A true story by Subhuti. [...]

The Very Awareness of Beingness

An excerpt from whosoever’s latest book, ‘Shivoham Shivoham’. [...]

The Nameless One

An ancient story as told by Purushottama. [...]

Three Years Ago

A song by Madhuri on video, filmed by Piers Cross. [...]

In the Summer I Love to Seek

A poem from Ragini's new book. [...]

Touching the Moon at Long Last

A spontaneous poetic rendering by Prem Geet. [...]

The Meditation Technique of Contemplation

An excerpt from whosoever's latest book, ‘Shivoham Shivoham’. [...]

The Last Straw

Veetmoha reads one of his poems. [...]

No Boundaries

A poem by Rashid [...]

Magdalene Faces the Tribunal of Quantifiable Evidence and Measurable Outcomes

A poem from Prartho's new book, 'Elephant Raga'. [...]

Ricetta / Recipe

A poem by Suha (Italian and English translation) [...]


A poem by Madhuri [...]

A Prayer of Another Kind

An excerpt from Anil Sehti's recently published book The Rebel of Benaras. [...]

Sitting on the Roof

Madhuri on leaving her beloved.... [...]

An Improvised Concert

A poem by Suha (Italian and English) about the Paris underground. [...]

Listen Teertha!

A short poem by Suha [...]

On and Off

A Haiku by Rajen [...]


A poem by Chris Roe [...]

Reading the Night

A poem by Prem Geet [...]

The Moon Very High and Small

A poem by Madhuri [...]

When Zorba Met Buddha

Leela was about to write an article on the qualities of balancing our Zorba and Buddha energies when the following emerged. [...]

Oh Dear

A poem by Rashid. [...]

He Is Everything

A selection of poems by Lalla, translated by Jaishree Kak (1) and Coleman Barks (2), and one of her Vakhs (songs) presented with this video by Shakeel Ur Rahman. [...]

After the Rapture

A text by Michael Graber [...]


A poem by Madhuri. [...]

The Shining Elephant

A tale by Madhuri [...]

Brazil Poem – Abadiania

A poem by Prem Geet. [...]


A poem by Prem Geet. [...]

My Political Career

A poem by Madhuri [...]

I Blame the Lodger

A poem by Rashid [...]

Apartment Love Lasagna

A poem by Prem Geet [...]

The Moon Interviews Me

Madhuri in conversation with the moon... [...]

I Should Have Said

A poem by Rashid [...]

For a Platonic Lover

A poem by Madhuri [...]

I Am an Ing

A poem by Rashid [...]

It Comes and Strikes

A poem by Avikal, spoken by the author, and music by Murray Burns [...]

In Search of Silence

A poem by Chris Roe [...]

What is Our Life

A poem by Shantamo [...]

The Moon Gets In

A poem by Madhuri [...]

Alarming Responsibility

Excerpt from Paripurn's latest book. [...]


A poem by Paripurn [...]

Doing, Doing, Doing

Five lines from Punya [...]