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Chakras – guide maps on our spiritual path

Socrates shares his exquisite paintings in our art gallery: “The deepening of my meditation goes hand in hand with my artwork; as my own exploration deepens, new expressions of [...]

Infinity Lessons

TJ Chill featuring Prem C (video and lyrics).

Dear Human

A poem by Courtney A. Walsh

No Separation

Listen to the first track of Diti's recently released CD, 'One world, one love, one heart'.

Happy monsters – how they happened

Madhuri's playful greeting cards and small paintings; "I can do everything as imperfectly as naturally it arises in me! Because it is utterly imperfect! Edges are not straight!"

Spontaneity and Spaciousness of Zen

Shunyo Mahom's calligraphies in our art gallery: Zen Pearls. He writes, "Each image of this series reflects the spontaneity and spaciousness of Zen as well as a natural sense of [...]

The Fullness of Things

A poem by Jeff Foster.

Title track of ‘The Fall of Winter’

Sambodhi Prem shares with our readers the title track of his recently released album.

Playing with the camera

A series of Avinasho's playful photographs. "I never wanted to portray the world as a postcard and so started to 'play' with my camera without ever reading the instruction [...]

Warm Planet

A fable by Madhuri. "When we look out from our open houses into the forest, the brightest of birds have come back to us; and our labours are gentle, and enough to feed us; but we [...]


Petra Huber's photographs of olive trees and others that grow on the Greek island Corfu. "Trees give me a feeling of peace and protection..."

Come for the Singing

Poet Prartho sings one of her lyrics.

Everything is waiting for you

A poem spoken by David Whyte from his collection 'River Flow: New & Selected Poems'.

Surrounded by Water

Petra Huber's love for water shows in these stunning photographs she took in Corfu, Greece.

Anandipa Took Sannyas Today

A poem by Madhuri.

Mirror mirror

A poem by Priya Huffman

Am I perhaps a poet?

"Or is it the poetry of life that is painting my eyes and heart with its mystery and beauty?" asks Suha.

What the dark does

A poem by Prartho.

Across the Pond & South Africa

Sudheer's two photo-videos from recent journeys to England and South Africa.

Strolling through the Eternal City

Prabhat with his camera in Rome, Italy.


Shastro's photos he took flying over Australia.

Paintings of Life

A video of Meera's paintings with music by Yoko.


A poem from Madhuri's newly-published book, The Poona Poems.

Gran Torino

Navyo invites with words and photographs to visit the capital of Piedmont region in northern Italy.

Sweet Lotus

Shastro shares on video the first track of his newly released album 'Satsang'.

Trees are Sanctuaries

Hermann Hesse writes about his reverence for trees.

Return to Casa Naranjal

A poem by Devadasi.

My home is silence

A poem by Ragini, dedicated to Osho

He is with me

A poem by Madhuri - dedicated to Osho.

Why not jump into the colour well?

Ragini shows her very colourful paintings in our art gallery.

An idea appears from nowhere…

A selection of artworks by Anandi. "I been drawn to the beauty of nature, mainly flowers in all shapes and colors, but now recently I have been attracted to abstract painting."

Scale Italiane

Navyo's collection of b/w photos of staircases he took in Italy. "The curve of a spiral stair echoing the feminine, the angled corners of a boxed stairwell the masculine. It's a [...]

A la dulcísima muerte – To sweet, sweet death

A poem by Dharmesh (Spanish and English translation)


A poem by Priya Huffman

We Thought We Loved

A poem by Madhuri

Shamanic Art Performance

Mega reports from his first art performance in Basel.

Surfing the quote-wave

Two slideshows of Shivananda's paintings around 'favourite quotes'.

Inspired by the beauty of nature

A slide show of Garimo's stunning artwork.

Japanese Architecture: Buildings in Decline

Surendra explores the Japanese countryside for abandoned buildings and sees that death really is at the heart of life.

Flute Invocation

The first track (on video) of Nandin's latest album 'Reiki Meditations'.

Everything is completed in the right time and way

Suha visits, in autumn and winter, the Bagatelle park in Paris.

Walnut Season on Song Mountain

After hearing from Veena about the walnut trees at Song Mountain in China, Dhiren was inspired to create this poem.

Left the world to be the universe

Ragini shares one of her songs, written for Sakal.

Rainforest in Canada

Allan's collection of photographs from the Pacific Coast of British Columbia.

Stream in Flow

Sandipa shows her nature-inspired paintings in our art gallery.

Under the Blueberry Bushes

Priya Huffman reads one of her poems from the book 'Bone and Breath'.

Donald Trump Gets Enlightened!

A video clip showing Donald Trump's apology has gone viral in the USA. Prem Geet asked herself, What if Donald T-rump became Enlightened? Maybe this is how his recent video would [...]

Rainy Days In Rio

A track from Anando Bharti's new album 'Psychedelic Love Fest'