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Warm Planet

A fable by Madhuri. "When we look out from our open houses into the forest, the brightest of birds have come back to us; and our labours are gentle, and enough to feed us; but we [...]

Come for the Singing

Poet Prartho sings one of her lyrics.

Everything is waiting for you

A poem spoken by David Whyte from his collection 'River Flow: New & Selected Poems'.

Anandipa Took Sannyas Today

A poem by Madhuri.

Mirror mirror

A poem by Priya Huffman

Am I perhaps a poet?

"Or is it the poetry of life that is painting my eyes and heart with its mystery and beauty?" asks Suha.

What the dark does

A poem by Prartho.


A poem from Madhuri's newly-published book, The Poona Poems.

Trees are Sanctuaries

Hermann Hesse writes about his reverence for trees.

Return to Casa Naranjal

A poem by Devadasi.

My home is silence

A poem by Ragini, dedicated to Osho

He is with me

A poem by Madhuri - dedicated to Osho.

A la dulcísima muerte – To sweet, sweet death

A poem by Dharmesh (Spanish and English translation)


A poem by Priya Huffman

Power of Meditation Exploited for Mundane Achievements

An excerpt from the new book by Chaitanya Keerti, 'Mindfulness: The Master Key'.

We Thought We Loved

A poem by Madhuri

Everything is completed in the right time and way

Suha visits, in autumn and winter, the Bagatelle park in Paris.

Walnut Season on Song Mountain

After hearing from Veena about the walnut trees at Song Mountain in China, Dhiren was inspired to create this poem.

Under the Blueberry Bushes

Priya Huffman reads one of her poems from the book 'Bone and Breath'.

Donald Trump Gets Enlightened!

A video clip showing Donald Trump's apology has gone viral in the USA. Prem Geet asked herself, What if Donald T-rump became Enlightened? Maybe this is how his recent video would [...]

Mysteries About My Father

Naina discovers her late father’s diaries and finds out about unknown events in his life that have had an impact on her life.


An excerpt from chapter 17 from Avikal's new book, 'When the Ocean Dissolves into the Drop: Osho, Love, Truth and me'.

Another Series of Dilemmas

An excerpt from Anugyan's book, 'Wrecking Ball'.

The Question Song

Poet Prartho sings one of her songs.

Her 458 Lovers Converge in Heaven

An insightful poem by Prem Geet.

Music of the Spheres (Flying Home)

Prartho recites one of her poems.


Priya reads one of her poems.


A Poem by Uma Ruser.

I Surround My Beloved

A poem by Prem Geet.

A Most Unexpected Gift

A poem by Devageet.


A poem by Michael Graber

Your Goose Is Out!

An excerpt from Krishna Prem's book, 'Gee You Are You'.

Ballad of the Christmas Flood

A ballad by Madhuri about recent events in the UK.

Time Capsule Opened in Year 2215

Spirit fiction envisioned by Prem Geet: Dancing People on a Mad Planet.

Vipassana’s Last Dance

A poem by Priya Huffman

Fuck It! The Mantra of Purification

An excerpt from Dayal's recently published ebook 'I Don't Give a Fuck!'.

The Great Day

In 1988, Chinmaya (Dunster) had a Utopian vision -

A Testing Time

A true story by Subhuti.

The Very Awareness of Beingness

An excerpt from whosoever’s latest book, ‘Shivoham Shivoham’.

The Nameless One

An ancient story as told by Purushottama.

Three Years Ago

A song by Madhuri on video, filmed by Piers Cross.

In the Summer I Love to Seek

A poem from Ragini's new book.

Touching the Moon at Long Last

A spontaneous poetic rendering by Prem Geet.

The Meditation Technique of Contemplation

An excerpt from whosoever's latest book, ‘Shivoham Shivoham’.

The Last Straw

Veetmoha reads one of his poems.

No Boundaries

A poem by Rashid