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Tender Farewells in the Flames of my Mother’s Cremation

Arjuna on his mother Vipassana's cremation.

My Mother’s Miraculous, Beautiful Death!

Arjuna writes about his mother Vipassana's passing.


Remembering Neera who died 7 years ago today, on 12th April 2009.

Eulogy for Ashoka

Bhavan's eulogy at his death celebration on 31st March 2016.

“So that’s goodbye Tosh…”

Pankaja's speech at Anutosh's funeral on 15th February 2015.

A Farewell

by Vandana to her friend Anutosh (1944 - 2016).

Deva Gayaka

...left his body 6th October 2007 - a tribute by Vandana.

Deva Pritam

...left his body in November 2013.


...left his body 2nd October 2013.


...left his body on 28th October 2012.

Anand Geha

...left her body on 28th May 2014.


...left his body in 2011.


...left his body behind 31st October 2013.

Ma Yoga Taru

Remembering Ma Yoga Taru...

Life is Just a Play: Remembering Ma Yoga Laxmi

A documentary on Laxmi’s life with Osho