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Age: An Issue Of Mind Over Matter

Our generation is crazy about staying young forever, writes Sadhana in The Asian Age on November 16, 2015. [...]

Youth (La Giovinezza)

Navyo reviews Paolo Sorrentino's new film: "A gem!" [...]

Alternatives to Sitting Meditation

No longer the sole province of the hemp-swathed sprouting enthusiast, meditation's popularity has exploded across our collective faces, writes Mark Sisson on November 10, 2015 on his blog, Mark's Daily Apple. Here's an excerpt. [...]

Ten Things the Ancients Did Better than Us

- and there are many more things modern man is not aware about what his ancient ancestors were capable of. April Holloway writes in Ancient Origins on November 15, 2015. [...]

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About 666, but Were Afraid to Ask

Another new book published by John Hogue (aka Dhyan Arjuna) - this one mischievously linking the ominous Christianity-created number symbol 666 with - sex. You heard it! [...]

Driving One of the World’s Most Remote Highways

Originally a northern segment of the Silk Road trading route, the Pamir Highway has been in use for almost 2,000 years. But few travellers make it there today. By Audrey Scott and Daniel Noll, published in [...]

What Are You Complaining About?

For most people it is habitual to complain and groan about situations they are not in agreement with, says Chuck Spezzano of 'Psychology of Vision'. [...]

Atma Bhakti: Healing Sounds of Prayer

Yoga Teacher Harnal Kaur reviews Manish Vyas's new album. [...]

Humans Created Terrorism, So Stop Praying To God For A Solution

stated the Dalai Lama in an interview with Deutsche Welle. Michael McLaughlin writes in The Huffington Post on November 17, 2015. [...]

Cooler Sex

Puja introduces her latest book for young adults to help them come to terms with sex. [...]

Worldwide Coloring Book for Spiritual Seekers

Too serious about your spiritual trip? Lighten up and laugh it up. [...]

2nd Nataraj Dance Festival in Delhi

Pankhuri shares her experience of last year's Festival and invites everybody to this year's. [...]

Just Try Living

writes Amrit Sadhana in The Asian Age, India on September 7, 2015 [...]

Religious Children Meaner Than Their Secular Counterparts

Religious belief appears to have negative influence on children’s altruism and judgments of others’ actions even as parents see them as ‘more empathetic’, writes Harriet Sherwood in The Guardian on November 6, 2015. [...]

Facebook and Humanity’s Connection with Reality

Facebook's 'teleporter' technology is the final nail in the coffin, says L.J. Devon at Natural News, USA, on November 9, 2015. [...]

Pragmatic Guide to the Power of Now

Animated video with references to Eckhart Tolle's book, the 'Power of Now'. [...]

Bamboozled by ‘Origins’

Kul Bhushan recently confronted ‘origins’ at a British Council exhibition of Indo-UK Images in New Delhi. [...]

Sidewalk Chalk

David Zinn joyfully creates temporary creations in the here now. [...]

Peking Photo Exhibition

Photographs of Peking, now known as Beijing, made by Thomas Child in the 1870s and 1880s are to go on show in London's Chinatown as part of Asian Art in London until November 15, 2015 reports [...]

The 5 Most Important Influences for Good Health

The importance of five aspects linked to maintaining a healthy body - by Karen Foster, published on Prevent Disease on November 4, 2015. [...]

Scientist Challenges Monsanto

Shiva Ayyadurai is offering to give the Monsanto company a $10 million building if they can disprove his claims about GMO regulations, writes Eric Kiefer in Montclair Patch, New Jersey, USA, on November 6, 2015. [...]

Osho’s customized Rolex for sale at Antiquorum

Antiquorum's sale on November 8 includes a watch owned by Osho. [...]

Seven Tales from the River

Joshua reviews duo Johannes Schenk und Ishu’s debut album . [...]

Unburden the Subconscious

writes Keerti in, India, September 15, 2015 [...]

Pilao, Biryani, Chappati, Samosa

Indian language words flourish in East Africa’s lingua franca, writes Kul Bhushan. [...]

The Neuroscience of Gratitude

Small acts of generosity support well-being, writes Christopher Bergland at Psychology Today on October 20, 2015. [...]


Subscription to online services: radio, TV, Zen Tarot and Osho's meditations. [...]

The Walk

Ghoshen's review: "Film of the year!" [...]

India Man’s Journey to Challenge Borders

Theatre actor-director Mohammad Akram Feroze recently set off on foot to travel along India's 10,000km-long border, stopping to perform plays at villages with - and for - their inhabitants. [...]

Scientists Figure Out Centuries Old Pendulum Clock Puzzle

After more than three centuries, scientists say they have figured out why pendulum clocks hung on the same wall tend to sync up - with one clock's pendulum swinging to the left just as the other [...]

What Happens When You’re About to Die?

A video for Halloween... [...]

Connecting with Extraterrestrial Civilisations

Karunesh (Andreas Mamet) interviews Dr. Steven Greer for Radio Ici et Maintenant in Paris, 28th July 2015. [...]

Neuroscience backs up “the self” isn’t constant, but ever-changing

Neuroscience backs up the Buddhist belief that “the self” isn’t constant, but ever-changing, writes Olivia Goldhill on Quartz, September 20, 2015. [...]

I Am Busy!

My neighbour came by yesterday and, seeing me sit at the computer, she piped – “Are you busy?” I looked up and answered, “No.” [...]

Fitness Mantras

Naina interviewed Delhi-based friends working in the mainstream media, asking them how they manage to maintain a sane and healthy lifestyle. [...]

Rejoice in Sannyas

Keerti explains Osho's neo-sannyas in The Asian Age on October 11, 2015. [...]

The Goddess Within

Sadhana explores the contradiction of digital India vs. goddess worship in The Asian Age, October 19, 2015. [...]

Mandala Colouring Books

Amano Vibodha has illustrated colouring books for mandala painting - the fastest growing area of popular art. [...]

16 Colouring Books That Are Perfect For Grown-Ups

Colouring books for adults are literally flying off the shelves in bookshops and online bookstores - and there's a wide range to choose from. [...]

Colouring Books Not Just For Kids

Adult colouring has become a thing — and with good reason, says Laine Bergeson at Discovery News on October 20, 2015. [...]


Keerti explains what J. Krishnamurti calls choiceless awareness is what Buddha calls vipassana and Osho calls witnessing consciousness, the 'sakshin'. Published in The Asian Age, India, September 27, 2015. [...]

Indian Women Take On a Multinational and Win

This is the story of an extraordinary uprising, a movement of 6,000 barely educated women labourers who took on one of the most powerful companies in the world. [...]

The Invasion of the Truck Stop

A video tribute to what has been lost in the development of a Pilot truck stop along the banks of the North Llano River in Junction, Texas. [...]

There Is No Planet B.

Kul Bhushan asserts that we can't escape to another planet but rather ought to explore our inner space. [...]


Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche (1939 – 1987) was a Buddhist meditation master. [...]

Acceptance of Reality

... is key to ending the suffering of emotional pain. Excerpted from an article by Margarita Tartakovsky M.S., published at, USA, on May 17, 2015. [...]

Party on, Livestreamers!

Saturday 24th October, from 6.30 to 11pm (GMT): free international streaming event as fundraiser for Ramana's Garden Children’s Home. [...]

Ramateertha’s Reply to Swiss Findings

A shockingly wrongful assessment by the Swiss Supervisory Board EDI in response to Ramateertha's complaint to the Swiss ruling about the OIF and the forged will of Osho. [...]

Scientists Prove Women ARE Stronger than Men

Research into the strengths of the sexes, reported by RT on June 16, 2015, [...]

Real Minority Report?

You might have seen the movie with Tom Cruise. Meanwhile Hitachi unveils technology that predicts crimes before they happen. The system (PCA) uses real-time social media and internet data feeds to make calculations. [...]