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The NoPhone

Finally it happened! Christopher Hooton at The Independent introduces an alternative to iPhone 6. Published on October 27, 2014. [...]

Flashlight App on Your Mobile

Cyber security expert Gary Miliefksy explains how a popular smartphone application could expose your personal information to cyber criminals. [...]

New CD: Lost and Found

Madhuri reviews Tanmayo's recently released album. [...]

The Flow State

Jason Silver writes on October 10, 2014 on ideapod. [...]

Lost in Meditation

Sukant Deepak writes in India Today on September 26, 2014. [...]

A.R. Rahman Quotes Osho

A.R. Rahman quotes Osho in a fairly recent CNN IBN Interview. [...]

The Little Buddha and the Cosmos

Kaiyum reviews Svarup and Premartha's (Svaprem) book. [...]

Osho Meditation in Oz

Shahido writes about the latest meditation events in Australia. [...]

Diwali – Festival of Lights

Diwali celebrates the victory of Good over Evil and Light over Darkness. This year it starts on October 23rd. [...]

Mystic Mantra: Sound of Self

Published in The Asian Age and the Deccan Chronicle on October 13, 2014. [...]

Why Are We All So Busy?

Aimee Raupp (author, acupuncturist, herbalist and women's health and fertility expert) writes in The Huffington Post on August 20, 2014. [...]

Google Knowledge Vault

Hal Hodson reports in New Scientist on August 20, 2014 that Google is building the largest store of knowledge in human history – and it's doing so without any human help. [...]

Baring It All is a video website founded by Elisa and her daughter, Lily. [...]

Healing the Body and Awakening Consciousness

Roshani reviews Jivan Mada's recently published book and CD collection. [...]

Osho Freedom Day

Harideva had the insightful inspiration to rename January 19th from next year on: Osho Freedom Day. [...]

AUM Meditation for World Peace

Recently, Anand Veeresh introduced the Global AUM Meditation for World Peace. [...]

Cellphone Road Rules

As posted by the BBC on September 16, 2014. [...]

Gaya Power

Unusually intense natural occurrences have been reported worldwide, particular during the last few months. [...]

Bought Journalists

RT's Peter Oliver reports on the new bestseller by German author Udo Ulfkotte. [...]

In Search of Balance

Published in The Jakarta Post, Indonesia, on September 30, 2014: [...]

Vipassana in Osho Leivi

Shunyo will be facilitating a Vipassana Retreat in Northern Italy, 5-8 December 2014. [...]

How to Save Your Memory

Are there ways to stop yourself losing your memory? The latest brain research suggests there’s hope for the forgetful. [...]

Red Moon on October 8, 2014

The second of four lunar eclipses (2014 -2015) that cause the moon to turn red. [...]

Full Circle Rainbow Over Oz

Dominique Mosbergen reports in The Huffington Post on October 2, 2014: [...]

Mystery of Death

Article by Chaitanya Keerti published in The Asian Age on September 29, 2014 [...]

The Hindus: An Alternative History

Satya Vedant reflects on Wendy Doniger’s Book on India and Hinduism. [...]

The Healing Power of Food

Dr. Terry Wahls speaks about her incredible healing journey at TEDxIowaCity [...]

Men, Gender Equality Is Your Issue, too!

Actress and UN Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson's speech at the UN Headquarters in New York City, 21st September 2014. [...]


Article by Pratiksha published in 'Speaking Tree' on September 14, 2014, New Delhi, India [...]

30th Anniversary of the Ranch

Roshani reports on a retrospective on Rajneeshpuram which was held at the University of Oregon Library last April. [...]

Tesla and Einstein Weigh-in on Vegetarianism

Tim Sparks, on IdeaPod, September 14, 2014 [...]

Are We Becoming an ‘Old Boys Club’?

An open letter from Sajjad. [...]

Is Humanity A Failed Experiment?

10 Shocking Facts About Society That We Absurdly Accept As Normal - published by Joe Martino on August 25, 2014 in Collective Evolution and in SOTT. [...]

Clarification and Analysis of the Most Recent Swiss Order

Sangeet's in-depth analysis about the ongoing court case involving OIF, Zurich and the forged 'will'. [...]

The Baby Elephant

Naina remembers an incident from her childhood when she was living in Assam. [...]

Communion with a Whale

A sudden encounter with a humpback whale who was entangled in a fishing net and close to dying. [...]

An Open Letter to Both Hands of Osho

A letter from Shantam Prem about the latest Swiss ruling re OIF, Zurich. [...]

Everything is Something Else

Review by Anand Robin about Rashid's most recent poetry book. [...]

Vangelis: The Universe is Music

Tony Harris interviews internationally celebrated Greek composer Vangelis who talks about the role of music in times of chaos, crisis and uncertainty. [...]

Swiss Ruling to Reinstate OIF Board of Directors

In their decree on September 12, 2014 the Swiss Confederation, Interior Department (EDI) retracted their provisional suspension of June 2, 2014 of the entire board of OIF. [...]

Hindu Nectar: Spiritual Wanderings in India

An ancient call - a cinematic journey directed by Damini (Akanksha Joshi), produced by the Ministry of External Affairs, Indian Diplomacy; music by Prem Chinmaya (Dunster). [...]

One Sky Festivals 2014 in USA

Milarepa invites us to join the One Sky Festivals of Meditation and Celebration. [...]

Dalai Lama Sees No Need For Successor

Published by the Huffington Post on September 4, 2014. [...]

Motorist Practices Meditation On His Bike

Published by the Huffington Post on September 4, 2014 [...]

Songs for the Golden Age

Paul Terrell reviews Ravi's latest album. [...]

Goodbye Siri

Sadhvi writes about communicating with her new iPhone... [...]

Osho Flat In Murky Waters

Kaumudi Gurjar reports in the Pune Mirror on September 3, 2014. [...]

A Leap of Faith

Antonia Blumberg reports in the Huffington Post on August 29, 2014: [...]

The Heart Is A Mirror

Article by Chaitanya Keerti published in The Asian Age on August 19, 2014 [...]