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India’s Economic Rise vs. Poverty

A look at the issue nobody wants to address. [...]

Hiroshima after Seventy Years

Kul Bhushan remembers... [...]

Record Tree Planting in Bhutan

Excerpted from Vikas Pandey's report, BBC Asia on June 2, 2015. [...]

Animated Life: Pangea

Published on Feb 17, 2015, this animated documentary tells the story of polar explorer Alfred Wegener, the unlikely scientist behind the continental drift theory. [...]

Another Kind of Wake-up Call

Until very recently, mankind was able to live without the aid of a mobile phone glued into their hands. [...]

The Earth has Shifted

Inuit elders warn NASA and the world on January 5, 2015. Published in Indian Life, USA. [...]

The Lie We Live

In this video, Spencer Cathcart exposes the truth about our corrupt world and what humanity has become. [...]

Power and Freedom to Women!

Kul Bhushan reflects on celebrating the yearly UN International Women’s Day on March 8th. [...]

‘India’s Daughter’ Aired by BBC

Leslee Udwin’s significant documentary on the deadly gang-rape of a young woman in Delhi has been aired by the BBC on March 4, 2015 [...]

We Have to Step Into the Unknown

Charles Eisenstein is a writer, public speaker, and self-described 'degrowth activist'. [...]

What Humanity Considers Normal

Geoff Byrd of Radio Mysterium has a hard look at what really is normal in an upside-down, backwards world. [...]

We Love Surveillance

And here are 7 very good reasons why you should love it, too! [...]

Nature’s Internet: The Wood Wide Web

Fascinating research presented by Nic Fleming on BBC Earth, November 11, 2014. [...]

Animals And Insects Can Predict Natural Disasters And Diseases

Jennifer Viegas writes in Discovery News on December 18, 2014. [...]

Martin Rees: The World in 2050 and Beyond

British cosmologist and astrophysicist Martin Rees' lecture at the Harvard School of Government, published in the New Statesman on November 26, 2014. [...]

Warka Water: an Italian project for Ethiopia

Article published in Revolve Water, May 2014 [...]

I’m Terrified of My New TV

Why I’m Scared to Turn This Thing On — And You’d Be, Too explains Michael Price at the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law, on October 30, 2014 [...]

Surveillance and Privacy

Published on October 10, 2014, a passionate talk by Glenn Greenwald at TEDTalk Global, in Rio de Janeiro. [...]

Flashlight App on Your Mobile

Cyber security expert Gary Miliefksy explains how a popular smartphone application could expose your personal information to cyber criminals. [...]

Bought Journalists

RT's Peter Oliver reports on the new bestseller by German author Udo Ulfkotte. [...]

Is Humanity A Failed Experiment?

10 Shocking Facts About Society That We Absurdly Accept As Normal - published by Joe Martino on August 25, 2014 in Collective Evolution and in SOTT. [...]

Communion with a Whale

A sudden encounter with a humpback whale who was entangled in a fishing net and close to dying. [...]

Make Love, Not War

If even the creators of commercials 'get it', what takes everybody else so long? [...]

The Day A Dozen Parents and Children Killed a Shark for a Selfie

Published in the Huffington Post on August 18, 2014, Joanna Zelman writes about an incident involving selfies that she observed - the destructiveness and thoughtlessness of modern humans. [...]

Orgonite Cleans Your Home of Toxic EMF

Jeff Burg of Radio Mysterium created this informative video, crucial for maintaining the health of our electromagnetic fields. [...]

Searching for a Golden Cage

Article by Victor Luckerson on EMF Injured, published on May 8, 2014 in Time magazine. [...]

Peace at the Edge of World

Zen Gardner writes on August 4, 2014: [...]

Saving the Ganges to Save Your Soul

Called the Holy Ganges, Mother Ganges, Sacred Ganges, this river is the spiritual lifeline of eternal India. [...]

The Killings

An open letter beyond politics by Brian Eno, an English artist, musical innovator, record producer for artists ranging from David Bowie to U2 and Coldplay. [...]

Psst … Your Phone Is Snooping on You

What you need to know and how to stop it. Published by The Guardian on July 16, 2014 [...]

Mysterious Disappearance of Plastic Trash

Joan Costa writes in Science Mag that 99% of the ocean’s plastic is missing. [...]

What Goes Around Comes Around

Reported by Jennifer Newton in The Daily Mail on May 2, 2014. [...]

Population in Perspective

A rather attention-grabbing map was published by The Washington Post last year but only came to our attention now through Amari. [...]


Video showing how European borders change over 1000 years. [...]

Tracking the Fukushima Plume

Radioactive Fukushima plume to arrive at the US/Canadian Pacific coast within two months. [...]

Our Story in 2 Minutes

Created two years ago by then 19-year-old high school film student Joe Bush. [...]

Extreme is the New Normal

As our grandmothers used to say, “The weather isn’t what it used to be …” [...]

Welcome to the Global Village?

Tribal people living on their own lands generally thrive. [...]

US Media Blacks Out New Snowden Interview

Exclusive new interview with Edward Snowden by German Television Channel ARD in Russia on January 26, 2014. [...]

Uncommon Friends

An image that tells the entire story... [...]

Space Junk

Man's destructive behavior has reached Earth's orbit and soon beyond. [...]

Love, Rights and Empowerment

Sammoda writes about Bodha’s (Chris Crowstaff) and his challenging work for a ‘Safe World for Women’. [...]

Snowden: NSA Surveillance Is about Power, Not ‘Safety’

An open letter to the people of Brazil was published on December 17, 2013 in the Brazilian newspaper 'A Folha' in Portuguese; this original text was provided via the Facebook page of Glenn Greenwald's husband David [...]

Pope Francis Calls for Major Changes

Notable quakes detected in the ancient encrusted corridors of the Vatican. [...]

The NSA and Surveillance…

... made simple - video animation by The Guardian [...]

Birth of an Island

Spectacular footage by Japan’s Coast Guard shows the birth of an island off the coast of Nishinoshima, an uninhabited island 620 miles south of Tokyo. [...]

Newborn Innocence

Paris-based midwife Sonia Rochel made this clip public to showcase 'The Thalasso Baby Spa' - a small bath tub and shower unit she designed for babies to replicate the feeling of being in the womb. [...]

Crows and Ravens

Communicating with birds - and shedding light on the fascinating traits of crows and ravens. [...]

What Makes a Country?

Sarah Griffiths in The Daily Mail on 22.10.2013 shows a map that reveals what countries are best known for. [...]

Very Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse

On Sunday, November 3, 2013, people in several parts of the world will be able to experience a very rare solar eclipse. [...]