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Triple Treat for Stand-up Comedian Mantra

It appears the movie is a go! Parag Mania, TNN, reports on March 30, 2014: [...]

The State of Rejoycing

An article by Pratiskha on human energies and balancing, published in ‘The Speaking Tree‘, 30th March 2014, New Delhi, India. [...]

Willow and Jaden Smith, and Osho

Article by Marc Andrews in the Daily Mail, 2nd April 2014 [...]

Nature is a Celebration

Chaitanya Keerti writes in The Asian Age on March 3, 2014 [...]

Top 5 Ways to Spot a Liar

Published in Russia Today on February 1, 2014. [...]

Dalai Lama – Unprecedented

Published in Business Standard, India, on February 2, 2014, Guhawati of Press Trust of India writes: [...]

Divinity of Love

Published in Sakhi Magazine (Hindi) February 2014 [...]

Suspended Cop Trades Khakhi for Osho Colours

by Mubarak Ansari, published on January 20, 2014 [...]

Nijinsky on Ice

Jason Brown stunned the audience during the Free Skate 2014 US Figure Skating Championships in Boston on January 12, 2014 [...]

Cops Summon Osho Administrator

Koregaon Park police on Thursday served summons to Mukesh Sarda as one of the administrators of the Osho International Meditation Resort. [...]

What Happens When We Die?

Dr. Brian Weiss answers Oprah Winfrey's question about what's a soul and more. [...]

Light on the Family Constellation

Interview with Anutosh Foo in Yogi Times published on December 26, 2013 [...]

I Cook to Show You I Love You

Published in Complete Wellbeing, India, January 2014 [...]

It’s OK you can admit it…

The definitive proof that the mainstream media is scripted... [...]

Snowden: “I already won”

Barten Gellman in the Washington Post on December 24, 2013 reports that Edward Snowden denies claims that he is a traitor. [...]

Controversy Over Osho’s Legacy Reaches Nepal

Posted by Utpal Parashar on the Hindustan Times Blog, Nepal, on December 17, 2013 [...]

Monk and the Zorba

Published in DNA, India, 11 December 2013 [...]

Discover True Love

Article by Chaitanya Keerti published in The Asian Age, India, on December 8, 2013: [...]

Glimpses of Divine Art

Pratiksha exhibits at the 44th International Film Festival of India - Patricia Ann Alvarez writes in the ‘Herald’, Goa, on 16.11.2013. [...]

Google Search: Reunion

The India-Pakistan partition in 1947 separated many friends and families overnight. [...]

Firebrand Russell Brand

Following his appearance on BBC’s Newsnight, the comedian explains in The Guardian on 5.11.2013 why he believes there are alternatives to our current regime. [...]

Children of the Sexual Revolution

A timely TV documentary that spans three generations has been produced by Katharina Wulff-Braeutigam. [...]

Embrace Spirituality on Diwali

Newstrack India says 'The Diamond Sword' by Osho first choice for Diwali reading as per IANS (India's Largest Independent News Service) Books This Week. [...]

It’s About Joy, It’s About Life

Tom Robbins speaks about Osho. [...]

An Editor’s Call to Cultivate Patience

Ravi Nagahawatte wrote in The Nation, Sri Lanka on 27 October 2013 as part of his 'Osho Files' column: [...]

Heated Women’s Debate

A very heated debate took place about faith and atheism at the BBC's inaugural '100 Women Conference' on 25 October 2013 in London. [...]

Rebel with a Cause

BBC Newsnight's Jeremy Paxman talks to Russell Brand about voting, revolution and change. [...]

The Virtues of Shedding Labels and Leaving Home

Article by Ravi Nagahawatte, published in The Nation, Colombo, Sri Lanka on 20 October 2013. [...]

Joys of Bowing Down

Article by Chaitanya Keerti published in The Asian Age, India, on October 17, 2013: [...]

There’s No Place Like Om

It appears the concept and practice of meditation is becoming more and more mainstream in the western world. [...]

Mystics & Beards

Article by Chaitanya Keerti published in The Asian Age, India, on October 4, 2013: [...]

Spirituality and Sex

The sensational news about a very popular guru, Asaram Bapu, dominated the media with saturation coverage a few weeks ago in India. [...]

The Problem of Problems

Article by Ravi Nagahawatte, published in The Nation, Colombo, Sri Lanka on 29 September 2013. [...]

Giten’s Yahoo-Account Closed

Dhyan Giten's official Yahoo-account since 10 years has been closed by Yahoo for no reason given. [...]

Battle lines drawn over ‘misuse’ of Osho’s IPR

Posted October 2, 2013 by Ketaki Latkar in the Pune Mirror: Former trustees and petitioners question sale proceeds from book titles translated in over 65 languages, audio and video recordings, worth Rs 60 crore. [...]

Who Is Afraid of Wilhelm Reich?

A documentary by ORF2, with English subtitles, and the trailer of a new movie on Reich. [...]

An Act of Kindness

Another video gone viral... [...]

Osho’s ‘will’ causes dismay among followers

Partha Sarathi Biswas writes on 22 September 2013: [...]

Facebook: Virtual Identity Suicide

Article in the Daily Mail [...]

Osho’s Will Surfaces Mysteriously

... 23 years after death; sparks controversy [...]

One Needs Silence to Speak Wisely

This year, Germany’s Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel – up for elections this coming Sunday – tops the Forbes "World's 100 Most Powerful Women" list for the third year running. [...]

Osho: Danger to Society

Posted by 'The Venus Project' - beyond poverty, politics and war. [...]

Reincarnation Banned in China

A ban introduced in 2007 prohibits people in China to reincarnate without permission granted by the Chinese government. [...]

End the Life Cycle

Pratiksha Apurv says her painting, ‘Beyond Greed’, portrays the liberation of an ecstatic singer-seeker. [...]

World’s First GM Babies Born

You read it here first: Half a year ago Osho News predicted that it won't take long for designer babies to be born. [...]

He Has Cosmic Comedy

Tom Robbins' essay on Osho (also known as 'Shree Bhagwan Rajneesh')... [...]

India’s Super Rich Gurus

Kul Bhushan recently forwarded for fun a mailer with photos and lifestyles of some of the gurus who live in comfortable luxury in India... [...]