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Remembering Dave Frohnmeyer

On the occasion of Dave Frohnmeyer's death on March 9, 2015, Sangeet writes about her personal interactions with him. [...]

Christmas Blessings

A letter from Dhyan Avesh. [...]

Are We Becoming an ‘Old Boys Club’?

An open letter from Sajjad. [...]

An Open Letter to Both Hands of Osho

A letter from Shantam Prem about the latest Swiss ruling re OIF, Zurich. [...]

European TM case and Swiss OIF Ruling

An update on the present court cases regarding the European TM case and the Swiss Ruling for OIF, Zurich. [...]

Osho Research and Archive Center

Champak wrote to us about the latest developments and changes at the Osho Galleria Oregon. [...]

European TM Case (Update)

While an investigation into OIF is underway in Switzerland, there's news about the European TM case and several letters have been distributed which you can read via the links given below. Ramateertha has responded to the [...]

Updated: Avalon Springs in California

An incredible opportunity to acquire an ideal place for a sannyasin community. [...]

Being Now is Being at the Turning Point

Shanti shares his insights about time, history, and the universe. [...]

A Call for Artists

A letter from Nirguna from the new art gallery in Miami. [...]

Manmade Destruction and Divine Intervention

As many of our readers know, Prabhavati Dwabha lives near Rishikesh above the Laxman Jhula bridge, where she built and runs an orphanage and the organic restaurant Ramana’s Garden, overlooking the river Ganges, many feet [...]

Open Letter to PM Manmohan Singh

Amareesh calls upon the Indian PM to protect natural ecosystems and end the use of coal. [...]

In Defense of the Indefensible

Sarjano writes about the duty of an intellectual to write the truth and to shake up people by writing the blatant truth. [...]

Yellow Press in India

Shantam Prem from India is fed up with the yellow Hindi press writing nonsense about Osho [...]

Respect Osho’s Words

It’s not the first time I have come across discrepancies in what Osho says in an audio discourse and the written form in a book or text. [...]

Red Mirror

Antar Marc responds to 'Der Spiegel's recent article, Predator's Without Chain. [...]

Photos Wanted!

We'd love to have your photographs! [...]

Mantra Meditation Journey

An invitation to a free 21-day Mantra Journey with Deva and Miten [...]


Shanti’s letter in response to the publishing of his article, ‘Osho, The Midwife of My Soul’: [...]

Tribal Revival

An insider’s vision of our shared Sangha and sometimes moving beyond it all. [...]

Co-Exist or Exit

Premgeet of Osho Work Org. and Osho Friends Foundation, Pune, sent this update on the current court case against Osho International Foundation (OIF): [...]

Sannyas Initiation in a Dream

An image of Osho from a Bombay discourse and a quote that went around the sannyas community a couple of years ago, had another recorded strong impact, resulting in taking sannyas. Shahido writes from Australia: [...]

The God Letter

Last month, a hand-written letter by Albert Einstein was auctioned on eBay, and went for more than 3 Million Dollars to an anonymous online bidder. [...]

Answer by the Inner Circle

Garimo and The Meditation Resort Management Team answer Shola's letter on October 6, 2012. [...]

Open Letter to the Inner Circle

Shola's letter of 24 September 2012 after being banned to enter the Resort – first published in Facebook. [...]

Señor Death

Death Ceremonial Master Anubuddha's stories for beloved Mangala. [...]

My House Was Pulled Down in Pune

Devika's letter about her experience of living in the Resort after she lost her flat. [...]

Taking Sannyas in 2012

Shahido writes about taking sannyas in 2012 via e-mail: [...]

Selling My Flat in Pune

Wendelin wrote a letter regarding his perceptions about the activities at the Osho Resort in Pune. [...]

Write for Viha Connection

Viha Connection is the longest running (over 25 years!) magazine of our caravanserai in print (recently also in electronic version). [...]

Tears of Gratitude

Shahido shares her joy of blessings in abandon [...]

The Sammasati Project… on the move!

A property might be, most unexpectedly, one of the first phases of the project initiated by Maneesha in the UK [...]

The Sammasati Project – In Health, Illness & Dying

Here the Feasibility Study of the Sammasati Project, formerly known as The Last Resort [...]

One Year of Osho News

Osho News is celebrating one year of its existence [...]

What Luck, What Karma, What Grace

Sunshine on launching her third career [...]

Sex, Gender and New Religious Movements

Roshani is looking for personal anecdotes and stories about experiences around sex and gender roles in the Osho communes [...]

Rupa on Peter Deunov and Paneurhythmy

Rupa writes about her life and work with Paneurhythmy taught by Peter Deunov [...]

Kaya: Through Hell and Back

Kaya writes about her operation, fears and painful recovery and how she made it through [...]

Glowinski’s Library

Polish man sets up library merely by world-wide contributions [...]

The Hague Meeting for The Last Resort

A report of the meeting held at the Wajid Meditation Centre, The Hague on 6th May 2011 [...]

Oscar’s Bush Life

An adventure in Kenya [...]

The Last Resort: A Meditative Hospice

A report of the meeting regarding The Last Resort, Maneesha's hospice project, held in Devon, UK on 9th April 2011 [...]

Kenya: Innovative Ideas for a Unique Property

Oscar’s letter: development proposals on his property in Kitengela, on the edge of Nairobi National Park [...]

The Last Resort

A letter by Maneesha about her project of a hospice for a meditative transition... [...]