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They Had No Consciousness

We can learn much, seeing what is happening, and then we can think introspectively about other civilizations which have disappeared, either through war or through calamities which [...]

All Our Games Are Childish

Man is so miserable, that he wants to forget his misery in any kind of entertainment, howsoever stupid it may look to those who have a little intelligence. 

Live The Moment

Osho explains in a darshan a meditation that helps to be in the herenow.

Indra’s Net

You can go on moving backwards, and you will find everything that has happened in existence up to now, had to happen for you to happen.

16. In Memory of Alan Watts

How many books have I talked about in the P.P.S? Hmmm? "Forty, Osho." Forty? "Yes, Osho."

You Are a Part of the Cosmic Consciousness

What exists? There are so  many layers. If one is only aware of the surface, then matter exists. Matter is the surface of existence.

Gratitude to the Whole

Gramya: I would like to ask about prayer, because I was taught as a child to pray and the prayer was of thanksgiving.

The Whole Trinity is There

Neeraj is going back to Devon, England. She is unsure whether to spend her time travelling around England, or starting a meditation centre where she lives.

The Soviet Union Cannot Stop Because America Will Go Ahead

So now scientists are almost in the hands of the politicians. ... The world has to be one, and it has to be governed by creative people, not by politicians.

15. I Am Waiting For You To Rise A Little Higher

Okay. The first book I am going to talk about in this P.P.S. is one nobody would think I would ever talk about.

Know Your Thoughts

A Cup of Tea (85)

Just Witnessing – Not Interfering, Not Even Judging

Q: You say the whole world is a mess. What is it that you're trying to create in man, in the world?

Energy Enjoys itself Playing

Osho speaks on 'Play / Leela': "God is playing; he is not engaged in work..."

To Read Wittgenstein is Really an Experience

Osho: "Of this century I consider Ludwig Wittgenstein the most important philosopher."

He Has Never Been Lost

A Cup of Tea (84).

Journalists Should Not Be Afraid Of Anybody

Beloved Osho, What is healthy journalism? Can journalism survive on positive news? Please explain your vision on the responsibility of the media.

You Can Change Only The Individual

Beloved Osho, The longing for a better life, for a utopia, has been constantly in man's mind since he became aware of his consciousness. On the other hand he became more and more [...]

14. Please Don’t Freak Out, Freak In

I have come to know, Devageet, that you freaked out this morning. Once in a while freaking is a good exercise, but freaking out I don't support.

The State of No-Thought

A Cup of Tea (83).

Every Planet Has To Die One Day

Prem Gaffar, a new sannyasin, says: "I've started to stand off and observe things and it looks as if... people are destroying themselves... The world is destroying itself."

River of Love

Sarito has just come too; he's the architect from America. He is grey-haired, has glasses; his energy feels young, in touch.

A Disidentification with the Past

Having given sannyas to a man from England, the twin brother of a sannyasin, Osho explained the meaning of his name - Anand Bhagwata - to him, and then went on to talk about the [...]

All Politicians Are Mentally Sick

Beloved Osho, We find that many intelligent people, like scientists, philosophers, and even politicians, express great admiration and respect for us individually and for the way [...]

Sat Yoga, Treta Yoga, Dwapar and Kali Yuga

Osho talks on the four yugas.

Man is asleep – man lives in a deep slumber

Osho speaking on 'Asleep': "Zen is an effort to become alert and awake..."

Ego Is Unreal

Q: If the ego is unreal, then does it not mean that the unconscious mind, the accumulation of memories in the brain cells, and the process of transformation that is the subject [...]

Life’s Highest Enjoyment

A Cup of Tea (82)

We are All a Connected Whole

Life is an organic unity. If there is only giving and no receiving, to whom are you going to give?

No Master Ever Dies For Those Who Can Trust

Last night you spoke of satsang and the importance of the disciple's proximity to the guru. Does this mean physical proximity? Is the disciple who lives at a great physical [...]

Perhaps This Earth, This Planet, Has Come To Its End

Beloved Osho, You spoke the other day of how, when an individual dies, he almost immediately finds another womb. But what happens when people die en masse, as happens in wartime or [...]

Those Cars Fulfilled Their Purpose

Ninety-three Rolls-Royces... but I have not looked back at them, at what happened.

You Can Become Mature Only If You Are Like A Child

Trust is the quality of the child, these three qualities; the quality of being total, the quality of remaining ignorant in spite of knowledge, and the quality of trust. This is the [...]

The Effort of the Politicians

To possess another person is political.

What Priceless Words!

A Cup of Tea (81)

Real Education

Osho talks on 'Education': "A real education will not teach you to compete; it will teach you to cooperate."

Prana: the most fundamental unit is energy

Osho talks on 'Prana': "Yoga says you are not only breathing air; you are also breathing prana. In fact air is just a vehicle for prana, just a medium."

Straight to the Point of Enlightenment

Mahaparinirvana — the Great Enlightenment

The Mind Is A Survival Measure

Thoughts are crowding you every moment of your existence, but you are so occupied outwardly, you cannot be conscious of it.

You Will Have To Learn Laughter

Beloved Osho, Why is it so difficult for me to laugh?

See, Just See

A Cup of Tea (80)

13. Never Be An Imitator

The first book today is Irving Stone's 'Lust for Life'. It is a novel based on the life of Vincent van Gogh.

Yogis Have Known This Since Ancient Times

Many individuals who take birth and attain higher consciousness on this earth, have to seek birth on other planets.

Help Them to Be More Creative

Osho talks on 'Education'

This World is Just a Pilgrimage

Osho, Never belonged, Never been on the 'inside', Never felt 'at one' with another, Why such a loner all my life?

To Live Means to Risk

Q: I have a belief that in order to grow I have to take risks, and in order to take risks I have to make decisions. Then when I try to make decisions I am filled with anxiety that [...]