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Sex Is Never A Problem

Just put aside all prejudices. Simply watch life. [...]

The Golden Light

A sannyasin says: I've been feeling, especially for the last week, that I've had tastes and experiences of bliss, ecstasy and the divine. In the last week I've been experiencing a lot of pain as I [...]

1. Silence Speaks in its Own Way

Osho read an uncountable amount of books on every conceivable subject, approximately between 150,000 to 200,000. [...]

Journey of a Book

Video documentary about Osho’s library at Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune, India. [...]

A Cup of Tea (61)

Love. [...]

You Are the Whole World

Life is not as easy as you think. [...]

Drink from Existence

Rare video of a celebration in Buddha Hall, early eighties. [...]

Aloneness Is Our Very Nature

Beloved Osho, You said the other day that we are born alone, we live alone and we die alone. [...]

We Have to Destroy all Gods of War

Osho talks on 'War' [...]

Sannyas Initiation (on video)

Rare video of Osho giving sannyas in darshan. [...]

Enlightenment Is A Simple Phenomenon

You are asking me... Please show me a way? [...]

The Politician Has No Consciousness

Q: Osho, I am a radical revolutionary politician. Have you something to say to me? [...]

Wu-Wei, Action from Inaction

You are asking, "Would you speak to us about Wu-Wei, action from inaction?" [...]

Menstruation and Awareness

Beloved Osho, It seems so unfortunate that existence had to give women this thing called menstruation every month. [...]

The Age of the Woman

Osho talks on 'Woman' [...]

Osho Speaks on Aristotle

Aristotle (ca. 384 BCE - 322 BCE), together with Socrates and Plato, laid much of the groundwork for western philosophy. [...]

Osho’s View on Cow Slaughter

Secondly, you want to know my view on cow slaughter. [...]

Buddha’s Invisible Rebellion

Osho on 'Gautama the Buddha' [...]

Tathata Means Saying ’Yes’ Totally

Osho talks on 'Acceptance' [...]

Nobody Has the Absolute Truth

Osho talks on 'Absolute'. [...]

The Eight Steps of Yoga

Yam, niyam, asan, pranayam, pratyahar, dharana, dhyan samadhiya ashto angani. [...]

What You Eat, You Become

Pythagoras' contribution to western philosophy is immense. It is incalculable. For the first time he introduced vegetarianism to the West. [...]

Wedding Rings and Sufferings

Beloved Master, Would you please speak about the three rings of love? - The engagement ring, the wedding ring and the suffering? [...]

Osho Speaks on Draupadi

Draupadi is the 'emerged' daughter of King Drupada of Panchāla and the wife of the five Pandavas in the epic Mahābhārata. [...]

Always Be Ready to Go Into the Unknown

A visitor says: I don't know if I'm ready to stop holding back. [...]

Transforming Evil into Something Beneficial

The art of transforming suffering, pain, evil, into something good is the art of seeing the necessity of the opposite. [...]

I Can Wait Forever, I Can Wait Infinitely

I am talking a different language, you understand a different language - but there is no need to make much fuss about it. It is natural. [...]

Osho Speaks on Diogenes

Diogenes (ca. 400 B.C. - 325 B.C.) was born in the Greek colony Sinope (modern day Turkey) and lived in Athens, Greece. [...]

Nature Is Being Destroyed

The world is being poisoned very slowly. [...]

Death Meditation with Veeresh

Veeresh leads a meditation to create sensitivity and awareness of one's own death. [...]

No Compromise, whatever the Consequence

Osho talks to and about Veeresh (excerpts): [...]

To The Pure Land

A real silence, a real buddhahood, has to be discovered in the world - here and now. [...]

A Buddhafield Is A Matrix

The word buddhafield is of tremendous importance. [...]

Osho Speaks on Hazrat Babajan

Hazrat Babajan (ca. 1806 - September 21, 1931) was a Pathan Muslim saint, considered by her followers to be a sadguru. Born in Balochistan, Afghanistan, she lived the final 25 years of her life in Pune, [...]

A Brotherhood Towards All That Is

Deva means divine, bandhu means brother. [...]

My Sannyasins Celebrate Everything

Beloved Osho, I have heard that your sannyasins celebrate death. [...]

Religion Has Become A Graveyard

Silence is easy if you are ready to renounce bliss. [...]

You Are Always the Master, Not the Computer

Beloved Master, Some scientists are concerned that man will some day relinquish his intellectual supremacy to computers - monster artificial super-brains with an intellectual power far beyond anything we can now comprehend. [...]

Mind Is Confusion

The bhikkhu who guards his mind And fears the waywardness of his thoughts Burns through every bond With the fire of his vigilance [...]

So Watch

Q: Meher Baba remained silent for the last forty-five years of his life. Please comment on its implications. [...]