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A Cup of Tea (66)

Love. [...]

Go As My Messenger

Whatsoever you have tasted here, share it and by sharing it will go on growing. [...]

In Utter Aloneness

The night has not yet given way to the dawn, and the sky is still studded with departing stars. [...]

The Mala is a Device for Meditation

You ask me, "Why this mala? Why this picture?" [...]

Killing Time, Saving Time

We are living out of noise and everybody is in a hurry. [...]

4. I am Facing the Immeasurable, the Unaccountable

While undergoing dental treatments, Osho spoke during 16 sessions about the books he considered most important. What he said was recorded by hand. [...]

The Forgotten Language of Talking to the Body/Mind

The last meditation created by Osho - a guided meditation process to heal body/mind. [...]

Without Problems, You Are No More

Just think that one morning you wake up and you don't have any problems - you will be in such grief. [...]

A Little Ritual Adds Spice to Life

Why do we wear one hundred and eight beads on our malas? Does this belong to the world of ritualistic religion? [...]

Full-Moon Best for Meditation

Osho talks on 'Full Moon'. [...]

The Most Important Point in the Human Body is the Navel

The roots of plants are in the earth; the roots of the human body are in the soul. [...]

My Time Was Over Long Ago

Is my time over? [...]

Protective Aura

Osho talks in darshan on how to create a protective aura. [...]

A Small Star of Bliss

Anand means bliss, tarika means a small star - a small star of bliss. [...]

People Are In A Hurry

I have come to know people who have meditated three days, and on the fourth day they ask, [...]

A Name Is Only a Label

Osho on Sannyas Name. [...]

Three Centers: Head, Heart and Being

Osho answers one of Trinda's questions. [...]

A Sky Without Clouds

Anand means bliss. Trinda means pure, clean, clear. [...]

This Silence, Osho, This Silence, the Buddha

It is in this discourse that Osho refers for the first time to the Japanese word 'Osho', ahead of the big name-change from Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh to Osho, during December 1988 to February 1989. [...]

3. It Must Have Been A Conspiracy of the Gods

While undergoing dental treatments, Osho spoke during 16 sessions about the books he considered most important. What he said was recorded by hand. [...]

Osho Speaks on Katsue Ishida

Katsue Ishida aka Ma Gyan Sharno (194? - 2.4.2015) was a Japanese mystic and seeress. [...]

The Tenth Picture

Osho explains in short the 10 cards about mastering the ox. [...]

A Cup of Tea (65)

Love. [...]

The World Was Never Created, There Was No Beginning

This 'Big Bang' theory has nothing to do with the religious attitude and the religious theory of creation. [...]

To Be A Buddha Is So Simple

Now... everybody is awake. [...]

We Have To Create A Discontinuity With The Past

Beloved Osho, Many contemporaries and enlightened ones - Raman Maharshi, Meher Baba, George Gurdjieff and J. Krishnamurti - have worked with people, but people get more offended by you than by anybody else. [...]

There Is No Meaning

It is a winter morning, the sun has just risen. [...]

Sufism is a Death and a Resurrection

Osho speaks on Sufism. [...]

Osho Speaks on Kahlil Gibran

Khalil Gibran (1883 - 1931) was a Lebanese philosophical essayist, novelist, poet and artist.  [...]

Once Catharsis Has Happened, Only Then Can Yoga Techniques Be Used

A visitor says: I'm very interested in the synthesis here. It's been an interesting experience to feel it coming together with Yoga. [...]

A Cup of Tea (64)

Love. [...]

Your Coming To Me Was A Happening

I don't know how to speak; you cannot find a more amateur speaker in the world. [...]

Before You Make Love, Meditate

Osho on Tantra [...]

The Inner Harmony Has Been Disrupted

Maybe not today but some time in the future, when man will be able to understand, he will come to know this truth. [...]

2. My Time Was Over Long Ago

While undergoing dental treatments, Osho spoke during 16 sessions about the books he considered most important. What he said was recorded by hand. [...]

The Peepal Tree and the Third Eye

The feeling of gratitude is a basic quality of a religious mind. [...]

Always Remember the Yin-Yang Symbol

A sannyasin, who is a dancer, says: Since I came to Poona I have been sick four times. There is no desire to do any activities. I thought I was going into a more devotional path [...]

Why Didn’t Mahavira Defecate?

Osho, I laughed at everything you said the other day until you said that Mahavira smelt. I felt personally offended. It hurt. [...]

The Truth


A Cup of Tea (63)

Love. [...]

Enlightenment is Beyond Mind

Beloved Osho, Modern scientists like Karl Pribram, David Bohm and others, have been stumbling on religion. [...]

Move Into Sleep with Awareness

Patanjali says: Also, meditate on knowledge that comes during sleep. [...]

When You Laugh Mind Disappears

Osho on Laughter [...]

You Are Blessed To Be Co-Creators

Whatever I say ... publish it in all the possible languages. [...]

My Fight Has Been Universal

Beloved Osho, What did you do in those years immediately after your enlightenment? [...]

Humour is Health

Osho on Humour [...]

An Ageless Campus

Our beloved Master, A visitor here observed that there is an agelessness in the people around you. What is the explanation for this? [...]