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The Present is the Death of the Ego

Where does the ego get its energy? [...]

Mysterious are the Ways of the Mind

In the East much has been worked out, much has been done to understand the ego, much probing has been done. [...]

Mosquitoes are Ancient Meditators

The whole of existence, The birds, beasts, flowers and air call for our stillness, Our meditation. All except one small insect, This winged parasite This buzzing disturber This mosquito. Is he the devil? [...]

Osho Cites Mark Twain

While speaking about languages and religion, Osho quotes Mark Twain. [...]

Become the Taste

"When eating or drinking, become the taste of the food or drink, and be filled." [...]

Since I Became Enlightened…

...I have never come across a person who is not enlightened. [...]

Osho: Thinking to Drop Vegetarianism

Osho always favours vegetarianism; we show here the only time we heard him contradict this and the reasons for it. [...]

Vegetarianism is a By-product of Meditation

Why are all your disciples vegetarian? [...]

Osho Speaks on Vegetarian Food

You were just talking about food, and now in the West food is a big cult. It's one of the things coming in as a basis of spirituality. [...]

Cuckoos, Crows and Friends

Sound-bites of discourses where we can hear the birds. [...]

Surrendering to the Birds

Osho, a master surrendering to the birds! Thanks for the lesson. [...]

Television – a Great Danger

Osho speaks on how television could be used. [...]

Stones and Plants have their Own Individuality

A tree knows something too. [...]

Life Affected by Movement of Stars

One more thing must be considered: [...]

Meditation Selfie – Complete the Circle

Osho speaks about the mirror meditation - pointed out to us by Marc with reference to the 'Selfie' craze [...]

Being With Me is Not a Question of Time

First thing: it is not only here this moment that you are with me - you have been before. [...]

I am Not Leaving Anything to Anybody

Osho Day: 19 January 2014 [...]

The Written Word is almost Hypnotic

That is part of the human mind: anything written and people believe it. [...]

A Master is the Whole Universe in Miniature

In fact in the spiritual world there are only disciples, not masters. [...]

Many Things Start Happening Around A Dead Man

Osho speaks about what happens when a person dies, and what happens when an enlightened one dies. [...]

Laughter is Therapy

Maneesha has asked a question: [...]

A Man Walks into a Bar…

Audio file of Osho telling a joke: [...]

Existence is Beginningless and Endless

Scientists say that nothing is added in existence, and nothing deleted. [...]

Osho Speaks on Magga Baba

On this pilgrimage I have met many more remarkable men than Gurdjieff recounts in his book, Meetings with Remarkable Men. [...]

This Existence is a Hologram

When I am reading your words, listening to your lecture tapes, and now when I am here, I'm thoroughly absorbed with it all. [...]

Man is a Hologram

Nirupam means unique. This is one of the greatest paradoxes of life, that we are not separate from the whole, yet each individual is unique. [...]

My Message For My People

My message for my people is that the moment I am gone, your religion is gone. [...]

They Were All Bald!

Yes, I did say that the path of meditation was for spiritually masculine people. [...]

My Beloved Ones, I Love You

All beings are from the very beginning Buddhas. [...]

This is My Birthday

My beloved ones, I love you. [...]

Esoteric Groups

I have known so many esoteric groups – in this life and before. [...]

Music Comes Closest to Meditation

Music comes closest to meditation. Music is a way towards meditation and the most beautiful way. [...]

That Which is Left is the Real You

Q: You made me realise I was a coward and I accepted it and was happy. Now I am getting a feeling that I am becoming brave, and I am scared. [...]

Action through Inaction

Q: What is creativity? [...]