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Why Man Is Not Meditative 

"This is the reason why man is not meditative: The whole society forces him to be in a state of mind, not in a state of meditation." [...]

Bliss Is the Path

Anand means bliss, pantha means the path... [...]

A Cup of Tea (71)

Love. [...]

Bliss is always Homeless

Aniketa means homeless and anand means bliss... [...]

Science Cannot Go Beyond The Outer

Science cannot go beyond the object, because the very approach makes a limitation. [...]

Life Can Never Be Known By Analysis

One, is to analyze a thing, to divide it into its parts, but parts are not the whole. [...]

8. The Miracle of All Miracles

Be a Junnatha - a seeker. The P.S. continues. [...]

Rejoicing in Your Own Aloneness

Osho on 'Aloneness' [...]

Remain Contented in the Moment

Deva means divine, anutosh means contentment - divine contentment. [...]

A Cup of Tea (70)

Love. [...]

It Seems Earth is in a Hopeless Situation

Existence is mysterious. [...]

The World is Very Close to Its End

Q: Beloved Osho, What is this undercurrent of giggling in my heart every time I feel that you are using the whole world as a device for our growth, and that you are using us as a [...]

In Your Love I Will Live

Q: Sometimes you talk nonsense in the lectures. How can you tell us to go and look for an alive master if you die? [...]

Who Has Divided Humanity?

During three thousand years, fifteen thousand wars have been fought. Fifteen thousand wars in three thousand years? [...]

Osho Speaks on Aldous Huxley

Aldous Leonard Huxley (26 July 1894 – 22 November 1963) was an English writer, novelist, and philosopher. [...]

Primal Spirit

Osho speaks about knowing one's essence, quotes Master Lu-tsu saying that only the primal spirit and the true nature overcome time and space. [...]

Going From One Emergency Room To Another

Osho answers a question about death and the utter necessity to truly experience life so the conscious becomes more and more alive while the unconscious goes on dying. [...]

I Am Responsible for Myself

Osho comments on Atisha's sutra: Drive all blame into one. [...]

Mind Is Blind Like A Bat

Man is as if asleep. Man lives in a stupor - moves, works, is born, lives and dies, but almost fast asleep, snoring. [...]

Yes, We Celebrate Death Too

A video compilation. [...]

Fear of Death

Osho on 'Death' [...]

Become Drunk

From Swami Yoga Chinmaya: I love the way you walk. Why do you walk how you walk? [...]

Why don’t I feel that I am myself?

Gayatri, Because you are not yet.... [...]

Remain Aloof of Praise or Criticism Alike

Beloved Master, why is it that nobody likes to be criticized, and yet everybody loves to criticize others? [...]

While I Am Here

A short quote from Osho, Ecstasy: The Forgotten Language, Ch 4, Q 2 [...]

Osho Speaks on Khajuraho

If you see the temples of Khajuraho in India.... [...]

The Whole Idea of Christmas is Bogus

Christianity is a fiction. Jesus had never even heard the name Christianity. [...]

The Other Is Hell

A question by Prem Neeto. [...]

Osho Meditation Minutes: Life

A short audio quote by Osho on video. [...]

7. It Is Unsayable

Osho speaks on 10 mystics and their legacy - some of them in book form such as the Shiva Sutras, Light on the Path, and Guru Grantha Sahib,. [...]

Osho Speaks on Ignatius of Loyola

Ignatius of Loyola (23 October 1491 – July 31, 1556) was born to a family of minor nobility in northern Spain. [...]

Body Memory and Mind Memory

Meditation is a subtle death - a deep death of you, your mind, your ego, of all that makes you defined. But that which is within is there. That is pure consciousness. [...]

I Am Making You Responsible

Arthur Koestler writes about an experiment. Meditate over it. [...]

A Cup of Tea (69)

Love. [...]

Just by Whirling You Can Know Yourself

Osho talks about Rumi's statement: Do not move because of fear. [...]

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Unknown

Now, Nivedano, give the beat... [...]

Everybody Is Doing Meditation

Ninety-nine percent of people start meditating because meditation is talked about. There are times when it becomes fashionable. [...]

Osho Speaks on Ancient Civilisations

There are stories about cultures reaching to the peak. But those that reached the ultimate height eventually had to go underground. [...]

Mediumship is a Female Technique

Q: What is the difference between entering another body and psychic mediumship? How does one enter into a medium? [...]

Terrorism Is in Your Unconscious

Osho on 'Terrorism' [...]

6. Truth Is Unspeakable

Osho speaks on 11 books and writings, among them The Dhammapada, Zorba the Greek, and Siddhartha. [...]

A Cup of Tea (68)

Love. [...]

That Is The Way To God

Osho explains the new name given (Prem Anado) and speaks about the silence of the heart. [...]

You Are Not To Teach Children Religion and Morality

Osho, How can we teach children to be moral and religious? [...]

At the Start of Sneezing

"At the start of sneezing, during fright, in anxiety, above a chasm, flying in battle, in extreme curiosity, at the beginning of hunger, at the end of hunger, be uninterruptedly aware." [...]

Man Lives In, Through, And For Illusion

Man lives in illusion. Man lives through illusion. Man lives for illusion. [...]

The Conflict of Human Society Is Between Worlds

Osho states, "You are a projector going on and on projecting things which are nowhere, only inside you, and the whole world becomes a screen." [...]

Meditation, Compassion and Gratitude

Osho explains how gratitude arises out of compassion and is not directed towards anyone in particular. [...]

I Don’t Believe in Countries

As long there are borders, wars will continue, asserts Osho. [...]