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Enlightenment is Beyond Mind

Beloved Osho, Modern scientists like Karl Pribram, David Bohm and others, have been stumbling on religion. [...]

Move Into Sleep with Awareness

Patanjali says: Also, meditate on knowledge that comes during sleep. [...]

When You Laugh Mind Disappears

Osho on Laughter [...]

You Are Blessed To Be Co-Creators

Whatever I say ... publish it in all the possible languages. [...]

My Fight Has Been Universal

Beloved Osho, What did you do in those years immediately after your enlightenment? [...]

Humour is Health

Osho on Humour [...]

An Ageless Campus

Our beloved Master, A visitor here observed that there is an agelessness in the people around you. What is the explanation for this? [...]

The Secret of a Joke

Beloved Osho, What is the secret of a joke? [...]

Osho Speaks on Heraclitus

Heraclitus was born in Ephesus (near modern-day Selçuk, Turkey) ca. 535-475 BCE. [...]

Osho Speaks on Democritus

Democritus (460 BCE 370 BCE) was a Greek philosopher. [...]

Love Flows Downwards

It is the whole idea of private property that has created the father, that has created the family, that has created the ownership of the woman by the man. [...]

A Cup of Tea (62)

Love. [...]

Unless You Wake Up

Q: A couple of years ago, you talked about the world coming to an end - earthquakes, floods and wars and things. Is that still happening? Do you still see that coming to happen? [...]

Osho Speaks on Oscar Wilde

Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde (16 October 1854 – 30 November 1900) was an Irish author, playwright and poet. [...]

Sex Is Never A Problem

Just put aside all prejudices. Simply watch life. [...]

The Golden Light

A sannyasin says: I've been feeling, especially for the last week, that I've had tastes and experiences of bliss, ecstasy and the divine. In the last week I've been experiencing a lot of pain as I [...]

1. Silence Speaks in its Own Way

Osho read an uncountable amount of books on every conceivable subject, approximately between 150,000 to 200,000. [...]

Journey of a Book

Video documentary about Osho’s library at Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune, India. [...]

A Cup of Tea (61)

Love. [...]

You Are the Whole World

Life is not as easy as you think. [...]

Drink from Existence

Rare video of a celebration in Buddha Hall, early eighties. [...]

Aloneness Is Our Very Nature

Beloved Osho, You said the other day that we are born alone, we live alone and we die alone. [...]

We Have to Destroy all Gods of War

Osho talks on 'War' [...]

Sannyas Initiation (on video)

Rare video of Osho giving sannyas in darshan. [...]

Enlightenment Is A Simple Phenomenon

You are asking me... Please show me a way? [...]

The Politician Has No Consciousness

Q: Osho, I am a radical revolutionary politician. Have you something to say to me? [...]

Wu-Wei, Action from Inaction

You are asking, "Would you speak to us about Wu-Wei, action from inaction?" [...]

Menstruation and Awareness

Beloved Osho, It seems so unfortunate that existence had to give women this thing called menstruation every month. [...]

The Age of the Woman

Osho talks on 'Woman' [...]

Osho Speaks on Aristotle

Aristotle (ca. 384 BCE - 322 BCE), together with Socrates and Plato, laid much of the groundwork for western philosophy. [...]

Osho’s View on Cow Slaughter

Secondly, you want to know my view on cow slaughter. [...]

Buddha’s Invisible Rebellion

Osho on 'Gautama the Buddha' [...]

Tathata Means Saying ’Yes’ Totally

Osho talks on 'Acceptance' [...]

Nobody Has the Absolute Truth

Osho talks on 'Absolute'. [...]

The Eight Steps of Yoga

Yam, niyam, asan, pranayam, pratyahar, dharana, dhyan samadhiya ashto angani. [...]

What You Eat, You Become

Pythagoras' contribution to western philosophy is immense. It is incalculable. For the first time he introduced vegetarianism to the West. [...]

Wedding Rings and Sufferings

Beloved Master, Would you please speak about the three rings of love? - The engagement ring, the wedding ring and the suffering? [...]

Osho Speaks on Draupadi

Draupadi is the 'emerged' daughter of King Drupada of Panchāla and the wife of the five Pandavas in the epic Mahābhārata. [...]

Always Be Ready to Go Into the Unknown

A visitor says: I don't know if I'm ready to stop holding back. [...]

Transforming Evil into Something Beneficial

The art of transforming suffering, pain, evil, into something good is the art of seeing the necessity of the opposite. [...]

I Can Wait Forever, I Can Wait Infinitely

I am talking a different language, you understand a different language - but there is no need to make much fuss about it. It is natural. [...]

Osho Speaks on Diogenes

Diogenes (ca. 400 B.C. - 325 B.C.) was born in the Greek colony Sinope (modern day Turkey) and lived in Athens, Greece. [...]

Nature Is Being Destroyed

The world is being poisoned very slowly. [...]