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Everybody Is Doing Meditation

Ninety-nine percent of people start meditating because meditation is talked about. There are times when it becomes fashionable. [...]

Osho Speaks on Ancient Civilisations

There are stories about cultures reaching to the peak. But those that reached the ultimate height eventually had to go underground. [...]

Mediumship is a Female Technique

Q: What is the difference between entering another body and psychic mediumship? How does one enter into a medium? [...]

Terrorism Is in Your Unconscious

Osho on 'Terrorism' [...]

6. Truth Is Unspeakable

Osho speaks on 11 books and writings, among them The Dhammapada, Zorba the Greek, and Siddhartha. [...]

A Cup of Tea (68)

Love. [...]

That Is The Way To God

Osho explains the new name given (Prem Anado) and speaks about the silence of the heart. [...]

You Are Not To Teach Children Religion and Morality

Osho, How can we teach children to be moral and religious? [...]

At the Start of Sneezing

"At the start of sneezing, during fright, in anxiety, above a chasm, flying in battle, in extreme curiosity, at the beginning of hunger, at the end of hunger, be uninterruptedly aware." [...]

Man Lives In, Through, And For Illusion

Man lives in illusion. Man lives through illusion. Man lives for illusion. [...]

The Conflict of Human Society Is Between Worlds

Osho states, "You are a projector going on and on projecting things which are nowhere, only inside you, and the whole world becomes a screen." [...]

Meditation, Compassion and Gratitude

Osho explains how gratitude arises out of compassion and is not directed towards anyone in particular. [...]

I Don’t Believe in Countries

As long there are borders, wars will continue, asserts Osho. [...]

The Law of Synchronicity

The law of synchronicity has to be understood. This is one of the greatest contributions of Carl Gustav Jung to modern humanity: the law of synchronicity. [...]

Humanity Can Be Moved To Other Planets

The old man has lived with all kinds of divisions - nations, races, religions. The New Man will live an undivided humanity, with all the sources pooled into one. And that will enable him to explore [...]

We Can Migrate to Another Planet

Osho states, The American intelligence is pessimistic; it only thinks of the coming doom, doomsday. [...]

The Mind Is Very Ancient

Osho speaks on the distinction beweeen brain and mind. [...]

Bliss and Wisdom

Osho explains the sannyasin's new name and also suggests to him to practice a specific meditation. [...]

When I Started Serving Cooked Food…

Q: Osho, Dolly Diddee showed me a passage from one of your earlier books where you say that no saint is against any other saint, and that they deliberately speak against each other to drive away [...]

Krishnamurti on Programming and Conditioning

Jiddu Krishnamurti asserts that the activities of the computer will take over the activities of the brain, and can even invent a new religion. [...]

Osho Speaks on J. Krishnamurti

Krishnamurti, a man who struggled for ninety years – his last words have some great meaning. [...]

A Cup of Tea (67)

Love. [...]

The Woman is the Stronger Sex

Yashodara tells Osho that there is something on his mind. [...]

Man Will Be Able To Be Controlled

Osho asserts that society will soon fix an electrode in people's brains to control them - it will be cheap and easy, and then there will be no possibility for human freedom. [...]

Osho Speaks on Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka (3 July 1883 – 3 June 1924) was born in Prague, then part of Bohemia and of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. [...]

Acting Is the Most Spiritual of Professions

Osho is asked to 'say something about acting'. [...]

Homosexuality and Lesbianism Both Are Growing

Osho says male domination is the root of homosexuality and that within fifty years governments and religions will start preaching homosexuality. [...]

Intuition is a Jump

Q: Doesn't intuition come to one through thought waves that are just like radio waves? [...]

Very Important Cyclical Occurrence

Osho explains the effects of sun activities on planet Earth and humankind. [...]

5. Truth Needs No Commentary

Osho speaks on 11 books, among them The Songs of Kabir, The Secret Doctrine, and the Qur'an. [...]

Work to the Optimum

Osho on Work [...]

The Struggle From Time Immemorial

The coming few years are going to be very significant years in man's history. Now a handful of people will be of no help in matters spiritual. [...]

A Revolution From The Outside To The Inside

Man has infinite capacities but is utterly unaware of them. [...]

The Only Transformation I Know Of

Anando... (Drumbeat) [...]

Total Laughter: A Rare Phenomenon

Osho on Laughter [...]

Except For Mankind, The Earth Is One

So in the lifetime of each of you, the decisive moment is going to come: [...]

Only The Present Is Existential

Beloved Osho, In the face of the huge mystery of life, since the early ages humankind has consulted oracles. It's very famous throughout history - like the oracle of Delphi. [...]

An Enlightened Person Can Pretend

Q: Does an enlightened person always remain enlightened or can he become unenlightened also? [...]

The Ocean Delighting in its Being

We are all great waves of the ocean. [...]

Gurdjieff – One of the Most Misunderstood Men in the World

The 1917 revolution in Russia disturbed Gurdjieff's whole work. [...]

A Cup of Tea (66)

Love. [...]

Go As My Messenger

Whatsoever you have tasted here, share it and by sharing it will go on growing. [...]

In Utter Aloneness

The night has not yet given way to the dawn, and the sky is still studded with departing stars. [...]

The Mala is a Device for Meditation

You ask me, "Why this mala? Why this picture?" [...]

Killing Time, Saving Time

We are living out of noise and everybody is in a hurry. [...]

4. I am Facing the Immeasurable, the Unaccountable

Osho speaks on 11 books, among them The Song of Saraha, Let Go!, and Ramakrishna's Parables. [...]

Twirling on Top of His Flame

Madhuri remembers dancing and whirling during a music group darshan in Pune. [...]

The Forgotten Language of Talking to the Body/Mind

The last meditation created by Osho - a guided meditation process to heal body/mind. [...]