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The realm of happiness

In a darshan, Osho speaks about the different reflections of bliss that we know as pleasure, happiness and joy, and refers to Leonardo da Vinci and Pablo Picasso.

A darshan diary is a pageant, a festival

Deva Ashoka wrote the introduction to the darshan diary 'The Open Door'. He elaborates on the two Bhagwans he perceives, the one who speaks in discourse and the other, in darshan.

The world is a pilgrimage

Osho speaks to a sannyasin about the meaning of his new name and the human soul's suffering and longing to go back to god.

People Are Obsessed With Doing

When the tree is overflowing with vitality it blooms and flowers.

Being is herenow, it is what you are right now

Samudaya's sannyas darshan. "Sat means being, samudaya means arising. Up to now you have lived as a becoming, as a desire: doing this, doing that, trying for this, trying for that. [...]

I was waiting and waiting for you!

Satyananda's sannyas darshan on July 10, 1977.

Gratitude to the Whole

Gramya: I would like to ask about prayer, because I was taught as a child to pray and the prayer was of thanksgiving.

The Whole Trinity is There

Neeraj is going back to Devon, England. She is unsure whether to spend her time travelling around England, or starting a meditation centre where she lives.

Every Planet Has To Die One Day

Prem Gaffar, a new sannyasin, says: "I've started to stand off and observe things and it looks as if... people are destroying themselves... The world is destroying itself."

River of Love

Sarito has just come too; he's the architect from America. He is grey-haired, has glasses; his energy feels young, in touch.

A Disidentification with the Past

Having given sannyas to a man from England, the twin brother of a sannyasin, Osho explained the meaning of his name - Anand Bhagwata - to him, and then went on to talk about the [...]

The World Is Run By Fools

A couple, newly returned from the West, are present. The man says that whenever he has to deal with authorities - for example to get a visa - or even sees a policeman, he feels [...]

Nobody Cares About the Greater Humanity

Life is a discontentment because we are living it in a very wrong way.

Sannyas Means Trusting Me

Nirjara. It is one of the most important words in the Eastern search for truth.

Think in Terms of Play, Prayer…

So finally you have arrived!

Bliss Is the Path

Anand means bliss, pantha means the path...

Bliss Is Always Homeless

Aniketa means homeless and anand means bliss...

Remain Contented in the Moment

Deva means divine, anutosh means contentment - divine contentment.

That Is The Way To God

Osho explains the new name given (Prem Anado) and speaks about the silence of the heart.

Bliss and Wisdom

Osho explains the sannyasin's new name and also suggests to him to practice a specific meditation.

The Woman is the Stronger Sex

Yashodara tells Osho that there is something on his mind.

A Revolution From The Outside To The Inside

Man has infinite capacities but is utterly unaware of them.

A Sky Without Clouds

Anand means bliss. Trinda means pure, clean, clear.

Once Catharsis Has Happened, Only Then Can Yoga Techniques Be Used

A visitor says: I'm very interested in the synthesis here.

Always Remember the Yin-Yang Symbol

A sannyasin, who is a dancer, says: Since I came to Poona I have been sick four times. There is no desire to do any activities. I thought I was going into a more devotional path [...]

Sannyas Initiation (on video)

Rare video of Osho giving sannyas in darshan.

Always Be Ready to Go Into the Unknown

A visitor says: I don't know if I'm ready to stop holding back.

A Brotherhood Towards All That Is

Deva means divine, bandhu means brother.

Siddha Means One who Has Arrived

Prem Siddha's sannyas darshan.

Your Key Words: Love and Laughter

Come here! Close your eyes.

Man is a Hologram

Nirupam means unique. This is one of the greatest paradoxes of life, that we are not separate from the whole, yet each individual is unique.

Wisdom of the Heart

Prem means love, dara is Hebrew; it means the heart of wisdom.

Fall in Love with the Transcendental

Paraprem took sannyas on August 1, 1978.

Divine Stranger

Deva means divine, pravasi means a stranger – a divine stranger.

Be Watchful

A visitor has been posted by the army from Nepal to Poona.

What’s in a Name?

A sannyasin says he is trying to live up to his new name: Now I feel very happy and hope I am strong enough to do it in Germany.

Osho Initiates Terence Stamp into Sannyas

Terence Stamp took Sannyas on 16 November 1976. The following is his darshan with Osho.

The Language Of Silence

A sannyasin says: With people I am not very close to, it’s easy to make conversation. But with people I am closer to, there is nothing to say. And I don't feel very comfortable [...]