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One Seed Makes the Whole Earth Green

A single buddha can make the whole world afire with a new consciousness and a new humanity.

My Trust is Unconditional

As far as I'm concerned, I trust everybody, even those who have betrayed me.

While I Am Here

A short quote from Osho, Ecstasy: The Forgotten Language, Ch 4, Q 2

Man Lives In, Through, And For Illusion

Man lives in illusion. Man lives through illusion. Man lives for illusion.

I Don’t Believe in Countries

As long there are borders, wars will continue, asserts Osho.

We Can Migrate to Another Planet

Osho states, The American intelligence is pessimistic; it only thinks of the coming doom, doomsday.

My Time Was Over Long Ago

Is my time over?

You Are Blessed To Be Co-Creators

Whatever I say ... publish it in all the possible languages.

You Are the Whole World

Life is not as easy as you think.

Nature Is Being Destroyed

The world is being poisoned very slowly.

So Watch

Q: Meher Baba remained silent for the last forty-five years of his life. Please comment on its implications.

If You Are Alive

If you are alive there is inconvenience.

Osho on Switzerland

Q: When did you hear for the first time of the existence of Switzerland?

Why Do People Think of Suicide?

Psychologists say it is very difficult to find a man who has not thought at least four times in his life of committing suicide.

Third World War Does Not Matter

Osho says he is not desiring that the world should be saved.

Millions of Idiots Watching

[...] People are afraid to be alone.

Osho on Hitler and Anti-semitism

Q: Is it true that you admire Hitler, and that you are anti-semitic?

I Want You To Roar

Just remember one thing: Never be miserly.

Mind Is Your Prison

It all depends on your mind or no-mind.

The Present is the Death of the Ego

Where does the ego get its energy?

Osho: Thinking to Drop Vegetarianism

Osho always favours vegetarianism; we show here the only time we heard him contradict this and the reasons for it.

Life Affected by Movement of Stars

One more thing must be considered:

My Message For My People

My message for my people is that the moment I am gone, your religion is gone.

It Functions Both Ways

The work consists of two things:

I Am A Killer

Q: You are the best killer, Osho. One year with you and slowly your poison is working in my mind. Whatever I pretend to be looks ugly and dirty; everything is in a turmoil. But now, in such a great confusion, how to find a small door for the divine to enter.