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Work should be a worship

The question is if your ego disappears into meditation what will happen to your work.

Politicians [and] religions don’t want you to become one

Almost every person is split - for such silly and stupid things you cannot believe. You will not allow a saint just a little bit of smoking?

Cause and effect is a blind relationship

You cannot see enlightenment, you can see only the consequence of it.

This moment is all

To me this is sannyas:

I want one world…

Osho lines up a few plain requirements with a far-reaching outlook.

Just Witnessing – Not Interfering, Not Even Judging

Q: You say the whole world is a mess. What is it that you're trying to create in man, in the world?

Sat Yoga, Treta Yoga, Dwapar and Kali Yuga

Osho talks on the four yugas.

You Are Very, Very Ancient

Somebody asked Mulla Nasrudin when he was lying on his deathbed:

Boxing Should be Banned

Osho states that entertainments should be a raising of our consciousness.

America Is Barbarious

Two quotes by Osho about John F. Kennedy.

After A Hundred Years

The coming hundred years are going to be more and more irrational.

Indebted To My River

In my childhood I used to love swimming, and my village river becomes very dangerous in rainy season, it becomes flooded.

Oneness Expressing in Millions of Ways

In existence you cannot make clear-cut divisions, everything melts into each other.

Now What Is Poetry?

Somebody asked a very famous Chinese poet, Yang Wang-li:

An Organisation Is Not Needed

An organization is not needed, only a gathering is needed.

Why Man Is Not Meditative

"This is the reason why man is not meditative: The whole society forces him to be in a state of mind, not in a state of meditation."

Science Cannot Go Beyond The Outer

Science cannot go beyond the object, because the very approach makes a limitation.

I Am Responsible for Myself

Osho comments on Atisha's sutra: Drive all blame into one.

Become Drunk

From Swami Yoga Chinmaya: I love the way you walk. Why do you walk how you walk?

Everybody Is Doing Meditation

Ninety-nine percent of people start meditating because meditation is talked about. There are times when it becomes fashionable.

Osho Speaks on Ancient Civilisations

There are stories about cultures reaching to the peak. But those that reached the ultimate height eventually had to go underground.

Except For Mankind, The Earth Is One

So in the lifetime of each of you, the decisive moment is going to come:

The Ocean Delighting in its Being

We are all great waves of the ocean.

Go As My Messenger

Whatsoever you have tasted here, share it and by sharing it will go on growing.

The Mala is a Device for Meditation

You ask me, "Why this mala? Why this picture?"

People Are In A Hurry

I have come to know people who have meditated three days, and on the fourth day they ask,

The Tenth Picture

Osho explains in short the 10 cards about mastering the ox.

Your Coming To Me Was A Happening

I don't know how to speak; you cannot find a more amateur speaker in the world.

The Inner Harmony Has Been Disrupted

Maybe not today but some time in the future, when man will be able to understand, he will come to know this truth.

Love Flows Downwards

It is the whole idea of private property that has created the father, that has created the family, that has created the ownership of the woman by the man.

Sex Is Never A Problem

Just put aside all prejudices. Simply watch life.

Wu-Wei, Action from Inaction

You are asking, "Would you speak to us about Wu-Wei, action from inaction?"

The Eight Steps of Yoga

Yam, niyam, asan, pranayam, pratyahar, dharana, dhyan samadhiya ashto angani.

What You Eat, You Become

Pythagoras' contribution to western philosophy is immense. It is incalculable. For the first time he introduced vegetarianism to the West.

No Compromise, whatever the Consequence

Osho talks to and about Veeresh (excerpts):

To The Pure Land

A real silence, a real buddhahood, has to be discovered in the world - here and now.

Religion Has Become A Graveyard

Silence is easy if you are ready to renounce bliss.

Osho Jokes

Osho, It is really chilly again today. Would you please tell us a few jokes about Rajneesh sannyasins?

We Have Come Of Age

Beloved Master, Just the other day, Suman and I went off to Los Angeles via Portland to buy rainbow clothes.

Laughter Changes Your Very Chemistry

Beloved Osho, Could you speak to us on laughter, its meditative powers, its chemistry on the brain, its power of transformation and healing... Its relation to silence, the gap, [...]

I Grow My Own Marijuana Within Me

Beloved Osho, The way you walk, it seems as if you are drunk. What is the truth?

Memory is Nothing but a Graveyard

Beloved Osho, The other day someone asked me where I came from before coming to Poona and I couldn't remember.

Don’t Become An Organisation

A question asked by Don Lattin, San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco, California, USA, in Rajneeshpuram:

Liberation of Man and Woman

[...] I make no distinctions between men and women; both have suffered.