Archive for Minute Meditations

Protective Aura

Osho talks in darshan on how to create a protective aura. [...]

A Small Star of Bliss

Anand means bliss, tarika means a small star - a small star of bliss. [...]

Move Into Sleep with Awareness

Patanjali says: Also, meditate on knowledge that comes during sleep. [...]

The Golden Light

A sannyasin says: I've been feeling, especially for the last week, that I've had tastes and experiences of bliss, ecstasy and the divine. In the last week I've been experiencing a lot of pain as I [...]

Death Meditation with Veeresh

Veeresh leads a meditation to create sensitivity and awareness of one's own death. [...]

Become the Taste

"When eating or drinking, become the taste of the food or drink, and be filled." [...]

Meditation Selfie – Complete the Circle

Osho speaks about the mirror meditation - pointed out to us by Marc with reference to the 'Selfie' craze [...]

Laughter as Morning Meditation

Osho suggests we start the day with laughter as traditionally in Zen monasteries. [...]

Three-Step Let Go

Maneesha shares with us a short meditation based on the instructions from Osho's 'And Now And Here'. [...]

Happiness — for no Reason at all

A little meditation to do morning and night. [...]

Dance-Stop-Dance Meditation

VIdeo unavailable now. [...]

Working with Love

A little meditation from Osho [...]

Become Aware of the Area Between the Armpits

In any position gradually pervade an area between the armpits into great peace. Feel yourself as pervading all directions, far, near. [...]