Archive for Minute Meditations

Vipassana Meditation

An introduction, and invitation, to Vipassana; a video by Nisarga from the Integral Body Institute in Poland.

If a decision arises from your totality…

During a darshan Osho says, "Whenever you start thinking of the future and the past too much, just relax and pay attention to your breathing."

Running as Meditation

It happens many times that runners....

Senses Absorbed in the Heart

Blessed One, as senses are absorbed in the heart, reach the center of the lotus.

Protective Aura

Osho talks in darshan on how to create a protective aura.

A Small Star of Bliss

Anand means bliss, tarika means a small star - a small star of bliss.

Move Into Sleep with Awareness

Patanjali says: Also, meditate on knowledge that comes during sleep.

The Golden Light

A sannyasin says: I've been feeling, especially for the last week, that I've had tastes and experiences of bliss, ecstasy and the divine. In the last week I've been experiencing a [...]

Death Meditation with Veeresh

Veeresh leads a meditation to create sensitivity and awareness of one's own death.

Become the Taste

"When eating or drinking, become the taste of the food or drink, and be filled."

Meditation Selfie – Complete the Circle

Osho speaks about the mirror meditation - pointed out to us by Marc with reference to the 'Selfie' craze

Laughter as Morning Meditation

Osho suggests we start the day with laughter as traditionally in Zen monasteries.

Three-Step Let Go

Maneesha shares with us a short meditation based on the instructions from Osho's 'And Now And Here'.

Happiness — for no reason at all

A little meditation to do morning and night.

Dance-Stop-Dance Meditation

VIdeo unavailable now.

Working with Love

A little meditation from Osho

Become Aware of the Area Between the Armpits

In any position gradually pervade an area between the armpits into great peace. Feel yourself as pervading all directions, far, near.