Archive for Video and Audio

Journey of a Book

Video documentary about Osho’s library at Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune, India. [...]

Drink from Existence

Rare video of a celebration in Buddha Hall, early eighties. [...]

Happy Birthday, Osho!

Osho's birthday celebration on December 11, 1978 (or 1977?) in Buddha Hall, Pune, India. Chanting led by Yoga Taru. [...]

Since I Became Enlightened…

...I have never come across a person who is not enlightened. [...]

A Man Walks into a Bar…

Audio file of Osho telling a joke: [...]

Osho – An Ocean of Bliss

With love and gratefulness on Guru Purnima and every day.... [...]

Video of Osho’s Birthday in 1972

Rare video footage of Osho's birthday celebration on 11th December 1972 in Mumbai. [...]

Osho in Woodlands

Rare footage from a talk Osho gave in Woodlands, Mumbai, in 1972. [...]