Archive for Video and Audio

Osho Leaving His Body

A video compilation of photos from Osho's Death Celebration.

Yes, We Celebrate Death Too

A video compilation.

Osho Meditation Minutes: Life

A short audio quote by Osho on video.

Journey of a Book

Video documentary about Osho’s library at Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune, India.

Drink from Existence

Rare video of a celebration in Buddha Hall, early eighties.

Happy Birthday, Osho!

Osho's birthday celebration on December 11, 1978 (or 1977?) in Buddha Hall, Pune, India. Chanting led by Yoga Taru.

Since I Became Enlightened…

...I have never come across a person who is not enlightened.

A Man Walks into a Bar…

Audio file of Osho telling a joke:

Osho – An Ocean of Bliss

With love and gratefulness on Guru Purnima and every day....

Video of Osho’s Birthday in 1972

Rare video footage of Osho's birthday celebration on 11th December 1972 in Mumbai.

Osho in Woodlands

Rare footage from a talk Osho gave in Woodlands, Mumbai, in 1972.