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Advent Cake

Recipe for a gluten-free cake from Nirvana [...]

Festive Vegetarian Dish

A Mediterranean Nut Roast by Shruti. [...]

Broccoli and Mushroom Filled Potatoes

A light and nutritious main dish from Veet. [...]

Hearty Mung Bean Stew

Veet suggests this heart warming meal during the height of winter or a comforting meal even in warmer climates. [...]

Coffee Biscuits

Delicious gluten-free biscuits from Veet [...]

Spirulina Bars

From Veet a sweet treat packed with protein and full of iron. [...]

Sage and Watercress Pesto

Veet suggests to try out sage as a great alternative to basil. [...]

Avocado Galore!

Two unusual recipes with avocado by Veet. [...]

Energy Soup

Nirvana shares one of her creations: [...]

Coconut, Carrot and Pumpkin Soup with Kaffir Lime

From Veet's Kitchen - Kaffir Lime and chilli add an exotic twist to this otherwise mellow soup. [...]

Kali Orexi! – Greek for Bon Appetit!

Mridu and Marga from Serendipity Athens share a recipe: Ladera - and talk about traditional Greek cuisine. [...]

Courgette Humus Stack

Shruti shares with us one of her recipes. [...]

Stew with Thyme and Millet

Thyme is a wonderful source of iron, add it to anything you can. Make sure to add some vegetables high in vitamin C to help your body absorb the iron. [...]

Spinach and Feta Bake with a Quinoa Crust

A light lunch and easy to make - a main dish from Veet's kitchen. [...]

Home-made Potato Chips

Here's the real thing as compared to factory-made adulterated chips. [...]

Green Pancakes

Recommended by Sarita... [...]

Salade Vegiçoise

Veet serves a wonderful salad based on the French Salade Niçoise. [...]

Fruit and Sprout Salad

Unusual and refreshing light snack or starter. [...]

Green Smoothie

A great recipe for breakfast or to bottle up and take with you to have after your yoga class or other exercises! [...]

Cauliflower Steak

With tempeh, fennel puree, red wine mushrooms and snowpeas. [...]

Palak Paneer

Veet's tasty home-style palak paneer with silver beet. [...]

Raw Banana Cake

Veet came up with a delightful cake - simple ingredients and easy to prepare [...]

Cauliflower Salad

Veet introduces one of her latest delectable vegetarian creations. [...]

Raw Oatmeal Raisin Cereal

A healthy raw food breakfast cereal from Katina is prepared in a minute! [...]

Eggs Avani

Inspired by her friend Avani’s suggestions, Veet Karen experimented with her to make this recipe which turned out to be a scrumptious dish for any meal of the day [...]

Strawberry Porridge

From Katina, a marvelous light and healthy breakfast or as a snack in-between - especially on hot days. [...]

Energy Soup

Katina shares with us an old and widely used simple detox recipe created by the pioneer of the raw food movement, Ann Wigmore, who helped thousands of people, suffering from all kinds of illnesses to rejuvenate [...]

Rocket Pancakes

Kaiyum's Zen approach to pancakes. [...]


Kaiyum's solution to use up leftover ingredients. [...]

Butternut Squash Soup

This soup has a really buttery flavour even though it contains no oils or fats aside from the fresh almond milk. Combined with a few spices added, it tastes delightful! [...]

Jeevan’s Health Concoction

Octogenarian even more bubbly after a cure with a (now no more secret) health concoction [...]

Feasting in Ticino

Madhuri shares two recipes: 'Tofu Mediterranean' and 'Beany Sage Two-Cheese Casserole' [...]

Millet with Apricots

Sona shares her favourite breakfast dish [...]

Brazil Nut Cheese

A delicious and creamy non-dairy cheese. [...]

Katina’s Energy Soup

This is an incredible pick-me-up, nutritious and simple to make. [...]

Almond Milk

A delicious alternative to dairy! [...]

Quick Fried Quinoa

Puja shares with us a gluten-free recipe [...]

Risotto with Mushrooms and Green Peas

Sarjano has many Risotto recipes up his sleeve. This delicious recipe can of course be adapted and any leftovers are perfect to make Arancini the next day! [...]


Whenever you find yourself with leftover risotto, here’s what you do to make a great starter. [...]

The Falafel Cult

Adri answers the question: “What’s the fuss all about?” [...]

Falafel: The Recipe

Adri's recipe for the most famous dish in the Middle East [...]

Homemade Mayonnaise

A delicious homemade mayonnaise bursting with nutrients [...]

Zucchini Cakes

Zucchini cakes provide a nutritious light meal [...]

‘planning4leftovers’ in Daily Cooking

Adri explains how 'leftovers' can be raised to the next level - good for everyone, especially if you are single or busy [...]

Warm Chickpea Salad

Adri says: "Simple and nutritious. You can have it as a side dish, salad or snack." [...]

Hummus: Adri’s Favorite Dish

An Israeli's love: hummus - and in many variations... [...]

Moroccan Stew with Vegetables and Chickpeas

Adri's fabulous stew for a cold day! [...]

Pasta alla Puttanesca

A light and savory pasta dish with olives from Sarjano's kitchen [...]

Pasta Strascicata with an Asian Touch

Sarjano's recipe of pasta strascicata with an Asian touch [...]

Vegetarian Soup Stock

A large quantity of vegetarian soup stock is a stand-by in Bhagawati's kitchen [...]