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Pasta alla Puttanesca

A light and savory pasta dish with olives from Sarjano's kitchen [...]

Pasta Strascicata with an Asian Touch

Sarjano's recipe of pasta strascicata with an Asian touch [...]

Pasta Strascicata

Sarjano introduces us to the easy-to-prepare pasta dish Strascicata [...]

Colorful Fettuccine

Sarjano takes us on the path to create colorful fettuccine [...]

The Return to the Sauce

The Thousand Colours of Tomato Sauce by Sarjano [...]

Ravioli, My Love!

Sarjano talks us into making ravioli but lets us choose our favourite variation [...]

Ahhhhhh, Lasagne!

Sarjano teaches us how to make vegetarian lasagne, one of the most known and most appreciated amongst traditional Italian dishes [...]