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Energy Soup

Nirvana shares one of her creations: [...]

Coconut, Carrot and Pumpkin Soup with Kaffir Lime

From Veet's Kitchen - Kaffir Lime and chilli add an exotic twist to this otherwise mellow soup. [...]

Butternut Squash Soup

This soup has a really buttery flavour even though it contains no oils or fats aside from the fresh almond milk. Combined with a few spices added, it tastes delightful! [...]

Katina’s Energy Soup

This is an incredible pick-me-up, nutritious and simple to make. [...]

Vegetarian Soup Stock

A large quantity of vegetarian soup stock is a stand-by in Bhagawati's kitchen [...]

Carrot and Watercress Soup

New recipe from Veet's kitchen [...]

Sahaja’s Signature Red Lentil Soup

"It’s so good I always make extra for friends dropping by..." [...]

Cold ginger & coconut soup

From Adri's fabulous kitchen... [...]


A traditional Spanish cold soup [...]

Raw Borscht

Niten shares one of his many ‘eye-wateringly delicious’ recipes, to help inspire any of you thinking about going raw. [...]