Events in N&S America

March 2017

SubhanFinding the Work You Love, Finding the Life You Love
with Subhan
10 – 12 March
World of Meditation, Seattle, WA, USA

Vipassana Meditation with Q&A session
with Swami Prem Isa and Ma Anand Malika from Osho Dharmadip meditation center
11 March, 2:00pm
Osho Niranjana, Califonia – RSVP

BodhicittaThe Art of Conscious Living and Dying
Osho Bardo Transmission of Eternal Truth
with Swami Bodhicitta
22 – 27 March
Osho Niranjana, Califonia, USA – RSVP
The workshop is a mixture of ancient and contemporary techniques, selected Osho Discourses, all to help you be as conscious as possible during the six bardos.

SubhanFamily Constellation
Understanding the Family’s Influence in Our Lives
with Subhan
31 March – 1 April
The World of Meditation, Seattle, WA, USA

April 2017

Indivar and ChayaMystic Rose
with Indivar and Chaya
21 April – 11 May 2017
Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada
Ram Spring Wellness Sanctuary

SubhanThe 10 Relationship Secrets That Will Change Your Life
with Subhan
28 -30 April
The World of Meditation, Seattle, WA, USA

the Art of Silent Sitting.
with Baba Purnananda Bharti
This workshop includes Osho meditations, Silent Sitting and Q&A sessions
O sho Niranjana, Califonia, USA – www.oshoniranjana
Friday, April 28th – 8:00AM – 8:00PM
Saturday, April 29th – 8:00AM – 8:00PM
Sunday, April 30th – 8:00AM – 5:00PM

May 2017

Osho MevlanaFrom Hell…to…Heaven Retreat
with Subhan and Shanti
12 – 13 May
The World of Meditation, Seattle, WA, USA
An overnight residential Meditation Retreat

June 2017

Worthiness: Lost…and Found!
with Subhan
2 – 4 June
The World of Meditation, Seattle, WA, USA

July 2017

ArunOsho Meditation Retreat
with Arun
7 – 9 July
Osho Sangham Meditation Center, Washington DC
ConTACT: Ma Nirdhum: 703.946.4093

ArunOsho Meditation Retreat
with Arun
14 – 16 July
Essex Woods Retreat Center, 1 Conomo Point Road, Essex, MA 01929 (Boston)
Contact: Hansa / 603.892.9568

Anand Arun TNOsho Meditation Retreat
with Arun
20 – 23 July
Osho Niranjana, San Diego, CA
Concat: 610.736.3378

Arun with Osho pictureOsho Meditation Retreat
with Arun
27 – 30 July
Osho Meditation Group, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Contact: Swami Govind: 778.855.7301 –

Pulsation with Aneesha

Meditation Events

Osho Meditation in Seattle, WA
Osho Meditation in Dallas, TX
Osho Meditation in Atlanta, GA
Osho Meditation in New York, NY
Osho Padma in New York, NY
Osho Shambala in Ithaca, NY
Osho Meditation in Chicago, IL
Osho Meditation in San Diego, CA

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