Events in India

October 2017

Be Still and Click: Photography Meditation Retreat (Level 2)
facilitated by Antar Rahi
1 – 7 October (advanced | in English and Hindi)
You will learn advanced techniques of photography as well as secrets of transforming photography into meditation. The highlight of the course will be a trek into the Himalayas.

Centering with Tai Chi
facilitated by Nirav Jayant
1 – 4 October (also for beginners | in English and Hindi)
Tai chi is a centuries-old Chinese martial art that descends from Qigong, an ancient Chinese discipline that has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine.

Meditate Celebrate at OshodhamMeditate Celebrate
facilitated by Shashi
3 – 5 October
Oshodham, New Delhi

Keerti speaking in micOsho Friendliness (Maitribhaav) Meditation Camp
facilitated by Keerti
6 – 8 October, intro: 5 Oct Evening
Address: 108, Post Office Rd, Subhash Nagar, Dehradun, UK 248001
Contact: +91 9897228938, 9411393156

No Mind - OshodhamNo Mind Group
facilitated by Swami Ravindra Bharti
6 – 12 October
Oshodham, New Delhi

meditator at OshodhamOsho Silence Retreat
facilitated by Swami Prem Geet
6 – 12 October
Oshodham, New Delhi

Friendliness: The Joy of Relating
facilitated by Prem Nidhi
12 – 15 October (also for beginners | only in Hindi)
Through guided meditation techniques, partner exercises, body movements, music and dance, we expand our sensitivity, joy and awareness creating a space for spontaneous relating.

Osho Residential Meditation Camp
12 – 15 October
Osho Sannidhi, Uttanahalli, Mysuru, 94802-78144

Rejuvenate yourself - OshodhamRejuvenate Yourself
facilitated by Swami Prem Geet
13 – 15 October
Oshodham, New Delhi

Be a light unto yourself - OshodhamApp Deepo Bhava (Be a light unto yourself)
facilitated by Ma Yog Shukla
16 – 23 October
Oshodham, New Delhi

at Oshodham, New Delhi, IndiaBorn Again Group
facilitated by Shiv Bharti & Yog Madhu
24 – 30 October
Oshodham, New Delhi

KeertiOsho Tantra-Prana Meditation Retreat
facilitated by Keerti
27 – 29 October
Hotel Awadh International, Lucknow, UP
Contact: 9919761119, 9455668826

Tantra Meditation Retreat
facilitated by Sarita and Team
27 October – 4 November (advanced group | only in English)
This retreat, which explores methods from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra in an experiential format, is designed for both couples and singles. It is a powerful way to dive into our expansive potential through the 12 facets of Tantra.

Meditate Celebrate
facilitated by Amit Saraswati & Devyani
31 October
Oshodham, New Delhi

November 2017

Meditate OshodhamUnfolding the Essence of Life : Osho Meditation Camp
facilitated by Vairagya Amrit
1 – 5 November 1-5
Oshodham, New Delhi

Meditate Celebrate - OshodhamMeditate Celebrate
facilitated by Avinash
6 – 8 November
Oshodham, New Delhi

When Dancer becomes Dance - OshodhamWhen Dancer becomes Dance
facilitated by Kul Bhushan
9 – 12 November
Oshodham, New Delhi

Awareness Intensive Retreat
facilitated by Avikal
10 – 12 November (advanced group | only in English)
The awareness intensive process has three fundamental goals: Clarity, Alertness, and Capacity to Communicate. The state that includes all these qualities is called Presence.

Osho Mystic RoseMystic Rose Group
facilitated by Dharm Jyoti & Dev Amrita
13 November – 3 December
Oshodham, New Delhi

Dimensions of Being
facilitated by Avikal
15 – 20 November (advanced group | only in English)
This is the gate into the Absolute dimension that we call Spirit, undifferentiated, universal and impersonal; it is that which Plato called Noumenon.

Atisha – the seven doors to Meditation
facilitated by Videha
26 November – 2 December (also for beginners | only in English)
This one-week retreat is based on Osho’s commentary on Atisha ‘Seven Point of Mind Training’, an invaluable guide for all inner paths, for every meditator.

December 2017

Meditate Celebrate - OshodhamMeditate Celebrate
facilitated by Tanmay
4 – 7 December
Oshodham, New Delhi

women dancing - OshodhamBeing Alive (in English)
facilitated by Amrita
4 – 7 December
Oshodham, New Delhi

Oshodham White Robe MeetingOsho Birthday Celebration
facilitated by Ma Dharm Jyoti & Swami Chaitanya Keerti
8 – 12 December
Oshodham, New Delhi

Osho Birthday Celebration
facilitated by Neelam
10 – 13 December
(also for beginners | only in Hindi)
To celebrate the birthday of an Awakened One, a Buddha, is a significant moment in the lives of his disciples; they are reminded of their potential of ultimate flowering.

Osho’s Birthday
11 December
Oshodham, New Delhi

meditating at OshodhamMeditate Celebrate
facilitated by Swami Avinash Bharti
13 – 15 December
Oshodham, New Delhi

Avareness Intensive - OshodhamAwareness Intensive
facilitated by Shiv Bharti & Yog Madhu
16 – 22 December
Oshodham, New Delhi

No Mind: Osho Meditative Therapy
facilitated by Chaitanya Keerti
17 – 23 December (advanced | in English and Hindi)
A deeply transformative 7-days process, lasting two hours per day, in addition to the other active and passive methods of meditation supporting the process. During the first hour participants speak gibberish and move freely, their body expressing whatever wants to be expressed, followed by sitting silently.

at Oshodham, New Delhi, IndiaChildren Meditation Camp
facilitated by Devyani & Team
23 – 25 December
Oshodham, New Delhi

meditator at OshodhamParents Meditation Camp
facilitated by Shiv Bharti & Yog Madhu
23 – 24 December
Oshodham, New Delhi

Meditate OshodhamMeditate Celebrate
facilitated by Amit Saraswati & Devyani
26 – 28 December
Oshodham, New Delhi

Maharaas: The Dance of Creation
facilitated by Prabhu Damini
28 December – 1 January 2018 (advanced group | only in Hindi)
Preparing our inner ground for the arrival of the new, a step by step shedding of the past. Hand in hand with Osho’s insights. Intense cleansing, a deep catharsis for the detox of body, mind and heart.

Avareness Intensive - OshodhamI Celebrate Myself
facilitated by Ravindra Bharti
29 December – 1 January 2018
Oshodham, New Delhi

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