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Yes, We Celebrate Death Too

A video compilation. [...]

Rejoice in Sannyas

Keerti explains Osho's neo-sannyas in The Asian Age on October 11, 2015. [...]

Osho Heart Festival in Lisbon

Milarepa's invitation to the Meditation and Celebration Festival in Lisbon. [...]

Drink from Existence

Rare video of a celebration in Buddha Hall, early eighties. [...]

Celebration Dissolves Terror

Prem Geet on how only continuous global celebration can dissolve the error of terror. [...]

My Sannyasins Celebrate Everything

Beloved Osho, I have heard that your sannyasins celebrate death. [...]

We Celebrate Everything

Anam reminds us of the dimension of celebration, one of Osho's legacies [...]

Diwali – Festival of Lights

Diwali celebrates the victory of Good over Evil and Light over Darkness. This year it starts on October 23rd. [...]

One Sky Festivals 2014 in USA

Milarepa invites us to join the One Sky Festivals of Meditation and Celebration. [...]


...left his body on 10th July 2014. [...]

Sannyas Names

Samudro's extended and well researched list of sannyas names [...]

Osho Birthday Celebration in Delhi

A video of one of the many celebrations held world-wide for the birthday of our master. [...]

In Tune with Nature

To be in tune with nature is to be religious, to me. [...]

Celestial Music

Reputed violinist Daniel Hope sees a link between science and music and is inspired by the movements of the planets. [...]

Watching, Celebration, Love & Awareness

Shunyo shares with us what she thinks are the most important points in Osho's vision. [...]

Ishta from Japan

Ma Shantam Ishta left her body on 11th August 2012 [...]

Ma Sagar from Germany

Ma Sagar from Germany left her body in Pune on 14th November 2011 [...]

MedMob at the Odeonplatz in Munich

Updated Programme - Reunion of sannyasins and friends in Munich 1st and 2nd October (Sat+Sun) 2011 [...]

Enjoying the Festival

Part 2 of Roshani's visit to the Ranch during the Second World Celebration [...]

Buddha Purnima Celebrations in New Delhi

Buddha Purnima was celebrated at the Osho World Galleria in New Delhi on Tuesday, 17 May 2011 [...]

Birthday Celebrations – 11 December 2010

Osho's birthday was celebrated at Oshodham with a 7-day Meditation Week, facilitated by Ma Yog Neelam and Ma Dharm Jyoti, (6-12 December 2010) [...]

New Guideline for Catholic Funerals

When will the Catholic Church come out of the dark ages and become life affirmative? [...]