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Journey to Utopia

Broadcast by Italian TV RAI in 1972, this rare footage shows Osho conducting a meditation camp and records his reply to a question by journalist Giovanni Costa (with English translation!). [...]

Are We Becoming an ‘Old Boys Club’?

An open letter from Sajjad. [...]

On MG Road

A slideshow of photos by Allan taken in the late 70s in Pune. [...]

Osho Initiates Terence Stamp into Sannyas

Terence Stamp took Sannyas on 16 November 1976. The following is his darshan with Osho. [...]

CC (aka Christ Chaitanya)

... left his body on 26th March 2013, around 4am. [...]

From California ‘back’ to Poona

After enjoying California and the American dream, Bodhena joins Osho back in Poona... [...]

Journey to the Heart: Music Group 1979

Enjoy and tune into all that incredible energy, the river of love and marvelous long hair flying all over! [...]

I Was Seeing Him in My Dreams

Ma Prem Divya (aka Zulma Reino) recalls the years spent with Osho. [...]

The Last Mango in Poona

Part 10 of Bodhena's 'Samsara' [...]

Baksheesh and a Peg Leg

Bodhena's story continues: politicians, knives, journalists and a broken leg [...]

My Geography Thesis

Part 6: Bodhena's scientific and humorous evaluation of the population at the Poona ashram in 1978/79 [...]

Drink it, Drink it All!

Part 1: Muni's adventures while taking photographs of Osho in Pune 1 and in Crete [...]

No ‘ifs’ and no ‘buts’

Bodhena's story continues: girls, kids, groups and leaving darshan with the master [...]

Taking Sannyas

Bodhena takes sannyas and comments with humour on the going-ons in the ashram of those days [...]

What’s Cooking?

Part 3: Bodhena arrives in Poona in 1977 and enrolls for his first groups [...]

Sex, Gender and New Religious Movements

Roshani is looking for personal anecdotes and stories about experiences around sex and gender roles in the Osho communes [...]

How I Got Fired

Madhuri's adventures while working, worshipping and playing in the Buddhafield [...]

A Ride More Fly

Madhuri is invited by Osho for a drive in his Rolls in New Jersey and for a dance during a line-up in Jesus Grove on the Ranch [...]

Giving Osho a Chance

Sarvaan tells us how he made his first steps into the Osho Meditation Resort and that fateful signs and destined encounters are just around every corner [...]