‘Staying inside’ to discover how to be in the marketplace

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Staying at the Osho Guest House at the Meditation Resort, Vanya re-discovers the Dynamic Meditation

The decision to visit the Osho Mediation Resort came up at some point around my birthday in winter 2009. I felt for the first time that it would be lovely to reside inside – at the Osho Guest House. That wish turned out to be more than just the outer circumstance of “where to stay while being in Pune” – it was the key or the instrument for a very new experience of the energy in the Osho Meditation Resort and my participation in it.

Osho Guest House

As my trip was short (11 days), to stay at the Osho Guest House had a few practical advantages – no need to look for a place outside, no need to deal with coming and going to and from the Resort, thinking of where to change clothes, storing robes and chairs, etc.

Apart from that, staying inside gave me the possibility to dive totally into the energy of the place. I was able to float, relax in it, listen to what is going on inside. And it was easy because the outer disturbances were minimal. Being there brought about the perfect balance of meditation, meeting and sharing with friends, enjoying the Zorba life and having the opportunity to be alone with myself.

Coming from a very busy life in Germany – occupied with work and relationships – the stay showed me plainly that being total and being possessed is quite a difference. Sharing with friends helped me to understand this, relax with it, because I also understood that this is not only “my problem”, that I am not alone with the struggle. Sharing reminded me of the importance of the group, of feeling and absorbing a buddhafield. The importance and joy of continuous meditation became clear to me and somehow I saw the path of sannyas in a different way, a way which was closed to me before. Months later I read in the Osho book ‘Nine Sutras’:

“Sannyas is a revolutionary event. For that it is essential that financially and psychologically a person should be self-reliant. First of all, I would like to make sannyas reach into each and every home.

The other profound benefit of this new kind of sannyas will be that the sannyasin will not be renouncing his home and running away, and the benefits of sannyas that should come to the world will not be lost. When good people renounce the world, the world falls into the hands of bad people. This has been a loss to the world. In my understanding, if the flower of goodness has blossomed in someone’s life, he should be sitting right in the middle of the marketplace so that his fragrance begins to spread in the marketplace. […] He may change his garb, he may pull all his energies toward godliness, but he should not leave and run away. He should still go on doing the housework that he was doing, but seeing himself as a vehicle of existence. He should leave neither his wife nor his home nor his children. He should silently go on doing his work, seeing it as the work of existence – but not as a doer anymore, now as a witness.”

I had a beautiful experience participating in the Dynamic Meditation during my time in the Resort. Of course I thought that I was through with Dynamic – and I felt disturbed that it would not stop calling me every morning! Even though the rooms of the Guest House are pretty close to the Auditorium, I did not wake up from the shouts or the noise. I woke up every morning just in time before the meditation started, in time to get up and make it for Dynamic. After three days of ignoring the call, just turning around in bed, on the 4th day I finally told myself to just get up. And that was the day that a Seven Day Intensive of Dynamic Meditation started, which I joined; it ended the day I flew home.

This experience of staying inside, especially the experience with Dynamic still nourishes me until now – here in my sannyas life in the marketplace – and it reminds me to step out of my comfort zone at least once a day…. Staying inside the Osho Meditation Resort was a big help to turn inward and it transformed my stay from a “visit” to a journey back home.


Vanya works as a consultant for quality management for care homes and runs her own company out of Frankfurt. She assesses the needs of guests and staff; deals with rules and regulations from about 7 federal agencies, helping the staff work out a collective vision for their care home. Vanya took  sannyas in 2001 in Cologne and shortly afterwards became the in-charge of the housekeeping department at the Resort which now she visits when possible every year for a few weeks. nklauss-qm.de

Text by Vanya for Osho News Online Magazine

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