Osho Nisarga: A Haven for Meditators


Osho Meditation Centre at the foothills of the Himalayas near Dharamsala, India

Two years ago I visited Osho Nisarga and fell in love with the place the moment I set foot on the property! Situated just outside Dharamsala in the temperate Kangra valley with magnificent views of the Himalayan Dhauladhar range, Nisarga is a haven for meditators.

The Dhauladhar Himalayan Range from Osho Nisarga
The elegant Osho Shunya Mandir
The Dhauladhar Himalayan Range from Osho Nisarga
Meandering Zen walk
Pastoral bliss
Zen garden at Osho Nisarga
A rose-ringed parakeet, one of the many wild birds at Nisarga
A room in Rabiya cottage
In the garden at Osho Nisarga
Osho Mirdad House: the new Welcome Centre
Neelam inviting for a cup of chai
Osho Shunya Mandir, the meditation hall
Windows of the Mandir at night
Walkway around the Mandir
Osho Shunya Mandir at night
The picture which reminded Veena of the book Nirvano had shown to her
Inside Norbulinka Monastery
Towering golden roof at Norbulinka
Workers returning from the wheat fields

All guest accommodations are adjacent to a glacial stream strewn with large boulders; the Zen path alongside is an opportunity for long silent walks and the murmur of the stream is soothing. Across the stream as far as one can see there are fields heavy with wheat and here and there women in colorful outfits tend to their crop. The grounds are covered with an abundance of vibrant flowers and the Osho Shunya Mandirl rises grandly between the bungalows.

A state of the art kitchen spoils the visitor with delicious food and all work seems to happen invisibly and effortlessly. Every month several workshops are scheduled and in-between guests can come to stay for a few days at a time to visit. Priya just told me that the new reception area is called Osho Mirdad House and contains also a book store, an office and two small sessions rooms for massage.

Neelam, Priya and Tathagat have established a loving atmosphere and esthetic environment, and workshop participants and guests are well taken care of. Also, there’s the marvelous opportunity to drive another 1,000 meters high up into the mountains to visit McLeodganj where the Dalai Lama resides when he is in India. Around Dharamsala are also many spectacular Tibetan monasteries open to visitors.

It takes only a little more than an hour to fly to Dharamsala from Delhi, and another 15 minutes to drive from the airport to Osho Nisarga.

A few years ago I saw a little story in Osho in UK where Veena says:
“One day, in Poona 1, when I was working in Osho’s library, Nirvano came in holding a huge ‘coffee table’ book containing photos of the Himalayas. The book was open at a page showing a mountain in sunrise colours of pink, purple and orange. She was very excited and, pointing with her finger, she said, ‘Osho says this is where we will end up.’  There was no defining image of a place, just the mountain (Osho loved mountains), so I have no idea where the place was. But when I saw the photos of Neelam’s place on this website there was one taken at sunrise and I felt goose bumps all over my body because it looked exactly like the photo in that book Nirvano showed me so long ago. I am not suggesting that what we see in the photos is the place Nirvano pointed to, but…”


Utsav’s photo gallery: www.pbase.com

Text by Bhagawati for Osho News and Veena – reproduced with permission from Osho in UK

Photos by Bhagawati and Utsav Arora

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