Osho Meditation Retreat on Cruise


Art of Greatfulness with Arun (31 Mar– 4 Apr 2011) – a meditation retreat on the cruise ship ‘Carnival Elation’

Since cruises as meditation festivals have proven to be a good combination after this year’s Mediterranean cruise organised by the Italians in June, we will have another cruise next spring, but this time in the Gulf of Mexico.

The retreat is called ‘Art of Gracefulness’ and is facilitated by Tapoban’s Arun. The cruiser’s name is ‘Carnival Elation’ which is very fitting for an Osho event.

Carnival Elation cruiser
Carnival Elation cruiser

The ship sails from Mobile, Alabama on March 31, 2011, stops in Cozumel, Mexico and will return to Mobile on April 4. Already 70 people have signed up, but more space is available. To find out more go to this website: www.oshona.com

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