Letting Go!

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Watch the short trailer of a new DVD called ‘Letting Go!’

I was intrigued to watch the short trailer of a new DVD called ‘Letting Go’. Of course the title is so much part of our lingo that it was a must-see! Right at the beginning is a profound quote by Lao Tzu: ‘To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” The narrator states that ‘most of us feel we are held back by something … we need something more to feel whole.’ Catchwords such as ‘stop the madness’, ‘let go of limitations’, ‘be in the here now, then you are at home’, ‘you are enough as you are’ almost compel the viewer to get a hold of the entire video either by purchase or download this instance!

Hopefully in the full-length showing there is also some more about celebration among all this let go, that the technique it is not just a patch to mend hurts but an opportunity to go within and discover the depth and joy of consciousness, meditation, life!

Website: www.sedona.com

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