New Gateless Gate at the Pune Resort

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New entrance gate at the Osho International Meditation Resort

Another icon has come down as the International Meditation Resort enters the second decade of our Millenium with a brand new gate.

the new gate at the Osho Meditation Resort
The new gate at the Osho Meditation Resort

Similarly as when the heavy, carved and brass-knobbed gates in Burmese teak where first hung on their hinges way back in the seventies, the new gate attracts tons of comments. At the time we joked that if you managed to get past the ‘kitsch’ gates, you were ready for sannyas… The ‘kitsch’ has gone and given way to a sleek, Zen design which reflect the remaining architecture inside the campus. Too male? Too minimalist? They certainly show that we will be well protected once we have entered them. But they do remind me a bit of the time I was working at IBM…

Photo copyright © Osho International Foundation

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